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45 websites to create free blog logo online

Logo, to a greater extent is important in explaining our seriousness in blogging, our blogging niche and perhaps the level of our experiences besides playing greater role in being our blogs’ identification bearer. In the ocean of blogs and websites, logo helps a blog in getting identified by readers.

If you have come across some professional blogs, the one thing that makes them professional and noticeably stand-out is the way they have designed and used identification symbol (logo) in their blogs.

45 websites to create free blog logo online
websites to create free blog logo online

Logo should be uniquely simple. It shouldn’t contain long texts and un-related symbols. So it should be unique but related to your blogging niche. Your logo shouldn’t look like logo of any other websites or blogs either. You’ll be penalized for online work copyright infringement.

We can either design our own logo or hire someone in designing. If you have money, hiring some logo artist won’t be a problem. But for new bloggers like you and me, who don’t have much money and blogging-experiences, we must resort to other means in getting a logo designed for us. Other means, those free online logo designing service providers.

45 free online logo designers for new bloggers who are low into budget and don’t want to spend money even for simple things in blogging.

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#1 Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs has a good number of logo templates already being uploaded. We just have to click on any of the categories to view templates available in them. We can then customize by adding some images, texts and shapes or all three combined. The best part of Graphic Springs is that its logos don’t come with watermarked background. Downloading a logo is also easy. We don’t have to get signed up with it.

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#2 Design Mantic

Design Mantic also has various pre-determined logo templates. You just have to give name of your logo, select category and then at a wink various available choices of logo will be displayed. But the problem is its logos come with watermarked background. We cannot download unless we sign up with it.

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#3 Free Logo Design

No matter which templates we choose, it presents us with 2 options – one in free version and another in premium version. Free logos have low resolution (200×200) unlike the premium ones (5000×5000). So its logos are partly free. However, all its templates are professionally cool and then customization part is also easy. But we have to first sign up with it to download.

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#4 Logotype Maker

Logotype Maker also offers a wider range of free logo templates covering many types of categories. Its logo can be used in your personal blog or business websites. However, once a logo is finished, we cannot download unless we get signed up with it. Our logo gets delivered in our inbox which reduces the resolution.

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#5 Designimo

Designimo also provides a greater range of logos for us. But then the customization must be done in grid-sheet and download can be done only after we sign up with it – tedious work for anyone. Otherwise, logo designs and combinations are professionally catchy and appealingly excellent.

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#6 Logo Makr

Logo Makr provides simple and clean free logo templates. The customizations also can be done in plain white background which makes edition more accurate. It allows permits download as soon as we are done. We don’t have to sign up to download.

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#7 Logo Garden

We can choose a template; edit it and then use in our personal blogs or business websites. But I am not very much pleased with its images – all appear just like charcoal painted. Logo customization works also have to be carried out in grid-sheet. This means we cannot save it directly by means of taking screen-shot. We have to sign up with it to download the logo we designed.

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#8 Logo Genie

Logo Genie has good credentials of having designed logos of many popular companies or blogs. You can see from a list of its testimonials. But I am of the view that it isn’t a number one logo service provider that can be recommended for bloggers for that fact that processes are quite lengthy and time consuming. We have to sign up to receive the logo.

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#9 Free Logo Services

Its logos are exceptionally good and professional. Choices are also many. But then when customization is done and we try to download, we can’t unless we sign up with it. Moreover, it charges as high as $50.00 for one logo. This is indeed expensive for new bloggers.

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#10 Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker, I will love to recommend this for new bloggers. The processes of logo creation and customization are short and easy.

We can also upload our own image and use it in logo. This feature isn’t available for many online logo designers. And also download is instant. We don’t have to sign up to get the logo downloaded.

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#11 Logo Maker

I can say the processes involved in customization and designing aren’t lengthy and difficult. But then the templates available aren’t very much catchy. Moreover, we have to complete sign up procedures to download or buy a logo. It’s not recommended for new bloggers who don’t want to pay for logo.

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#12 Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands asks to choose the better of two designs simultaneously to see which of the logo designs they have would suit us. Once it’s done, we’ll be given a logo that best fits our needs. But the problem is, forget about downloading instantly, we cannot even edit it at that instant unless we are its members.

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#13 Zillion Designs

It has got one of the highest numbers of different logo templates for various purposes. However, designs aren’t so catchy. It also conducts logo designing competitions with attractive prizes. We can also design business cards, brochures, stationery and others needed for business concerns.

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#14 Online Instant Logo

It takes process of designing logo one step farther when compared to other online logo designing companies. We have to give our company name with numerous related keywords. Upon analyzing our keywords, most suitable logo will be displayed for us ready to be downloaded.

#15 100% Free Logo Maker

It has three fields to be filled; company name, category and slogan. The possibility of getting the best logo is very high. The feature of adding slogan unlike just only company name in other logo designing services makes it sexy. But we cannot download its logo unless registered as its free member.

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#16 Squarespace Logo

Its logos are simple and plain. If you want to have more colourful logos, this is not recommended. But the good part of Squarespace Logo is its logos (resolution: 400×400) can be downloaded instantly. Logos with higher resolution should be purchased. But for bloggers like you and me, resolution of 400×400 is more than needed.

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#17 Spaces

This also has logo background similar to that of Graphic Springs – dotted watermark. The designs vary though. The good part of logo having light watermark can be downloaded immediately by means of screen-shot.

