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46 Best Free WordPress Themes to Start a Blog or Online Business

  When you’re about to start a new blog or a new online business of any kind, one of the first questions that comes to mind is how is it going to look? What design am I going to give it?

This one is, indeed, a normal question because we know how important is the appearance of any type of business model, not only online businesses.

Now, it’s also a truth that we sometimes have to get started without having a large budget to count on, so must do our best to get the best we can, with what we have.

That being said, not everybody has the funds to start a new blog using a premium theme, if you ask me, I’d always recommend Premium themes instead of free ones, this is because Premium themes offer a wide variety of benefits that are really worth a while.

But, if there’s no other choice than getting started with Free WordPress Themes, at least we want to make sure we know which are the best Free WordPress Themes available for us to choose from.

Best Free WordPress Themes

SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

Their are numerous factors responsible for ranking of a particular page and website or blog in the search engine,and while talking about “WordPress” specifically we can say that theme plays an important role and here comes the terms “WordPress themes optimized for SEO” so first we will find out what we mean by the term “themes optimized for SEO”?

Note: An SEO Optimized theme will not improve ranking of a particular page but can improve the overall ranking of your WordPress blog.

Now In the next few lines we will tell you how to choose a SEO optimized WordPress theme and how can you say that a theme is optimized for SEO:

  • Code is clean and fast enough: Code plays an important role, whenever a user visits your WordPress blog it sends few requests and then the server processes those requests,In order to process those request lots of code from the themes are executed,if the code is not optimized and well written it will take a lot of time increasing the overall load time of your pages, which is not good for SEO, and remember a small mistake in codes can ruin everything, read an experience here from yoast. If the code is not written properly it can also cause problems for search engine crawlers while crawling your pages for indexing.
  • Number of CSS and Javascript Files: The Less number of CSS and Javascripts files are their that’s the better, Search Engines do not like Javascript files because they can’t process them and specially in case they are not loading asynchronously(How to load CSS and Javascript Asynchronously) because if they are not loading asynchronously they are blocking the page rendering increasing the load time which leads to Bad user experience, So it’s good to prefer those themes which have less number of these files however you will always have a CSS file and few Javascript files(however most of the Javascript files can be loaded asynchronously and lots of theme developers are doing this).
  • Simple Layouts: Go For simple and user friendly layouts, don’t go for  sophisticated layouts where a user will have difficulty navigating from one page to other, a user should be able to find other related pages easily and it also improves the conversion rate(if there are too much options the user will be confused).
  • Schema Markups: This is the most important thing, Schema Markups helps the search engines in identifying various things on your pages, They tell the Search engines where is the header, sidebar, footer and most important the content, So always go for themes which have the basic Schema Markups. With the help of schema Markup the Search engines will be able to find the content of pages easily, Schema Markup also help the search in identifying the content type like it’s a review or a blog post.
  • Go for themes which provide most of the functionality you will be using: Prefer themes which provide most of the functionality you will like to use. For Ex: If you will be using social media sharing buttons choose a themes which does have social media buttons because if you add a plugin for it, surely plugin will increase the load time of your pages (You can’t deny it), It’s always good if you can avoid plugins and can have the functionality it in your theme itself.
  • Responsive: If it’s not responsive, Just don’t use it as number of visitors from mobile and other devices is increasing and you can’t avoid them.
  • Optimized For Speed: If it is optimized for speed, you can check it once using various available tools.

Their are lots of other things but listing them here is not feasible however they can be covered in the point 1 and 3 like proper use of headings, titles, excerpts of archives, hidden links and breadcrumbs etc. So, we will be avoiding them….so if a WordPress theme follows all the above important factors you can say that the WordPress theme is optimized for SEO, for your help now we will be listing some of the WordPress themes which are optimized for SEO.

45+ Best Free WordPress Themes of 2021:

These free WordPress themes are best for any business or blog and come with various features and designs.

Your website is a representation of your company, so you need to make sure that it looks professional and great. A well-designed site will attract visitors and can convert them into potential customers. This list contains the best free WordPress themes that can help you create a good first impression of your business.

