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Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Program That You Cant Afford To Miss

Why top High Paying Affiliate Programs?, A smart blogger or affiliate marketer will prefer to promote high ticket affiliate programs than lower one’s because it takes the same amount of time and energy to promote products worth over $500 and for products that sell for $29.

Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Program That You Cant Afford To Miss

What Is Affiliate Marketing Program?

An affiliate marketing program is a kind of online marketing that pays an affiliate to place special referral links of products and services on their sites (it could be a blog, website, social media page and so on) thereby driving traffic to the blog content of the referral link.

It is inexpensive, convenient and easy to become an Affiliate marketer. However, before you read about my top 10 high paying affiliate program there are certain terms you need to understand about affiliate marketing programs to help you succeed in it, they are:

The merchant: This is the retailer, vendor, brand or company that you are going to promote for, examples of merchants are: Amazon sellers, clickbank vendors and so on.

The Affiliate Network: This is like the middleman, the network contains a variety of sites that an affiliate can choose from, it contains the links the affiliate requires for promoting the merchants.

When using an affiliate network, it is the network platform that would pay you not the Merchant. However, it is not necessary you have to become an affiliate via a network.

Example of affiliate networks are: Click bank, Maxbounty, Amazon associate program, Rakuten, Chitika, Ebates and so on.

The publisher: This is YOU, the affiliate. The person that publishes the links on sites as a means of advertisement and earns money.

As an affiliate, you are responsible in publishing or advertising the link given to you by the network to earn commission when sales are made via your tracking link.

The Merchant, Affiliate network and Publisher are all important players in the whole setup.

In affiliate networks you may not be able to go directly to the merchant without having to use the affiliate networks and that is why we have affiliate programs.

What is the Best Affiliate Programs or Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a new age business module, its performance-based marketing, its work in a rewarding chain system, in affiliate marketing business profits one or more affiliates for each customer brought or sold conduct by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

A business owner uses the third party to derive customers, while the affiliates get some percentage of the sell. Affiliate Marketing is also confused with referral marketing. Still, both are different forms of marketing. Affiliate marketing brought customers on financial stimulation, while referral marketing relies on trust or personal relationships.

Affiliate Marketing promotes digital marketing methods to some extent. Search Engine Optimization paid per click marketing, e-mail marketing, advertising display, or content marketing these are some digital marketing methods affiliates use to promote brands or product they are affiliate to. Affiliate marketing is not looked at by companies as a significant player in the marketing industry but still affiliate marketing control a good share of the marketing industry.

The thing which made affiliate marketing common and popular is its diversity. It did not need higher education or extended office hours or door-to-door sell. Anyone can take part in affiliate marketing as a part-timer or full-timer. There are many affiliate programs in the market, such as best affiliate programs for small business, affiliate programs for bloggers, parents, anyone can earn from affiliate programs. Besides, an affiliate program can be done by beginners, you-tubers, housewives, and anyone who can do it. It’s simple and needs low or nil investment.

Whether online or in physical stores, affiliate marketing or program is an integral part of advertising; in it, an online merchant or a shopkeeper pays affiliates a commission to send them customers. One more example of an affiliate program is when a tourist reaches a city and book a cab, the cab driver took the tourist to some pre-arrangement shop or hotel, praising its quality.

Now, if that tourist bought something or uses the services of that store, the hotel, then that cab driver gets some commission of it. Depend on the arrangements, and a commission is generated if a customer reaches the store and in some methods when the customer buys or engages in something from that store.

The pioneer of affiliate marketing was William J. Tobin, the founder of PC Flowers and Gifts, in 1994 he came up with the idea of affiliate marketing and started practising it in 1995. However, affiliate marketing made famous by Jeff Bezos, CEO, and founder of Amazon, gave the commission to the affiliates who brought the customers to their website. Today with around 500000 affiliates, manages one of the most successful affiliates marketing users.

What are the main parts of an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing involves earning money for using other people's products or services. So, for example, you can make money through affiliate marketing by linking to an online store that sells a product or service through your website. You'll link to the product or service through your site, and it'll link back to the store. Then, when the customer buys the product or service from the store, they'll earn a commission from the store. If the customer then spends even more money with the store, then you'll earn even more money. You can also promote other products and services that you believe in and use.

