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What to Blog About: How to Decide?

What to blog about? I have asked myself this question a number of times and probably you have too. Today, I will try to help you get some answers on this topic.

There are two types of blogs in the world of blogging: Personal, and everything else. A personal blog is written solely for the enjoyment of the person writing it. It’s often shared with friends and family, maybe a few people who happened on it largely by accident. The content on a personal blog doesn’t matter because the writer isn’t trying to impress anyone with their words. They aren’t trying to gain a larger readership nor are they trying to make money from doing it. They write on their blog simply because that’s what they want to do. They enjoy it.

What to Blog About: How to Decide?

For everyone else, content is important.

You have to produce the kind of blog posts that people are going to want to read. This means researching topics and subject matter to come up with the answers that most people are looking for. It means creating a niche for what you want to talk about. It means putting time and energy into more than just writing content. You also have to advertise your content and build communities. But that’s getting ahead. Before getting into what to blog about, let’s take a look at what readers expect from you.

What readers want from a blog?

1. Readers want answers

There are many people out there who are looking for answers to questions. They want solutions and don’t know where to find them. If you know how to do something, or have answers to certain questions, a blog is a great place your share your expertise.

2. Readers want something they can relate to

There are many people who are just looking for someone who can relate to their problems. You don’t need to be an expert, you can simply share your experiences. You can tell other people how you overcame the hardships in your life. You can tell them how you became a stronger person. People love to read a blog that makes them feel better about where they are in life.

It’s an added bonus if they can comment on your posts and tell you how they feel as well. You can strike up conversations and help guide people through difficult times. These difficult times can be whatever you have experienced. Losing your house or your job, the difficulties in adjusting to a new city. Anything you’ve been through can be shared for someone going through the exact same thing.

3. Readers want to learn new things

There are many people who browse through blogs simply to learn. It can be random facts for some, or how-to guides for others. There’s quite the niche in any blog that teaches the readers how to do something they couldn’t before. These can range from do-it-yourself home repairs to tips and tricks for something as simple as blogging.

4. Readers want inspiration

There are many people who want to be goal-oriented, but end up falling flat. They search the internet for inspirational stories about the things other people have accomplished. This is similar to the comfort niche, but it’s more on the side of positive action, rather than dealing with circumstances that may not have been avoidable.

If you’re great at planning things out, maybe share outlines, you can reach out to a good number of people. Share daily or weekly planner graphics, throw in the occasional inspirational speech with a link to another site that shares great advice. These individuals are looking for advice on accomplishing something for themselves as well as the inspirations to actually take action.

4. Readers want to be entertained

Finally, there are a great deal of people who are only on the internet to laugh. They want to find great stories that make them giggle, likely the kind they can post on Facebook and share to their friends. There’s no real goal in these types of posts, other than entertaining. They can be about celebrity gossip or the strangest selfies on the internet. This is the category most blogs actually fall into, because it has the largest niche of them all. Everyone enjoys a good bout of laughter. So, looking for ways to encourage laughter is an absolute must. Besides, it’s nice to forget about our problems and indulge in the silliness in the world once in a while.

Tip: Combining any of the above topics is the best way to appeal to multiple niches and will help you decide blog post topics. You could be entertaining and inspirational. Or you could be helpful and inspirational. Any combination of the above categories is golden!

Blog topic ideas: Question to ask yourself

Now, before you start writing out your content, there’s a short list of questions you should ask yourself. These questions will help you to better understand the intention of your blog posts.

Is my idea good? Should I put it back on the drawing board?

Every idea is a good idea if you’re willing to put time and energy into making it so. You need to be able to turn an idea into an entry. If you don’t think you can, that’s when it goes back to the drawing board.

Am I writing for other people or myself?

While you need to write with yourself, you can’t write solely for yourself. If you’re going, you need to keep a personal blog.

Does this article/entry appeal to anyone else?

Every article you write should have some appeal to someone else. Whether it’s just a handful of people or an entire group.

What is the niche?

You need to decide on your subject, and you need to be able to grow that subject. If you can’t grow and develop the subjects in your niche, pick a new one.

Which niche, or niches, did you choose for your entry?

If you’ve chosen multiple niches to work with, you need to be able to handle the production of good content.

Is it following the niche pattern?

Make sure that your entries are following the pattern of the niche(s) you’ve chosen. Make sure that your entry would fit in with other entries in the same niche, while also standing out.

Is the niche I chose too broad or narrow?

You want to know if the niche you’ve chosen is common. If it’s not common, you need to be able to target the specific readers your niche requires.

Is the niche I chose too overdone?