Themes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and design styles. Depending on your preferences and requirements for your site, you’ll want to find one that's perfect for you. The following list has some of the best WordPress themes available for free on the web right now!. 

Here is our list of 46 free WordPress themes that will allow you to create your blog or online business with ease. They are all free, have comprehensive documentation, and come with free updates. These themes are designed for any type of website: from big corporate sites, to landing pages, personal blogs, or eCommerce stores.

1. Sparkling

Sparkling is a free WordPress theme designed by Colorlib, this theme offers a great combination of beauty and efficiency.

Although the theme is free, it also includes lots of great features that you can usually find only in premium WordPress themes, such as a full-screen slider that allows you to put more emphasis on your blog’s photos and creative content.

What I personally like about this free theme, is that it comes with a nice, small header that allows you to combine a very professional logo at the top with a nice looking navigation menu.

Also, it’s layout is looks very well, the theme offers the users various options to personalize and have their site look very nice at a very affordable price.



2. Bloggers Lite

Bloggers Lite is a free, mobile responsive WordPress theme, specially designed for personal bloggers.

This theme integrates a very attractive design, a live customizer, left-right sidebar, and unlimited color options. Bloggers Lite is a free WordPress theme for bloggers, with the quality of a premium theme.

It also includes theme options settings to modify various different theme aspects and increase re-usability of the theme. This theme provides an excellent blogging experience, as simple and seamless as possible.


Free Download

3. Elicit

Elicit is an SEO friendly and fast loading WordPress theme, it also integrates some great features such as popular posts, social sharing widgets, and five widget areas to help you give your blog a very professional look.

This awesome theme is a good fit for food blogs, business blogs, health blogs, travel, photography, design, personal blog and any other creative types of blogs and websites.

The theme is compatible with any browser and also supports all major WordPress plugins. I really love this theme because of its simplicity. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly you get your blog up and running.


Free download 

4. Publishable Mag

Publishable Magazine is a perfect Free WordPress theme for a news blog, online editorial magazine, a personal lifestyle blog, or an affiliate review site.

Publishable Magazine offers limitless customization. The theme is a perfect combination of beautiful and professional WordPress Theme.

There is plenty of space to insert ads if needed, you can use the widgets in the header to place ads Adsense banners or any other type.

The theme is fully optimized for the search engines, so you can easily beat the other bloggers and newspapers in Google with a fully SEO optimized theme.

If you want to start blogging about business or travel, then this responsive and flexible design is absolutely perfect – It is elegant and you can make it dark, white, minimal, boxed, flat, clean or advanced and full of sidebar widgets if you wish.

Publishable Magazine makes it very simple so that you can be creative when setting up your blog’s theme.


5. VT Blogging

VT Blogging is a Minimalist WordPress Theme, specially designed for blogs. Despite being a Free WordPress theme, this one is also a Mobile-friendly (responsive), optimized for loading speed, and also implements SEO (search engine optimization) best practices.

This theme is very easy to set up the theme for basically any type of blog or website including fashion, food, travel, photography, news magazine, personal blogging etc.


Free download 


6. Minamize

Minamaze is a Free WordPress theme specially designed for business blogs. This is the free version of a multi-purpose premium WordPress theme (Minamaze Pro) ideal for a business blogs websites.

This theme integrates a responsive layout, HD retina ready and also comes with a wide variety of theme options that can be used to make awesome changes without needing any coding knowledge.

The theme also comes with a full-width easy-to-use slider. You can easily add your custom logo to your site and create a beautiful homepage using the built-in homepage layout.


Free download 


7. MH Magazine lite

This Free WordPress theme is pretty much a free version of the MH Magazine Pro WordPress Theme, this is a lite version with basic functionality. MH Magazine is ideal to create awesome magazines within just a few minutes.

In case you need additional features, extended options such as custom widgets, you can always upgrade to the premium version and benefit from more flexibility and excellent theme support.


Free download 


8. Hemingway

Hemingway is one of the most popular free WordPress themes, the theme is clean, beautiful and responsive. Although it’s a free theme, this theme is comparable to other premium themes, this two-column theme is especially good for bloggers.