Affiliate Programs Vs Affiliate Networks

Though, this is often confused with each other, they mean different things.

The affiliate marketing program is the one that you enter directly with the merchant, you don’t need any network as you sign up. You simply partner with the merchant by registering directly through them.

Affiliate networks on the other hand, is a website that has a collection of various referral links for different merchants.

In affiliate marketing program you deal directly with the company while in affiliate network you are dealing with many affiliate company through a second party.

Forms Of Affiliate Programs

There are four major forms of affiliate programs.

Some affiliate programs makes use of more than one form depending on their products and services. These forms of affiliate programs would help you to know which one you is best for you and to partner with.

The forms are as follows:

1. Cost Per Click (Cost per click)

Cost Per Click form of affiliate marketing program is well known because of its use by Google Adword. In this type affiliate program; the merchant pays the affiliate (the publisher) a commission for every unique visitor that clicks on the link.

That’s why it is called pay per click, it means that if one hundred people should click on a link published by you and you are to be paid one dollar per click then, your total earning will be ($1 x 100clicks) which equals to ($100)one hundred dollars!

It is just as easy as that.

However, it has its disadvantages which are:

Many brands do not make use of the Pay per click form of affiliate marketing program because of the risks and fraud involved.

Generally, the commission is always very small.

2. Pay per Impressions (cost per thousand impressions)

Pay per Impressions is a form of affiliate marketing program that pays the affiliate for placing their link or banner on your website. The affiliate is paid a specific amount for every one thousand impressions that is directed to the link.


You can easily make money with this system.

You can use any site to promote the brand including your social media sites.


You are not paid until you reach the goal

The earnings are not always much.

3. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising is well known Google AdWords uses the same approach Essentially the merchant pay the affiliate a commission for each unique visitor that clicks on the link.

In general the payment rate in PPC program is relatively low.

As a publisher of this kind of program, you can earn decent payment if you got some good traffic flowing in to your site. 


It is a very easy way to make money.

4. Pay Per Lead

Per Lead is another form of payment by affiliate programs. In this form, the merchant pays the affiliate for every customer that signs up or subscribes on the site of the Merchant.

The customer gives an email address and other vital information which the merchant can use for their business.

Pay Per lead works best with sites that redirect the customer to a form where they enter their details.


It is easy to earn money through this form.

The commission is higher than Pay per click, though it varies with brands.


Customers might not be interested in the site, hence they would not sign up.

It is not as quick as Pay per Click.

5. Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Sale is like the online form of selling products.

When you sell a product to someone, you get a commission for that product. 

The commission varies with brands but it is higher than what you would earn from the above mentioned forms.

This form of affiliate marketing program benefits the three major players in affiliate marketing program (The Merchant, Publisher and affiliate Networks).

There is usually a fixed percentage or amount for each sale made by the Affiliate and it could be as high as earning 50 per cent of the product, depending on the value of the product, its profit margin, and the agreement with the merchant.


You can earn more money with this method.

It is an easy way to earn higher amount of money.


It might not be easy to get customers.

It usually requires a site that talks about the product or service

For example, to advertise baby products, you must have a site that majors on babies.

Before reading through the top 10 list of affiliate programs, lets disuse the benefits of being an affiliate marketer. I have been enjoying these benefits and I know you would too as an affiliate marketer.

Benefits Of Joining An Affiliate Program

These are some of the advantages of joining an affiliate program.


Little or no capital required to start :

Capital is the money required to start a business. To become an affiliate, you might not require capital if you have a website, blog or social media network.

However, if you don’t have these online market places then you need not worry because to get a website is not expensive at all. You do not need so much capital to start the business.

Ease Earning:

as an affiliate, you earn money easily since you do not have to walk from one place to another to sell your products and services.

All you have to do is advertise and earn with little or no effort.

No Expertise

Being an affiliate does not require any expertise or knowledge for the products and services you choose to advertise. You just need to advertise.

Less worry:

Affiliates do not have to worry about stock control, processing orders, processing payments or invoicing as this is all done by the merchant. Hence, you worry less.

