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How to Start a Fashion Blog & Make it Huge

So you want to know how to start a fashion blog, isn’t that right? Well, you have made a great decision as fashion blogs are hugely popular right now and can easily earn you a massive amount of passive income! Let’s get started!

How to Start a Fashion Blog & Make it Huge

This post is all about starting a fashion blog. I will provide you with a step-by-step approach to create a fashion blog and talk about the things that you need to consider in order to take your fashion blog to the next level.

And I am sure if you really want to know how to start a fashion blog, this detailed post will be a very satisfying read.

How to Start a Fashion Blog – Prepare to Hustle

Starting a fashion blog is not a joke. There are plenty of fashion blogs on the internet and you are just another fish in the sea.

Don’t think that I am demotivating you! I am preparing you to fasten your seat belt and work hard towards creating a fashion blog and making it epic.

And you know what? Almost 90% of these fashion blogs are mediocre which gives you a chance to showcase your talent and share your awesome fashion sense with the world. But remember that you need to stand out with your blog’s content.

You need to be different from the rest.

You are Different! Show it to the World!

As we had discussed earlier, there are millions of fashion bloggers out there and you do not want yourself to be lost in the crowd. You NEED to be DIFFERENT!

How do you do this?

By being yourself!

Every individual has unique qualities that other’s don’t have. You need to discover this and harness its power. After all, as a fashion blogger, you have to be unique and offer something different from the same old crap that is posted on most of the blogs.

Let’s take an example of your blog’s logo or slogan. Come up with something unique, catchy and easy to remember. People love such things, not to forget that they love to share these as well. Being unique helps as you can reach out to hundreds and thousands of people easily.

Being interesting and unique is half the battle won.

So, how to start a fashion blog that’s interesting and unique?

Be the face of your brand

You will spend tireless hours to write epic content on fashion on your blog. Make sure that the readers know the person behind the blog – be the face of your brand.

Being a fashion blogger is not only about writing great content, you also have to try out clothes and accessories and showcase them to the readers. And no model can do a better job than you – you are THE model of your fashion blog.

This not only resonates with your readers and followers, it creates that trust factor as well. So, be the face that is synonymous with your brand.

Share your story

People will love to read your story, doesn’t matter how long it is.

Why did you start a fashion blog? Why should people follow you advice?

These are some question that your readers would want answers for and there is no better way to say this than by sharing your story.

Take bold decisions

You need to take bold decisions with the content of your blog. Anyone can sit for 30 minutes and spin-off an average blog post about fashion, but that would just be mediocre.

So, you need to take risks. Write well-researched content including the things that you feel are important. Don’t be like everyone else, be different. Even though, this is the toughest part about blogging, this is what makes you unique.

Make your brand stand out

Everything that you do affects your branding and reputation. Your brand is not just your face, logo or your tagline, it is what you do. And people will frame opinions about your brand by looking at the things you do.

So, make sure that your blog design, logo, tagline and everything else gels well together and makes your fashion blog stand out.

Starting a Fashion Blog – Basic Steps

Now that we are all pumped up and have some basic understanding of fashion blogging, it is time to switch to the building part of it. Following these basic steps will enable you to start your own fashion blog and be the next big online fashion icon!

Step 1: Choose a Blogging Platform

The first step is to choose a blogging platform and I would recommend self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress is the most easy to use blogging platform and is highly customizable – which is something that you should be happy about being a fashion blogger. After all, like the popular trends, your blog should also be pleasing to the eyes!

We’ll see how to install WordPress later in the guide.

Step 2: Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is your personal blog address. This is the URL that people will put on the address bar to visit your blog. Let’s take the example of my blog URL, which is In the same way, your new blog’s domain will be, where you have to choose a name that will come in place of YourBlog.

You want to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and is self-explanatory, meaning the reader should understand what your blog is all about. And since we are talking about starting a fashion blog, you can try with words related to fashion.

There are some generators online you could try using if you’re really stuck. But, since a blog is a personal thing, you’re better off to come up with the name yourself.

Of course, you can choose your own name as the domain name of your fashion blog. It not only establishes a personal branding, it is great in terms of reader engagement and interaction as well.

Step 3: Choosing a Web Host

Web hosting is required to host everything that is there on your blog. Just buying a domain is not enough, you need a place to host your domain.

