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5 Best premium themes for New Bloggers

 If you are someone who keeps on browsing WordPress themes and keeps on changing your theme, I have one advice for you; just don’t do it especially in your professional blog.

If you ask someone who has experience in blogging, even s/he will say it’s not at all a healthy blogging practice.

5 Best premium themes for New Bloggers
Best premium themes

Firstly, all your previous settings will be removed and you have to do settings once more in the new theme.

Secondly, it will show your behaviour of being someone whose preference changes often and doesn’t remain trustworthy.

But in a first place, why would anyone change the blog theme very often?

There are two possible reasons:

  • You use only premium themes yet you can afford to change themes often.
  • You use only free themes and you see better themes one after another.

It would be very much unlikely someone will spend money just purchasing theme after theme. So the applicability of first reason would be very low.

This means a blogger who changes theme very often must be someone who uses free themes. So the possibility of changing theme will higher when premium theme isn’t used in a blog.

But free themes usually have limited scope for customization. You can never know what is inside them. They contain codes that will divert your views to their websites thereby reducing loading speed of your blog.

Because no reader would like to visit a blog that takes more time just to load, purchasing a good theme is vital. They’ll leave even without reading a single post. Your bounce rate will increase.

Therefore, I don’t usually recommend use of free themes. It’ll not only waste your time but also affect your success in blogging. They are free just for a reason.

If I don’t recommend the use of free themes, then what should be used? Ok, that is the point. You should use premium themes; themes that need to be purchased.

You don’t want to use free themes. But you cannot either purchase premium theme for your blog. Don’t worry, I am here to help you in getting the best premium WordPress themes for bloggers who are new into blogging and low in budget but want quality themes.

5 WordPress themes for bloggers who want quality themes at low prices.

Here are the Best premium themes for New Bloggers. 

#1. Beginner

This is the theme I am using in this blog. I have loved this theme the moment I came to know about it. Beginner is a clean and responsive premium WordPress theme that can be used for a wider range of online business activities.

Since it’s a two-columned magazine style WordPress theme with in-built social buttons and email subscription box, every blogger would love it.

Good Features of Beginner:

  • Simple, clean, flexible and professional
  • SEO Responsive
  • Two levels of stylish navigation links
  • Different Layouts
  • Professional Fonts
  • In-built coupon Functionality
  • Newsletter
  • Header Ads Space

If you purchase Beginner, the cost is only $39.00. These days, there is 50% discount and it’ll cost you only $19.50. But you can also avail all theme package for $24.50 and life time package for $49.50 before expiry of the promotion. Click Here to Review Promotion and also to browse other themes by Theme Junkie.

#2. ResponsivePro

This theme designed by CyberChimps has become so popular that it has crossed more than 1.5millions of downloads. It’s available in free version as well as in premium.

As it’s professionally designed and can be used for online business websites, blogs and also online forum based websites. Click Here for Demo and Purchase.

Good features of ResponsivePro:

  • Responsive in all Devices
  • Inbuilt slider
  • Multi-user supportive
  • Inbuilt social buttons

You can download the free version to experience before purchasing a premium version. But don’t use it forever in your blog – free themes have limited right for customization. You cannot even remove copyright links.

If it appears good, you can grasp the premium version by paying only USD 47.00. But these days it’s on 30% discount offer and you can actually get it purchased at USD 32.90.

#3. FreshLife

This is another cool theme from Junkie Themes. FreshLife will give a professional look for any personal blog.

Just like any other themes in Junkie-themes, tt’s also a well designed two-columned magazine style WordPress theme. There is FreshLife in free version if you want to see before buying premium.

Good Features of FreshLife:

  • Magazine style two-columned
  • Inbuilt post slider
  • Integrated social buttons
  • Two levels of navigation links
  • Inbuilt email subscriber box
  • Sponsor banner space

If you purchase FreshLife, the cost is only $39.00. These days, there is 50% discount and it’ll cost you only $19.50. You can also avail all theme package for $24.50 and life time package for $49.50 before expiry of the promotion. Click Here to Review Promotion and also to browse other themes by Theme Junkie.

#4 Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is developed by a team of developers at Studiopress. I am sure many people who have been in blogging before you must have already recommended this for you.

They recommend Genesis Framework on given reasons:

  • Professional design
  • Responsive Codes
  • Dynamic
  • Support many features

If you can play around well with CSS and theme customization, Genesis Framework will measure upto as your best theme. But customization can be learnt the moment you start using it. There seems to be fewer problems. Click Here for Demo and its price.

You can purchase Genesis Framework for USD59.95. It may appear expensive when you don’t use it in your blog. After you purchase it and start using, then you’ll realize that is worth it.

#5. Retina Magazine

If you are someone who wants to include breaking news ticker, content slider, ads widget, four-columned footer and that supports forums, then Retina Magazine theme is for you.

Its design is professional providing judicious use of front page of a blog. It has many features from which you can pick to make more suitable. Click Here for Demo and Purchase.

Good Features of Retina Magazine:

  • SEO Responsive
  • Forum blogging supportive
  • Inbuilt translator
  • 500+ fonts
  • 3 columned header

Therefore, you can purchase this theme from Theme Forest at USD 59.00. When I look at its design and level of dynamism, the price seems reasonable.

Your Turn

It’s from my experience point of view. If you don’t have much experience in theme customization and want to explore more, do it in free themes – there are thousands.

But once you are comfortable, using free themes in your blog will cost you. You can purchase one of the above. Their prices are reasonable and will suit any new bloggers. Because nothing is free.

Which WordPress theme you are using by the way? Share your stories. If you are using free themes and felt comfortable with that, purchase its premium version. You must have also found wonderful premium theme other than we recommended. Share its details with us or link of your reviews.


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