Low risk:

you are not investing anything but little of your time so therefore there is zero or very low risk opportunity to earn additional revenue for your business.

Self Employment:

As an affiliate, you are your own boss, so you decide what to do and what you don’t want to do.

International job:

Affiliate marketing is majorly done online so you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet connectivity.

Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Programs

This is the major business of the day, what you have been reading is just a way of giving you a background knowledge of what affiliate marketing program is all about.

These top ten affiliate programs where hand picked by me after intensive research of which they have been proven to be the best ever.

All the affiliate programs that are going to be listed here have been tested and trusted. As an Affiliate myself, I know what it means to make money using this affiliate programs. Let’s earn money!

1. Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer is an American e-commerce company.

The company is popularly known as an online family of discerning retailers and consumers.

They deal with all kinds of products that are useful to a variety of people. The company has made its name because of its great customer service and the ability to provide their customers with a variety of products that are long lasting.

Hammercher also runs an affiliate company that pays very well. 

Benefits Of The Affiliate Company

  • It is easier for the customers to get reliable and long lasting products at their own convenience.
  • You don’t need to pay anything to participate in the affiliate program even though it is an high paying affiliate program.
  • It is a high ticket affiliate program. Most products sell over $3,000 and that gives your leverage to earn up to $1,000 per sales
  • This affiliate company provides all necessary tools and content to help the affiliate.
  • The company has made name so it is easier to get customers.

How do you earn?

You earn an 8% commission for linking customers to the site and for placing their products on your online selection.

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

2. Seopower Suites

PowerSuite provides the best combination of SEO tools to help their customers conduct and track their SEO campaigns.

SEO POWER SUITES runs a high paying affiliate program that pays you up to an average of one hundred and ninety seven dollars ($197) for every sale.

All you have to do is apply for seopower suites affiliate marketing program and wait for the approval. After you have been approved, you can start earning.

Benefits of this affiliate company 

  • The affiliate receives high commissions.
  • The affiliate company provides tools for the affiliate to make use of.

How do you earn?

You earn thirty three per cent of every sale made by your referrals. It also has a ninety day cookie duration.

Please click here to apply for SEOPOWER SUITES affiliate program.

3. Semrush/Berush

The company provides their customers with tools and data for a range of SEO and digital marketing insights. The tools are great and exceptional.

SEM rush runs a high ticket affiliate program that gives affiliates the opportunity to earn through the pay per sales form of affiliate program. First of all, you need to apply, and your Advertiser link will be made available for promotion.

Benefits of this affiliate company

  • The company has a good customer services which makes it easier for affiliates to direct customers to the site.
  • Affiliates enjoy great commissions.

How do you earn?

You receive commission payments twice a month, upon reaching a minimum threshold, through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Please click here to apply for SEMRUSH affiliate program.

4.Ninja Outreach

Ninja outreach is a web based company that provides site owners or managers with a software that helps them to create successful influencer outreach campaigns for their clients.

The software helps them to save time as it would do all the work in a short period of time.

This company also gives their customers a fourteen day trial to make use of their tools. Ninja outreach runs an affiliate company where affiliates can also benefit and earn money just by directing customers to their site.

Benefits of the affiliate company

  • The company provides an all-purpose inference marketing tool which makes it easy to link customers to their site.
  • The commission is very high and it is recurring.

What do you earn?

You earn 50% monthly recurring commissions for each customer you refer

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

5. 67 steps

67 steps is part of the Tai Lopez Programs. Tai Lopez is a motivational speaker who speaks to people on how to be successful by using their potentials. 67 steps include aspirational statements that are available to people.

The company runs an affiliate program that helps affiliate to earn money.

Benefits of the affiliate company

  • The owner of the company, Tai Lopez is well known and this makes it easy for affiliates to promotes his products
  • Affiliates enjoy great commissions.
  • Tailopez affiliate program provides affiliates tools that would help them through promotion.

What do you earn?

You get 50% of all sales made through your affiliate link. After 10 sales you get a $100 cash bonus and it continues like that. The higher sales you make, the more money in your bank.