Think of a computer but without a hard drive. Is it going to work? No, because you need storage for your operating system to be installed. And of course, to save your files. Similarly, a web host enables you to store your blog’s content like images, posts etc.

Since you’re just getting started, I will recommend you go with BlueHost.

BlueHost and WordPress gel well together. It takes just a few minutes to buy a hosting plan from BlueHost, installing WordPress and making your fashion blog up and running. (We will see how to do this in the next steps)

Head to BlueHost’s website to get started.

P.S. As a reader of my blog, you will be eligible for a free domain if you use the above link. Enjoy 🙂

Step 4: Setting up domain and hosting

1. Go to and click on ‘Get Started Now’.

Setting up domain and hosting

Remember: You will automatically get the discount added to your cart when you buy the hosting using my link.

2. Select the basic plan. This is what I would recommend for new bloggers.

Setting up domain and hosting

3. If you have already purchased a domain name, enter you domain name in the ‘I have a domain name’ box and click on Next. If not, enter your preferred name in the ‘New domain’ box to check for availability.

4. You have now reached the registration page where you need to fill your billing details.

5. Now, you need to select you hosting packages and add-ons. Make sure to select the 12 months package to take advantage of the 67% discount (discounts may vary as they keep on introducing new offers). I have un-checked other add-ons as we don’t require them right now. You can always add them later on if required.

6. Make the payment to complete the registration. You can skip any ‘upgrade’ part that comes after the payment. This entire registration procedure takes just a few minutes to complete.

Note: Once the registration is completed, you will get an email from Bluehost with your cpanel login details. Save this email for future reference.

Step 5: Installing WordPress

1. Login to your account by going to the Bluehost homepage and clicking on ‘Login’ from the top right of your screen. Enter your credentials by referring to the email that you received from Bluehost. Make sure to select the ‘Hosting login’ tab, if not already selected.

2. Once you have successfully logged in to your cpanel, click on the Install WordPress icon under the website builders.

3. A new window will open up as shown in the image below. Click on the Install button (it may show ‘Start’) to being the WordPress installation process.

4. Now, you will have to choose the domain for which you want to install WordPress. It should already be selected, it not you can choose it from the drop down menu. You can leave the directory field blank as we don’t want to specify and sub folders.

5. Now, you need to enter your WordPress user info. You need to check the Show advanced options box and enter you Site Name or Title.

Choose an Admin Username and password.

Make sure to use a strong password and refrain from using ‘admin’ as your username. You don’t want to make things easier for hackers.

Enter your email address (the login details will be sent here). Read the terms, check the box in agreement and click on Install Now.

6. Once the installation is complete, you will see the “Status:success” notification. Make a note of the important information that is displayed here in order to access your new WordPress site. You will also receive this information via email.

7. You have installed WordPress for your fashion blog! Of course, you would like to login and start exploring the WordPress platform and writing your very first post, isn’t it?

So, to do that enter in the web browser to open up the WordPress login page. Replace YourBlogName with the domain name of your blog.

Congratulations! You have just taken your self-hosted WordPress fashion blog online. You have installed WordPress on your own in just a few minutes! Creating a fashion blog was not that difficult after all, huh!

Now, if you are having trouble understanding the WordPress dashboard, do not worry. I will help you by providing details of each and every option in WordPress, how to write your first WordPress post, setting up themes and plugins etc. Just have a look at the below guides:

Choosing Fashion Templates and WordPress Fashion Blog Themes

A fashion blog should look great, this goes without saying. And you can easily make your fashion blog stand out from other blogs by choosing the best WordPress fashion blog themes and fashion templates available!

Yes, you have to spend some money if you are looking for the premium feel but believe me, this one time premium will be very beneficial in the long run.

I recommend the Genesis Framework by Studiopress if you are looking for a premium fashion blog theme and framework for WordPress.

Genesis provides a secure and search engine optimized foundation for your fashion blog. There are built-in features like custom body post classes, breadcrumbs, multiple layouts and many more. The designs of the child themes are elegant and eye-catching which are highly customizable.

I would definitely recommend you to try out the Genesis Framework. It’s a very small one time investment for a beautiful blog.

Here are a few fashion blog themes that I would recommend. (P.S. Click on the images to see the live preview)

1. Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro

2. Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro

3. Pretty Chic

4. Metro Pro

5. Glam

6. Elegance

7. Ambiance Pro

Fashion Blogging Tips

Publish the Most Epic Content

This goes without saying – Content is still the king and will always be.

