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How To Improve English Writing Skills with Grammarly

Writing a Blog or anything like Email, Presentation needs a perfection because Perfection makes a great impact on your readers. No one wants to read a story with silly mistakes, it also decreases your Bounce rate, and I think you don’t want like this.

Would you like something like that? If you ask this question to me obviously answer is No.

How To Improve English Writing Skills with Grammarly

I know no one is perfect, but you can try to overcome your grammar and punctuation errors, with the help of Grammarly. Grammarly is an online tool that assists you in English writing to prevent from writing mistakes. Perhaps you have heard a quote like that ” You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

"Writing is Easy. All You Have To Do is Cross Out The Wrong Words"-Mark Twain

So Today, We are talking about How to improve English writing skills while you are a non-native speaker. Countries which haven’t the English as their regional language like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Germany, etc. The most people of those countries are facing the problem to write in English.

As I tell you most people, I also belong to that part of the most people. I am an Indian person who is not a native speaker of English. One day when I was surfing the YouTube eventually, I found the Grammarly in an advertisement. I Installed the Grammarly instantly on my chrome and Microsoft office, and I tell you it helps a lot to correct my Grammar since I installed.

Let’s take a look at Grammarly, how it helps you to improve English writing skills.

How To Improve Your English Writing Skills with Grammarly

How To Improve English Writing Skills with Grammarly. Learning English is a long-term process. One of the biggest challenges for learners is to improve their English writing skills. But, how do you do this? With Grammarly! Grammarly is a web-based program that checks your writing and provides feedback on grammar, style, and spelling errors. 

It’s easier than you think to get started with Grammarly because all you have to do is install an extension in your browser or download the desktop app (for PC). Let’s dive into more detail about how this application can help you improve your English writing skills.

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How to improve writing skills

Let’s take a look at the main features of the Grammarly English plugin in detail. Use Correct Grammar You can easily control the type of errors that you get to. Every time you type a piece of text on the web, Grammarly automatically checks it against the Grammarly database.

This way, you can save yourself from typos or grammatical mistakes. You can even mark errors that you’ve just made in your document.

To create a notification about your errors, use the Grammarly tab on the toolbar. And, the more Grammarly will check your writing, the better your overall grammar will be. Verify Your Text’s English Grammarly checks your writing against a database of professional texts. All you need to do is type a text in English and Grammarly will create a grammar table in your text.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an Online Tool application used for English writing enhancement. Grammarly, Inc. developed it and gave the services from 2009. It has more than 400 types of grammar rules to detect your grammatical errors.

The Grammarly is available as Free and as well Premium, you can choose one of them as your requirement.

The browser extension of Grammarly is available for these Browsers- Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is also available for Microsoft Office for Windows.

Grammarly works on both the web and the desktop applications. It is a smart writing assistant that helps you understand and improve the English writing skills. If you need a good speller, Grammarly can be helpful. It detects hundreds of grammar, spelling, and syntax errors automatically. The core function is the check mark. 

You can create multiple check marks by adding a semi-colon on certain words, phrases, or full sentences. Each check mark is based on a particular kind of error, such as a missing modifier, too many passive sentences, or the incorrect use of language. You can create as many check marks as you want in order to see all the errors and also make corrections. You can also add text, images, charts, and more.

How to use Grammarly

Would you like that a tool helps you to proof-read your works and gave your writing mistakes?

If Yes, Head to the Grammarly website and download the Grammarly app for your Windows PC or Mac. Now you can Sign Up on Grammarly website it’s Free. Later you can upgrade your Free account.

The Free option has only some basic tools like spell checker, Grammar checker at an average level. While the Premium has a complete package including free and plagiarism checker, Complete grammar checker and much more required for improvement of your writing skills.

If you are want to use Grammarly just Log-in into the Grammarly website or in the App and It opens a grammarly editor dashboard similar to like this.

Now you can make a new or upload your completed document to check out the Document. You can also add the web extension for chrome and write the Blog in WordPress. It underlines all the incorrect grammar errors or spellings.

Just add the extension in your browser, Log In and let’s work them.

The Grammarly is ready for use either on your Blog, Email or the Social networking site.

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The Benefits of Grammarly

Besides helping you find and fix spelling errors, Grammarly can also help you better express yourself. Grammarly takes pride in providing its users with free grammar feedback. It’s a small price to pay for a well-structured and effective English language. It’s kind of like writing this blog post with the help of a grammar and writing coach. 