The theme comes with a responsive design, retina-ready assets, full-width header image with parallax scrolling effect, custom accent color, it allows you to easily upload your custom logo, custom widgets.


Free download


9. Lavander Lite

Lavander is a very nice WordPress Theme that’s specifically built for lifestyle blogs, magazines, and creative websites that are seeking clean, polished and minimal design features. This free WordPress theme is an excellent choice for lifestyle blogs.

The theme’s design complies with the latest internet trends, which makes Lavander a great choice if you want to provide your readers with a smooth content consumption experience.

Lavander also includes 6 pre-defined demos that can be easily loaded with one simple click, this will allow you to get a classy and modern WordPress Fashion, business or personal blog with a minimalist style.


Free download 


10. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme developed by Tom Usborne, this theme has been on WordPress Free themes repository for several years, and I must admit this is the one that I would choose, myself, in case I wanted to start a blog without having funds to purchase a premium theme.

GeneratePress has more than half a million downloads, and it’s currently installed in more than 80,000 WordPress sites, that clearly indicates that its developers have been doing a pretty good job there.

Although GeneratePress is completely free they also give you the option of getting the add-ons included. For $39.95 you get all 14 add-ons, which you can use on unlimited websites, and get one year of support and updates. It’s like paying $39.95 for a theme that you can use on as many sites as you want.


11. Point

Point is a FREE multipurpose, mobile responsive WordPress theme. It comes with a flexible options panel, that allows you to choose from multiple site layouts, backgrounds, and color schemes, as well as control specific features integrated with the theme.

Although this is a 100% Free WordPress theme, it features a unique, premium layout, which also includes custom post meta information boxes and beautifully styled widgets to give your blog a unique appearance.

We all know the importance of SEO, that’s something we’ve already covered here.  One reason why I consider this one as one of the best free WordPress themes available is that it integrates outstanding search optimization functionalities.

This theme also comes with unlimited color schemes, so that you can easily find the colors that express your blog’s personality, and customize them all to your liking, with unlimited color schemes to choose from.


12. Ember

Ember is a beautiful and colorful free WordPress theme for business blogs and organizations. Ember provides the very best experience for a one-page website design combined with parallax scrolling effect, eye-popping colors, and flexible design.

The theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Your blog will look amazing on both the large desktop devices and small mobile device’s screens.

I would definitely give this theme a 5-star rating among the best free WordPress themes group.


13. Azera Shop

Azera Shop is a free WordPress theme, perfect for building a one-page WooCommerce online store.

Azera Shop is e-commerce (Woo Commerce) Compatible, WPML, RTL, Photo Gallery Grid, Contact Form 7, Meta Slider, SiteOrigin Page Builder, SEO Friendly and also integrates the parallax effect.

This full-screen image theme is one of the best free WordPress themes for WooCommerce,  and also a good storefront alternative.

The level and basic outline of this theme, in light of bootstrap format, can work awesome for any personal business/startup, blog or photography website.


14. Kale

Kale is a beautiful and elegant, free WordPress theme, specially designed for food and photography blogs. The theme can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

If you want to start a blog to share recipes, fashion tips, run a lifestyle blog, parenting or cooking blog, Kale is a perfect WordPress theme for you.

With this theme, you can easily create a simple but feature-filled food, cooking, or business WordPress blog with WooCommerce integration.

The theme also comes with built-in menus that allow you to display your social media channels, multiple blog feed layouts, text, image, and logo customization options, sidebar size options (compact and default), banner/slider color overlay options, multilevel menus, automatically responsive YouTube videos, and much more!


15. Fashy

Fashy Lite is a free WordPress Theme that can be used for fashion blogs, personal blogs, magazines, and creative websites that are seeking a simple, but clean design. 

This theme comes with a variety of polished and minimal design features. It’s an excellent choice for blogs that want to focus on content. It is easy to use, easily customizable, and completely mobile responsive.


16. Sydney

Sydney is a powerful business-oriented WordPress theme that provides a fast way for small companies or freelancers to create an awesome online presence.

This free WordPress theme is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder, Sydney brings plenty of customization options like integration with all Google Fonts, full-color control, layout control, logo upload, full-screen slider, header image, sticky navigation and much more.