Honestly, I have seen a bunch of pathetic looking blogs that still attract a decent amount of traffic. You know why? Because these blogs publish epic content and people come back again and again to read the posts.

That doesn’t mean you forget about the look and feel of your blog! A good-looking blog adds that extra oomph factor!

But what type of content is good content?

Simply put, any content that makes an impression on the reader is a good content. It can be a blog post, an infographic or a video. As long as the content makes the life of a reader better in some way or the other, it can be termed as a good content.

And remember a good content can become the best content if it solves some kind of problem.

Let’s take an example. A well-built person wants to know what to wear at their sister’s wedding and has not clue about it. Problem?

You publish a post on wedding dress ideas for well-built people. In general, this is a good content, however the above person will regard this as one of the best posts since it solved a problem for them.

See, what I am trying to say here?

Think of all the useful and helpful content ideas and then create epic content out of it.

How do you do it?


Planning is important for everything. Starting a fashion blog is no different.

As we discussed above, work your brain for ideas for your fashion blog. Write those ideas down and work on it one at a time. Be ahead of others by researching more about the niche and understand what type of content people like right now and what will be the situation ten years down the line.

Copy what your competitor is doing and then be better

Now, there will be a few good fashion bloggers that you might look up to. You can get inspired from them and copy their content.

Sounds wrong?

It’s Not!

Obviously by copying I don’t mean that you should duplicate the content. You need to read their posts, get ideas and then make the post better than its original piece. Hell! You can even do this by referencing different posts regarding the same topic and then creating an ultimate post of your own which is better than the rest.

Focus of evergreen content

Evergreen content is something that stays fresh forever. Something like this post on how to start a fashion blog.

I am sure even ten years down the line people who want to start their own fashion blog will find this post interesting. Evergreen content is one of the most important things that you should consider in order to build a successful blog.

Be Professional

Being professional helps. Take an example of a photo that you clicked using your smartphone in a new pair of jeans that you are about to post on your fashion blog vs the same photo that was clicked using a DSLR camera.

Huge difference, right?

Things like professional photos, graphics and videos influence the way you are perceived by your readers.

Learn the basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be irritating at times, however it is a vital component of building a successful blog. You should understand the basics of SEO and implement it on your blog. This is a good place to get started with SEO.

Now, if this sounds a little daunting, do not worry. No one becomes perfect in a jiffy. It takes time and the more your write, the more perfect you will become eventually.

The important thing is to keep on researching, writing and editing content. Even if you get it wrong a couple of time, you won’t make the same mistakes the third time around.

Network with Fashion Bloggers

While writing great content is very important, networking with fashion bloggers is equally important as well.

Networking with influencers and bloggers in your niche will add more visibility to your blog and will help you become famous. Not to forget, you build amazing relations in the process.

How do you do it?

Search for fashion bloggers

To network with fashion bloggers you need to find them first. The best place to find them is Instagram.

All the popular fashion bloggers are active on Instagram as it is one of the best platforms to promote and share content related to fashion and lifestyle. You can easily find out bloggers by using different fashion related hashtags.

Pinterest is another awesome platform for fashion bloggers. You can easily search through various fashion boards on Pinterest and follow the users who created them. You can then re-pin their pins on your own boards and start a conversation.

Facebook groups and Twitter are also good places to look for fashion bloggers.

Reach out

One you have identified them, you can start to reach out by visiting their blog and commenting on the posts. You can follow their social media handles and start of a conversation.

Share their content

As discussed above, like and comment on their Instagram posts, re-pin their pins on Pinterest, retweet their posts on twitter and like and share their posts on Facebook. Doing this will definitely grab their attention and then you can start interacting.

Start interacting

Whenever you get a chance, start a discussion. You can even write them an email to start a discussion and know more about them. This is how you create a solid network with fashion bloggers.

Ready to Start a Fashion Blog?

I am sure after reading this post, you have a pretty good idea on how to start a fashion blog. Now you can go ahead and follow the tips and suggestions to make your own fashion blog a huge success.

You can always connect with me for any questions/suggestions.

P.S. It takes a lot of time and effort to write these long and detailed guides. Wouldn’t you help me by sharing this on social media? Feel free to make use of those share buttons!


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