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

6. Insta pages

Insta pages is a site that provides web based design tools to their users and subscriber.

The Instapage builder has everything designers need to fully express their vision, it has features like an inline CSS editor, and alignment, grouping and distribution.

It has been ranked number one in customer support by review sites like G2Crowd, Capterra, and others.

Benefits of the affiliate company

  • Their great customer support gives affiliates an upper hand while advertising to the customers.
  • They give great commissions and rates.
  • Your commission does not end with one sale

What do you earn?

You earn money when you refer customers to Instapage. You earn 50% revenue share on the first payment and 30% lifetime revenue share on all self-serve plans.

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

7. Colmex

Colmex is a trusted firm that helps investors and traders with their investment and trading needs.

The company has six different platforms available, a regulated specialist in investment services, range of investment tools to capitalize your time, no trading restrictions, FREE research tools on your trading platform, extensive range of stops, limits and alerts, unique and Flexible Account Solutions for Traders, easy access to the worldwide markets.Mobile, Web, Desktop and a 24-hour support.

Benefits of the affiliate company

  • Colmex runs a high paying affiliate program and provide a lot of advantages to their affiliates.
  • The company are highly experience in business, and makes sales allot easier when you drive quality traffic to their site through your affiliate link
  • The approval to become an affiliate is after forty eight hours.
  • The company has a trust, transparency, technology, and comprehensive service with a longstanding, regulated firm.
  • Affiliates get their own personal account manager to help them earn.

How do you earn?

You earn by getting a rate for every customer you direct to the site. Your earnings are calculated with your personal account manager.

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

8. Organifi

Organifi is a company that produces Green Juice made from gently dried superfood powder infused with coconut water Crystals and ashwagandha.

Organifi gives their customers a healthy drink that keeps them refreshed and super charged. Organifi has a high paying affiliate program for affiliates that are ready to earn more at their convenience.

Benefits of the affiliate company

  • It gives great commissions on physical products.
  • As one of the top selling nutritional supplement launch lead with over $2.5 Million in sales, affiliates have higher opportunities to earn more.
  • Affiliates do not necessarily require a website for promotion

How do you earn?

You earn 30% Lifetime Commission on Front End, All Upsells, & Lifetime Commission on Rebills and future purchases of other products from your referred customers.

You can also earn up to $908 in the first six months with additional product monetization.

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

9. Etoro

Etoro is a web based company that deals in social trading, it has millions of users from over 140 countries.

It allows it’s users to connect with other traders, discuss trading strategies, and use the patented CopyTrader™ technology to automatically copy their trading portfolio performance. ETORO runs a high ticket affiliate program that has great advantages for affiliates.

Benefits of this affiliate company

  • Affiliates get to promote a trusted broker regulated by CySEC, FCA.
  • Affiliates enjoy high commissions.
  • ETORO affiliate company provides tools that affiliates can use.

How do you earn?

You earn up to $160 for every customer that completes a deposit on the site through your referral link.

Click here to apply for this high ticket affiliate program.

10. Credible

This company offers a multi-lender marketplace that allows borrowers to receive competitive loan offers from a variety of lenders. Credible refinances Student loans and offers students free advice on loans. Credible has a high ticket affiliate program that offers great benefits to affiliates.

Benefits of these affiliate company

  • It is an high ticket paying affiliate program.
  • Affiliates get second tier commissions.

How do you earn?

You earn when students that visits the site using your referral link apply for loan from any of the lenders on the site. You can earn up to $240 from referrals.

Click here to apply for this high paying affiliate program.

How Do I Get Paid?

We have discussed on how to earn from each affiliate marketing program but we have not mentioned how you get paid. There are various channels you can receive your payment from affiliate marketing programs.

These payment channels are as follows :


To be on the safer side, it is advisable to open a PayPal or a Payoneer account.


Affiliate marketing programs are great platforms to make money at your convenience, this article has provided top 10 high paying affiliate programs that are online presently. However, there are more.

You are not limited to applying to one affiliates company, you could apply for as many as you can and start earning money.

As an affiliate, you need to have a method of payment so your payment would not be delayed. What are you waiting for? Join the train of affiliate marketers today and start earning!


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