In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, Sydney also provides all the construction blocks you need to rapidly create an engaging front page without having too many difficulties.


17. OnePress

OnePress is an outstanding creative and flexible WordPress one-page theme that works perfectly for small businesses websites, portfolio, digital agency, freelancers and anyone who wants to have a blog with a nice and elegant design.

Just like some other themes included in our best free WordPress themes list, this theme combines an elegant and classic design with the latest version of WooCommerce, making it very easy if you want to start an online store.

OnePress is 100% mobile responsive and adapts to several devices and screen sizes like Desktop, laptops, tablets & smartphones. It’s also fully optimized for SEO in order to help you stand out from the crowd.


18. ShopIsle

ShopIsle is a perfect free WordPress theme for WooCommerce sites. Thanks to its flexibility this theme can also be used for a one-page business website, it integrates a fullscreen image, parallax effect, it provides a responsive blog section and is eCommerce ready.

ShopIsle features a simple, minimal and elegant blog style which will work perfectly for a fashion blog, electronics and almost any type of online store.

ShopIsle has a mobile responsive design, social links, and it’s a translation ready WordPress theme. It also provides an easy contact form to help your visitors stay in touch with you all the time.


19. ColorMag

Colormag is a beautiful free theme that works perfectly for online magazines and newspapers, it integrates modern look and well-organized content with social links, ad spaces, colorful tags, widgets, and featured sliders.

You can use it for a general website or niche topics and you’ll have all it takes to promote your site. You can also use ColorMag for a blog if you plan to take your current blog to another level.

ColorMag is a perfect mobile responsive Free WordPress theme. Best suitable for news blogs, newspaper, magazine, publishing, business blogs and any kind of sites.


20. Astrid

Astrid is a WordPress theme mainly oriented to business blogs. It’s very easy to set up and it also integrates a very modern design. You can, literally, have your site up and running in just 5 minutes.

This theme also includes many features; Google fonts included, color options, full-width header, customizable widgets, blog options, and much more.

Although it’s a Free WordPress theme, Astrid also comes with a unique approach to page-building. Astrid also includes WooCommerce support, a mobile responsive design, and is translation ready.


21. Customify

Customify is mobile responsive multipurpose WordPress theme mainly designed putting emphasis on SEO, loading speed, and functionality. This theme is compatible with the most popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, Divi, Visual Composer, etc.

Taking advantage of the Header & Footer builder, you can build any type of websites like online shop, business agency, corporate, portfolio, education, university portal, consulting, church, restaurant, medical and so on.

This free WordPress theme is also compatible with all well-coded WordPress plugins, including major ones like WooCommerce, Yoast, BuddyPress, bbPress, etc.

Free download 

22. Flash

Flash is a mobile responsive and multipurpose free WordPress theme. It is a truly versatile theme perfect for any type of personal blog website you want.

The theme comes with multiple pre-built demos which can be imported in just a matter of seconds using ThemeGrill Demo Importer Plugin. Additionally, this free theme offers multiple blog layouts, WooCommerce support, multiple header styles, color options, etc.

Flash is one of the most popular free WordPress themes for 2018 at, with more than 20,000 WordPress sites currently using this multipurpose theme.

Free download 

23. Anariel Lite

Anariel is a modern WordPress Fashion Blog for Bloggers who like minimalism. This free WordPress theme is 100% mobile responsive and is also retina ready. It will look simply amazing on any type of device, either it’s a mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Anariel is a great Theme for anyone starting with their own blog, especially if it’s a personal blog, fashion blog or photography blog.

Anariel also offers a premium version on top of their standout free WordPress blog theme, this allows you to start your blogging journey without having to pay for a premium them, and later on, upgrade as you need some other premium features.

Free download 

24. SimpleShift

SimpleShift is a one page WordPress theme that offers wonderful features that you would mostly find in a premium theme. This free WordPress theme integrates a scrolling one-page menu, parallax effect, and business class quality code.

SimpleShift is fully compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress so that you can create your online store in matters of minutes and start selling your products immediately.