Grammarly is a safe space, so you can write freely and comfortably without being judged on your writing. The tool is accurate and will not show any red flags. If you are not sure where to start with improving your English writing, Grammarly will point you in the right direction. grammarly Features The following are some of the main features of Grammarly that can help you write better English.

How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly comes in two parts: a browser extension and a standalone application for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. When you open the browser extension, Grammarly is activated as soon as you start writing. By default, the grammarly toolbar is displayed in your default browser. 

This toolbar gives you access to all of the tools that you need. Below it, you will find shortcuts to several features in the program. You can: 

  • Search your text with Ctrl + Shift + k
  • Open a comment with Ctrl + Shift + p 
  • Search online for more information
  • Edit your sentences with Ctrl + Alt + O
  • Copy and paste text. 
  • Underline text, 
  • Merge two similar sentences.

Getting started with Grammarly is easy! Just follow these steps:

Use Grammarly’s Checklist

While not an instant solution to the problem, writing a list before you write can make you more focused and therefore more productive.

For example, if you’re writing an academic paper, you could use the tool’s checklist to check the following:

  • Authoring style
  • Behavior
  • Prepositions
  • Subject-predicate agreement
  • Verbs
  • Prepositional phrase

Grammarly’s Writing Checklist is a great resource. 

Make sure you check your grammar and writing style before you finish writing. But, don’t overdo it!

If you do, you risk missing the point and wasting time.

Answer Grammarly’s Questions

Grammarly provides several questions, or responses, to help you determine how you write and improve your English with Grammarly.

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Download the Grammarly extension

The easiest way to install Grammarly is to download it in your browser or install it as a desktop app.

To download the extension, go to the Grammarly website:

To install the extension, open the Chrome browser, go to the Chrome web store and click on the Grammarly extension. It’s in the extensions section.

To install it as a desktop app, open the Grammarly Desktop app and go to the top of the application window. Click on the settings cogwheel and then on the settings icon.

Click on the "check now" with Grammarly

Improve your English writing skills, Take this quiz to get a feel for the language Grammarly knows best.

SEO Check: Your chance to improve your writing skills.

Grammarly analyzes your writing to provide you with useful feedback on spelling, grammar, and style. It identifies common problems and recommends solutions for improving your writing. You can’t see the errors Grammarly analyzes. Instead, you just get details about your writing. It’s better than silence.

According to Grammarly, the top three most common writing problems are:

  • sentence structure
  • style
  • jargon

But what if you’re an introvert who never shows your personality in your writing? Or a perfectionist who edits a thousand times? What about learners who are hard of hearing? Or those who write while tired with Grammarly.

Grammarly helps you find spelling and grammatical mistakes in your emails and documents by analyzing your writing. Grammarly is a great tool if you want to become a better writer because it helps you find and fix your spelling and grammatical errors in your writing in minutes. It’s also one of the best tools to learn grammar and style.

It’s also a great tool to learn the English language because it helps you to learn language styles. Grammarly works like an extension in your browser or as a desktop application. To use Grammarly for Windows, use the installation link on the website or download the desktop version of the Grammarly app.

With Grammarly, you don’t have to read long documents to find mistakes because it suggests corrections with Gram in the marly pop.

Install dialog an extension. You: You don can be installed Grammar have to type’s a web app (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) in your browser. When you open this program, a friendly interface with Gram appears with marly just a.

Install a few options Grammar. You can change your browser setting or download the desktop for each app (function infor PC the settings menu).

After you can install Grammar the GramlymaGrammarly'sin web app your browser (for, you’re Windows, 'll be Mac, able to see the and Linux) in your browser tool. When action at you open every single this program moment as you write friendly interface appears with a new just an article. few options.

First. You, the can change toolbar button the setting will appear for each function in the settings:

Click on the menu. the toolbar Download the button to desktop app reveal the: You can download ability to the Gram mark upwardly any line desktop application in your (for the document. PC) After a to make few seconds the tool will reveal icons below sure everything each paragraph is working. Click on the as the intended button that corresponds to.

You can the selected download the section of Grammar on your documentary desktop and Grammarly application ( will read for PC) to make sure the text is aloud, everything is highlighting any working as errors in intended. red. Open the

Moreover text editor, you: If’ Youll see a range using an of type IDE (geographical symbols inter to help you describe an expression with precision:

These symbols are handy when it comes to explaining a word, using simple grammar rules, and just with Grammarly

Grammarly is all about teaching English language students how to improve their writing. It does this by identifying and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes that are common across many types of writing.