#18 Online Logo Maker24

Its logos are also free. But we can download after getting signed up as its free member. Otherwise we cannot download and save logos.

#19 Online Logo Creator

Its logos also don’t come with watermarked background-which is good for us. We can also upload and use our image in logo. But arts they have in their store to be used in logos aren’t so good. They are just so simple. Yet for not-so-popular kinds of bloggers, it would be fine.

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#20 Logo Factory

We can design beautiful logo and download them instantly at Logo Factory. Logos don’t come with watermarked background making download possible even by taking screen-shot without having to sign up with them.

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#21 Logo Ease

It’s software that designs logos. This software is in two versions – free and paid. Logos designed in free version can be used for free but with their trademarks. Logos designed in paid version can be used. It won’t be having their trademarks. But it’s not free – you have to pay. Otherwise, designs appear simple, catchy and professional.

#22 Free Logo Maker

It’s a logo designer powered by clothes2order. The whole procedures of designing a logo with it are simple and easy. We just have to give suitable text, image, arts and then do some rearrangements. Once they are done, our logo is ready. Another good thing is its logos don’t come with watermarked background.

#23 Design Free Logo

It has a collection of various logo templates to be picked for our own logos. We can also design 3D logos. All the designs are exceptionally professional. But we have to pay 9 USD per logo – which is not free.

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#24 Logo Creator Online

It’s user friendly. We can type our text, slogans, add some arts and then good on choosing the templates. We can also make logos in 3D.

#25 Online Free Logo

It has good number of categories. Templates are also good. We have to edit in grid-sheet and thereby cannot take screen-shot. We cannot download unless we are its members.

#26 The Free Logo Makers

Free Logo Makers has features to design logos both for premium and free. But free logo templates are not very much clean and attractive. Yet customization part is simple and easy. New bloggers can design logos with it for free.

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#27 99 Designs

99designs has good number of logo templates covering many business purposes. But then we have to pay to get the logo we customized. They are bit expensive. New bloggers cannot afford to pay that much just for logo alone.

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#28 Logaster

It also has simple yet clean logo designs. Logo making procedures are also easy and short. But it doesn’t provide more choices of designs. And moreover its logos can’t be downloaded without joining as member and also come with a watermarked background.

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#29 Hipster Logo Generator

Making of free blog logo is simple with Hipster Logo Generator. We can just go on feeding details of our blogs and within few minutes, logo will be ready. We don’t have to sign up to download. But it hasn’t go more design choices.

#30 Supa Logo

If you like WordArt kind of 3D logo for your blog, Supa Logo will be the right place for you in getting a logo designed for your blog for free. Steps are simple and once logo designing is completed, it can be downloaded at an instant.

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#31 Fuel My Brand

It provides professional and clean logos. But their logos aren’t free. If you want to have professional touch in your logo, you can hire the team from Fuel my Brand. They also have options for making 3D logo.

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#32 Laughing Birds

It’s actually software that helps in designing a logo even offline. It also provides services for designing banners of various social media. And the software is compatible in both Mac and windows.

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#33 Logo Snap

Logo designs are simple. But design choices are many. It has categories covering all form of business and activities. You can either hire the team to make a customized logo or create free logo. But free logo cannot be downloaded without first joining with them as a member.

#34 Logo Matik

It also provides WordArt kind of logo. But it doesn’t have many options of designs. If you like wordart sort of logo, you can create your blog logi with logo matik for free.

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#35 Free Logo Makr

I am quite sure that you won’t argue of all logo designs in it being not professional. They look simple and professionally clean. But download can’t be done instantly. You must membership account with them to create one. And since its designs are with watermarked background, you can’t get the logo mid-way by means of screen-shot.

#36 Vista Prints

The team in Vista Prints has made many logos for many popular websites and blogs. Its logos aren’t for free. Their price starts at 120 USD which would be quite expensive for a newbie like you and me.

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#37 Logo Design Engine

Logo making steps are simple – even a child can do that. Designs are simple which will be quite fine for newbies. But choices are limited.

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#38 Logo Inn

In Logo Inn, you can not only hire team to designing logo for you but also let them sell a logo you have designed. The logo designing services at Logo Inn start at $45.

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#39 Online Logo Creator

Logo designs are very simple. You just have to give your blog name, tag line and then commend to create a logo. Instantly, a file containing your logo will be displayed for download. It’s very quick.

#40 Logoshi

Logo making is very simple and fast. Designs are attractively professional and many. But their logos are not for free. We have to pay for download.

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#41 Logo Shuffle

You can start logo designing step by step. But when the designing is completed and you are about to download, you will be asked to pay for it. If you can afford, it’s good. Because designs are professionally attractive.

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#42 Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelance forum. People who are good in doing different levels of works get registered and are ready to do them for you if you pay. You can also get someone in it who can design excellent logos at the price as low as $5. You can also try other freelance websites.

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#43 Flaming Text

The logo designs here are more like 3D wordarts. They come with shadowed background and then colorful. Download is instant.

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#44 Cool Text

This also provides only text-oriented 3D WordArts logo. But the steps are simple and downloading can be done at a click.

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#45 Very Logo

This is a premium 3D WordArt oriented logo provider. Its designs are very professional and attractive. They will provide good stand-out for fashion blogs.

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Your Turn

Does your blog has logo of its own? if not, have you considered of providing one and give an identity it deserves?

If you already have logo being uploaded and used in your blog professionally unique, please share with us how you designed it and got


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