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What is SEO Hosting? And is it really all about C-Class IPs?

Webmasters are developing the way to market their sites on the internet. So, they can take their sites to the top of Google and other major search engines. To achieve top rank, you have to follow proper SEO tactics rather than traditional campaign. There might be some tools that help to achieve a better rank, but most of the achievements depend on IP address.

What is SEO Hosting? And is it really all about C-Class IPs?

Whatever site you are going to host it needs to be optimized. Site optimization is the key thing that you need to look at as 0optimization depends on a lot in boosting up your site. You all might know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization Tips ), and it is essential as it helps a lot in the optimization of your site. A Decent and beautiful website will be of no use if it is not entirely optimized regarding speed, UI, and Security.

What is SEO hosting?

As I have said earlier those sites which are not SEO optimized is of no use. Whatever site you have developed it should be SEO friendly. You can attract visitors; lift your sales if your site is SEO friendly. SEO use both traditional and non-traditional process to boost your site.

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What Is a C-Class IP?

Every site has a specific IP address. Using this IP address, you can locate your site on the internet. Whenever you host a site, you will receive an IP address. With this IP address, you can trace your site.

You all might know that IP address has four different classes A class, B class, C Class, D class. These classes are nothing but a range of IP address. Its range differs from class to class.

If two internet protocol addresses have C class and D class IP address then both this two IP address is a part of C class. It is very essential for SEO optimization of your site. Before some site owner don’t pay attention to IP address of their site, and they only keep the focus on content, design, and style.

But day by day as technology changed, Search Engine Optimization now becomes crucial. As now there are lots of competition sites so you have to rank your site and it is only possible through proper optimization. Some SEO experts and professionals agree that those sites which are using dedicated IP address and IP address of C class have potential to get a great rank.

What is SEO Hosting? And is it really all about C-Class IPs?

C class IP is surely a factor for your site rank. You can get many advantages of using a C class IP address. The main advantage of having a C class IP address is that each site that you have host use a unique IP address rather from using a shared IP address. If you are using shared hosting, then you will not be able to achieve that ranks for which you are looking for. This is a key thing for international search engine optimization.

You need not to think about Ip address when you are deploying your site with a popular hosting provider as Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. They provide SEO optimization hosting service fully to achieve a better rank. C class IP mainly remains helpful if some spam sites are hosted along you. Google always rank those site which is using C class IP address.

Google and other popular search engines inspect backlinks of your site "Get exceptional backlinks | Link building method for blog website" . If backlinks of your sites come from same IP address then all links will of no use. If all links are from same IP address, then Google will detect it as a spam that manipulating the system. For this, your site might be penalized and deactivated.

Example: Suppose you are using a directory to submit 5 directories and if 4 out of 5 directories comes from a single C class IP then Google will consider it only 2 directories out of 5.

If you are going to host your site, then always look what IP and hosting you are going to use. As now there are many competitors so to achieve rank your site must be optimized and for that, you have to go for SEO hosting. Lastly, I am going to answer that Dedicated IP address and shared hosting is the key thing if you want to take your site to a position in all search engines that you are looking for. So, you might have now the broad idea about what is SEO hosting and whether C class IPS are really helpful for better site optimization and site ranking.


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