For example, in your essays, essays, emails, and tweets you use various words and expressions that are usually pronounced differently. You may have noticed that sentences are often full of adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions. These are problems that Grammarly addresses for you automatically.

Although I was hesitant at first, I can now confidently say that Grammarly is the best English grammar checker available on the market.

What do you need to get started?

The software is free to use but if you plan to get the premium version of Grammarly then you will need to go with Grammarly. 

How to use Grammarly

Grammarly checks your work for grammatical errors, syntax errors, and style. The entire process is completely automated so you don’t have to check your work again and again. All you need to do is to provide the submitted copy to the service and it will analyze it.

It doesn’t matter what language you are writing in. Your job is to provide the copy to the service and let it do the work. To do that, you have to install Grammarly software on your computer. The desktop software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can either use the browser extension or download the desktop app. Once installed, the app has an area for your keyboard shortcuts and a section for “keywords”. Select the “Grammar” button and Grammarly will check your document with Grammarly. 

Step 1: Set up your account

To improve your English writing skills, you’ll need to log into your Grammarly account and create a new Word document. It’s possible to check a large number of templates for free. However, premium versions are available at $29.95 per year.

A premium account is also a good idea if you want to access other tools. The premium version is called Premium Professional and includes Grammarly, proofreading, and personalization tools.

Alternatively, there’s also an “Ad-Free” option, which is perfect for beginners or students. There’s no data recording, as this is an ad-supported version.

Step 2: Preview your writing

To start, click the “Preview” button to see what Grammarly thinks of your writing. Click “ with GramFilemarly” to. 

Implement Gram view your Word documentary. 

Yous grammar-checking technology in your daily writing process. 

To be clear, Grammarly doesn’t analyze written content in isolation, but you can use Grammarly as an added tool to improve your grammar and writing skills.

Grammarly is an add-on, so you need to install it in your browser or download a desktop version (for Windows, macOS, and Linux). You can download the desktop app from this link.

If you’re using Chrome, you can also add Grammarly to your browser’s sidebar by clicking this link.

Grammarly provides a range of features and customization options that can help you to become a better English writer. These features include:

Attachment support: Grammarly provides you with a built-in feature that allows you to attach your writing to any kind. 

Which Price is Perfect for You

Are you a native or a non-native speaker of English?

If you are a native speaker of English and write Blogs, Emails and Books then probably it helps you to find finer mistakes in your writing works. You can use either Free or Premium as your requirement. Rather than Grammarly Premium, you can use a human proofreader for your most works.

If you are a non-native speaker of English means your first language isn’t English. You are writing Blogs, Emails or Books then you should use Premium of Grammarly. It helps a lot to you to find most of the Grammatical errors. Also, you can use a proofreader.

The Free version of grammarly is free forever but have limited tools. Try Free Online Grammar Checker.

The Premium version of Grammarly has three types of packages- monthly cost $29.95, Quarterly cost $19.98 and Annually cost $11.66 which save your 61% as compared to monthly.

The pros and cons of Grammarly


  1. Grammarly has a lot of advantages and a perfect tool for a grammar Checker.
  2. Grammarly corrects 400+ types of grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation errors.
  3. It is much faster as compare to others.
  4. Grammarly is handy for new Bloggers or writers who are a non-native speaker of English.
  5. Availability of both American as well as British English, you can switch between them.
  6. Plagiarism checker which warns you how much content you copy from other websites.


  • The Grammarly is not working in the offline mode; it’s required the Internet always.
  • It can not replace the human Proofreader.


Download Grammarly

Grammarly is an online grammar-checking tool that helps to improve your English writing. It offers over 250+ grammar rules, including punctuation, subject/verb agreement, sentence structure, and much more. You can use Grammarly in Microsoft Word or google Docs by simply installing the Grammarly extension or you can use it on its own without downloading anything. It’s free to use and easy to get started.

If you're looking for a way to improve your english writing skills without spending hours reading grammar textbooks or copying-and-pasting your text into other websites, then Grammarly is for you.

Download for Mac |/| Download for Microsoft Office 


To learn more about grammarly, visit their website. You can find more detailed instructions and sign-up for a free account there. Once you’re done, you can proceed to use this tool to improve your English writing skills.

If you are using grammarly or Doubt about Grammarly, Let me know your Experience or Doubt in the comment section.


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