The theme is fully optimized for SEO in order to help you easily rank over many others. Besides all this, you’ll also be able to choose from an unlimited number of color options.

Free download 

25. Everly Lite

Everly Lite is a Free WordPress theme with a modern and minimalist design, it is also a standout free WordPress blog theme that focus is on your content first and foremost.

Everly truly focuses on highlighting what your readers want the most, great content. This theme is perfect for photographers, as they can create beautiful galleries to show their best work, with no coding knowledge required.

This theme comes with both sidebar layout and full-width layout. Both of them also include featured posts or about us blocks under the menu, which basically means that you have 4 available layouts to choose from.

Free download 

26. Ragnar Lite

Ragnar is a WordPress Blog Theme that has been specially built for personal blogs, magazines, and creative websites looking for a clean and minimalist design.

Ragnar comes out of the box with a selection of 6 different layouts for your blog and homepage. You can select your blog layouts with sidebars, or full-width layouts, both layouts include featured posts and about widgets within the navigation menu.

The overall design of this free WordPress theme follows the latest industry trends, making Ragnar Theme a great choice if you plan to give your readers a smooth content consumption experience.

Free download 

27. ReviewZine

ReviewZine is a modern and clean free WordPress theme specially designed for tech magazines, news blogs, and newspaper websites, fashion blogs, or photography.

ReviewZine is fully responsive, minimalist, and SEO friendly. It’s also retina ready and includes social links. One particular feature I like about this theme is that it comes with Google AdSense banners, so it’s really good for those who want to monetize their site with display ads.

It also integrates a magazine homepage template, custom backgrounds, filtered categories, tags, boxed layout, and a live customizer.

Free download 

28. Elara

Elara is a beautiful, featured packed, simple blogging theme. It is mostly designed for food blogs or fashion blogs, but it can also be used for wide a variety of purposes.

Elara comes with a very nice front page that features multiple sidebar positions (top or bottom), a banner or a posts slider, featured categories, and a featured post. You also have the option of hiding the banner/slider completely.

This beautiful WordPress theme, despite being a free WordPress theme and not a premium one, comes with a special category template, a full-width page template, sidebar positions, and video format posts.

The theme also comes with social media icons, as well as Instagram feed integration. You also get several widget locations, such as two special full-width widgets on the front page, sidebar widgets, header, and footer widgets.

Free download 

29. Parallax One

Parallax One is a simple and elegant WordPress theme that can be used for any blog or website. It comes with very a clean, beautiful look, and an incredible parallax header.

Despite being a free one, indeed, one of my best of best free WordPress Themes, it’s a professional, multipurpose design theme, made to fit any kind of online business.

The theme has a super classy aspect due to the parallax effect, as the name itself suggests. Overall, Parallax One has a modern and elegant appearance. On top of that, it can also be used as both a multi-page and one-page theme.

The theme is mobile responsive, widget-ready, it comes with WooCommerce integration, custom logo support, customizable menus, multiple color schemes, social icons, parallax header, easy contact form, pricing tables, custom post types, and a very elegant appearance.

Free download 

30. FlyMag

FlyMag is a fully responsive magazine theme with a modern look. This free WordPress theme integrates more than 600 Google Fonts, it also provides multiple color options for many of the theme elements.

With this WordPress theme, you can easily build a front page magazine-layout using the built-in widgets specifically designed for this specific purpose.

Despite being a free theme, FlyMag includes with several post formats, such as image sliders, videos, gallery-like posts, photography, and lots of other multimedia stuff.

The theme allows you to embed any type of videos on your website and, at the same time, you can use embedded videos as widgets on your sidebar or any other widget area.

Free download 

31. Schema Lite

Schema Lite is an ultra-SEO friendly, and fast loading Free WordPress theme that integrates rich snippets in order to help search engines identify all parts of your site and rank you better.

This theme is fully responsive and comes equipped with unlimited color options and a minimal design. Schema Lite is AdSense optimized so that you can skyrocket your revenues in no time.

Schema Lite is a 100% FREE WordPress theme, definitely worth to be considered one of the best free themes. It is highly flexible and fit for use in multiple projects.