If there are too many other people writing in the same niche, it may be more beneficial to choose something less populated. You don’t want to compete for readership with everyone else.

Should I aim for a different niche?

If your niche is too populated, or you don’t think you can handle the content production, pick a different one. Find something you’re comfortable and confident in writing about.

Are the readers in this niche going to want to spend money?

There should be some sort of conversion on your website. You need to choose a niche that will encourage this conversion. If you sell products, make sure the niche you’re choosing is similar.

Do I have a lot of blog post ideas for this niche?

If you don’t have a lot of experience or expertise on a certain subject, maybe consider choosing something you know more about. You’ll need to produce a lot of content to keep your blog fresh. Here is an ultimate list of blog post ideas.

Does the blog topic exists on the internet?

If there’s something you can’t find on the internet, create it. Be the first person to boldly approach the subject you want to see. You’ll make your own niche.

Could I write about this kind of content?

Before you try to make your own niche, you need to make sure you’ll be able to consistently write about the subject.

Do I know enough about the subject that I can make great entries?

Regardless of the niche you’ve chosen, you have to make sure you’ll be able to develop ideas into content. Consistent content. You want to be able to write and write and write. You don’t want to have to stop and think, because that means you’ve run out of ideas.

What is missing from other sites? Can I do it better?

Make a list of the things you note on other websites or blogs that you feel like hindering with the user experience. Things you think you can do better.

How can I be different?

Using the list you just made, do things the way you want them to be done. Take a look at this guide on writing posts in WordPress. I have provided details of every step, not something that you will find on every other blog. See, this is what make us different.

What will I do that will make people enjoy my blog?

Figure out what makes your content unique from everyone elses. That’s what is going to help you stand out.

With those questions in mind, you should be able to pick a solid direction for your blog. Every piece of content should be relevant to the niche you’ve chosen. It should all appeal to a certain type of reader. The more specific, the better. The traffic will suffer, but the likelihood of conversion will be much higher.

Tip: Conversion means a reader/viewer who takes action – That action can be buying a product/service, subscribing to a news letter, or buying a membership.

My Tips for deciding what to blog about

Now that you know you’re niche, and you’re comfortable with it, here are some quick tips for the course of your blogging career.

Be Passionate

Don’t just churn out entries that appeal to the masses. Only choose to write about content you’re personally passionate about. A piece of everyone goes into what they write about. A writer who isn’t passionate about their works shows a sloppiness. Be passionate about what you’re doing and you will do it well.

Be Authoritative

Make sure that you can demonstrate authority in the niche you’ve chosen. Whether that comes from personal experience or professional work history. Make sure you know what you’re talking about.

Be Unique

When it comes to content on the internet, there is no greater power than unique content. There are so many repeated articles and subjects out there. It’s nice to come across fresh content with unique ideas. Your readers want to see something new, not something they’ve seen a million times written in a million different ways.

For example, there are tons of blogs that have guides on starting a new blog. But, how many you them give you step-by-step instructions to set up domain and hosting? This is what I offer on my blog. This is how we can be unique.

Read also: How to Start a Blog in 2022: Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

Be Flexible

Don’t narrow your niche down too much. You still want to have a good readership. Be a little flexible about your entries so that you’re reaching a more broad audience. But don’t go too broad either, because you’ll come across as all over the place.

Be Yourself

The most important part of writing blog entries is that you’re being yourself. Express your opinions, not just general ones. Talk about your experiences, not just that of others. You want to be personable. You want people to get to know you. You want people to enjoy your work. Personal work is the most enjoyable because it’s real. Readers can feel your pain or joy through words written from experience. They can hear your laughter and watch you fix things through your accurate portrayal of past experiences. Words without feeling fall flat.

Be Active

Don’t let yourself slow down. Keep writing. If you let yourself take a break, you’ll find it’s hard to get back into the groove of writing good content. Post-dated articles will help you in slower times, but resist the urge to stop entirely. Of course everyone needs to take a break, but don’t let that break turn into something else.

While you never want to copy other blogs, it’s a good idea to do a little market research and find out what do they blog about? Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to start working on your content. But before you start actually writing, go and see what other people are writing about. Make a note of the subjects, but also, make a note of the style.

Do other writers in your niche tend to write really long posts? Do they only update a few times a week? Do they post only text articles? Do they use formatting, like headers and bullets?

This is all good information to have because you can leverage your style against theirs to come up with something unique. For example, if other writers are using text, you could try making audio or video posts instead. If they fall flat on formatting, make your entries pop with the use of bullets and headings. If they write really long, and infrequent posts, make yours short and post every day.

Tip: Work towards being different and unique. But above all, be yourself and your content will shine.


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