Free download 

32. Nisarg

Nisarg is a fully responsive and translation ready free WordPress theme that allows you to create incredible blogs and websites. Its design is well suited for travel blogs, photography, recipe, design, art, personal and any other creative websites and blogs.

The theme is developed using Bootstrap 3 that makes it mobile and tablet friendly. It also offers multiple options in WordPress Customizer to change the look of the theme.

The theme customizer can be used to add your own header image with flexible height, background image, to set a background color, header text color, and accent color.

Free download 

33. Panoramic

Panoramic is a fully responsive WordPress theme with a homepage slider that’s very easy to customize and offers 5-star support to its users. The design features make you feel like this is a premium theme, and you get many theme options to help you create different types of sites from a blog to a fully functional online eCommerce store.

With this theme, you can easily build beautiful page layouts without needing any coding knowledge. Panoramic also integrates perfectly with most of the popular free plugins such as SiteOrigin’s Page Builder, WPForms, and WooCommerce.

Free download 

34. Wisteria

Wisteria is a clean, charming, modern blog and magazine WordPress theme. It has a mobile responsive layout with clean, simple and content focused design along with straightforward functionality.

Wisteria is a perfect WordPress theme for you to start sharing your valuable content and creativity with the rest of the world.

Despite being a free theme, Wisteria is optimized for speed and bundled with smart theme options. Wisteria is ideal for travel, news, personal, food or any other niche with the right theme options.

Free download 

35. Ribosome

Ribosome is a simple and light free WordPress theme with a clear and neat design. It comes with great features such as header image or logo, custom theme colors, right or left sidebar, main menu on the left or centered, six different, thumbnails rounded or squared, two widgets areas, related posts, customization panel, custom background and more.

Ribosome’s clean and modern design gives it an aesthetic feel, allowing you to showcase your content in a contemporary timeless style. Make your post stand out and focus on your content.

Free download 

36. Polmo Lite

Polmo Lite is a Multipurpose, One Page Free WordPress Theme designed for business blogs, agencies, corporate websites, personal blogs, parallax business, Portfolio, and freelancer’s Website.

This Theme uses a powerful front-end framework named Twitter Bootstrap. It’s a fully Responsive WordPress Theme with clean, modern and simple Design. Polmo Lite is also Retina Ready and SEO Friendly.

Polmo comes packaged with page builder, it helps you to create any page via drag and drop elements. It provides you with a great panel of options and a fully integrated with WordPress Customizer.

Free download 

37. Poseidon

Poseidon is an elegantly designed WordPress theme that integrates a very dynamic fullscreen image slideshow. The clean typography and spacious white layout make this free WordPress theme a great choice to share your stories.

This theme is also 100% responsive, which ensures that your site will look perfectly ok on any device or screen size. Poseidon uses an awesome customizer for all settings and also comes with its own theme options panel.

Poseidon offers users the ability to customize the homepage area by making use of widgets, which otherwise can be a very tedious task to accomplish.

Free download 

38. Maxwell

Maxwell is an elegant free WordPress theme that integrates an ultra clean magazine layout and mobile responsive design, which will help you ensure that your website looks great on any device or screen size.

With Maxwell, you can quickly create a flexible magazine-styled home page in just a matter of a few minutes. It also includes beautiful typography, several different post layouts, and a gorgeous featured posts slideshow.

This theme is very suitable for any type of website. It has a beautiful structure and offers many different flexible and modern functions.

Free download 

39. Writee

Writee is a very flexible free WordPress theme, it’s well suited for personal blogs, food blogs, travel, fashion, corporate website, or any other type of blog/website.

Writee is 100% mobile responsive and SEO optimized. This definitely is one of the best free WordPress themes available. It has been specially designed for writers, authors, bloggers, and journalists.

Also, it offers outstanding header styles options, unlimited slider options, custom widgets, and multiple pagination options. Moreover, it comes with author details box and blog layout width adjustment option.


Free download 

40. SiteOrigin Unwind

Unwind is a modern WordPress theme specially designed for creators. It comes with an integrated posts slider and a clean typography that make this theme a perfect choice for bloggers.

Unwind also comes with complete WooCommerce integration which is a feature that you would usually find, exclusively in premium themes. The theme offers four header layouts and five blog layouts, which makes it very easy to create a unique look for your brand.

Unwind is fully responsive and SEO ready, it also features a bold full-screen search, smooth back to top button and it’s compatible with all of the popular plugins like Jetpack, Infinite Scroll and Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

Free download 

41. Lovecraft

Lovecraft is a beautiful two-column free theme for bloggers. It features a fully responsive design, awsome typography, a full-width header image, custom accent color support, custom logo support, editor style support, and a full-width template.

This free WordPress theme offers a fully responsive design that adjusts to any device. Your visitors will get a good-looking website on all screen sizes from smartphones through tablets to a desktop computer.

Jetpack support is included for the Infinite Scroll function. You can also use Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries feature to display posts in a beautiful masonry grid. This theme is one of the most beautiful and professional free WordPress themes.

Free download 

42. Hiero

Hiero is an awesome magazine WordPress theme that features bold colors and details to make your content the main area of focus. The theme also includes a fully responsive layout, post thumbnails support, threaded comments and more.

This is a free WordPress theme with a minimalist design, it also includes a panel of options that allow you to easily manage & customize your website without having to touch a single line of code.

The theme also offers customizable widgets to organize and present your dynamic content to your visitors in an interactive way. You can also use specific shortcodes to easily create layout objects with just a couple of clicks.

Free download 

43. Ignite

Ignite is a fully responsive WordPress theme specially designed for any type of personal or business blog. This theme comes in with a modern and minimalist design that looks equally great on any type of devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Despite being a free WordPress theme, Ignite comes equipped with some outstanding features that you would usually find only on premium themes; custom logo, social media icons, left- and right-sidebar layouts, custom background colors, and many additional display options.

This is one of the best free WordPress themes for news blogs, food blogs, music, fashion, or travel blog. Ignite is also WooCommerce compatible, which allows you to easily set up an eCommerce store.

Free download 

44. Tecblogger

Tec-Blogger is a dynamic and fully responsive free WordPress theme specifically designed for blogs. It is suitable for a wide variety of blog niches such as personal blog, fashion blogs, photography, travel blog, sports etc.

It also offers a colorful and clear look built with following latest design trends and using advanced development frameworks. Tec-Blogger theme is very flexible and super easy to use. It comes with a lot of features and customizable widgets.

Free download 

45. Responsive Mobile

Responsive Mobile, as its name may suggest, is a 100% mobile responsive WordPress theme, it comes with the mobile-first grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices, desktop or any other type of device.

I would say this is definitely one of the best free WordPress themes that I would consider first, I have to start a brand new blog from scratch, and I don’t have the funds to get a premium theme.

This theme comes with 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions, Call-Out Section with a Call To Action Button, Custom fonts and Custom background image and more.

Free download 

46. Magbook

Magbook is a flexible and beautiful WordPress theme exclusively created for news blogs, magazine websites, personal Blog or affiliated sites. It is fully responsive and also includes amazing features such as 1-click website demos and lifetime free updates.

This free WordPress theme can be used for any type of blog or website. It comes with demo content that you can use to get your own site set up, just need to use the one click demo import plugin.

Magbook has many unique features such as different Layouts to choose from, Sticky Navigation, popular plugins integrated ( Woocommerce, bbPress, Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Jetpack by, Polylang Contact form 7, and many more).


Free download 


Starting a blog or online business can be difficult when you don't have the right tools. These 46 themes will get you off to a good start.

These themes are not only free but they also come with all the features that are needed to build a professional-looking website. Whether it’s for your company or if you want to start your own blog, these themes will give you what you need and more!

Themes play an important role in creating a functional website that is both aesthetically pleasing and intuitive for viewers. Choosing the right theme is key to ensuring that your site is set up correctly and provides an engaging experience for those who visit it. By browsing through these 46 best free WordPress themes, you can find one that suits your needs best.

And, that’s it for now!
I hope you really like this article and if you like any of the themes I’ve featured here, definitely leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think about these themes.

Also, don’t forget to share this article. I’d really appreciate that! 😉


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