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5 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog A Business

Blogging  usually starts as a fun-filled venture but later surmounts into a powerful income-generating tool.

Experienced bloggers often make enough to quit their day job permanently.

A popular misnomer with earning through blogging is that it is some scam scheme that incurs considerable investment with little output in return.

The truth is that blogging is certainly no get-rich-quick scheme, yet with dedicated effort and some time, it is quite possible to keep the graph of profits exponential.

Before understanding the 5 simple tips to make your blog a business, it is important to keep one thing in mind, i.e the ‘audience factor’.

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog A Business

Define the Audience: to make your blog a business

Before diving headlong into any blogging venture, it is essential to assess the situation and prioritize the full ambit of goals that one would like to accomplish.

Goals are synonymous with success and success comes from tapping into the right target audience. By knowing the hopes, mentality and tendencies of the target audience, one can create perfect content and design an impressionable blog.

To start off with blogging, it is best to start with the basics.

Assuming that the blog will drive all kinds of traffic, both the tech-savvy ones and the complete novices, it is important to outline simple terms first that cater to the interest or product at hand.

The best sort of blogs are concise, informative and easy to understand. Readability ranks above sophistication always.

Once the audience has been defined, one must determine the recce for creating the blogs. It is quite possible to write content that vividly explain services and product or create humorous blogs that solely hold an entertainment value.

Here Are The 5 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog A Business:

 Here are the top simple tips for making your blog a business.

#1. Placing Advertisements On Blog Pages

Basically the foolproof success mantra of blogging is finding a suitable niche.

Following this, one must post unique content frequently and employ few effective ways to promote the blog. This is guaranteed to build up readership.

Inserting advertisements into the blogs is a sure shot way of generating passive income.

Ads may be either text links or grand banner ads.

One can easily tap into the available advertising options through pay-per-post, pay-per-click as well as online affiliate plans. Google AdSense, eBay Affiliates and Amazon Associates are among the many advertising plans available to the bloggers at present.

These ad services are a boon to fresh bloggers who are keen on selling some ad space quickly.

Basically, these services pay them each time the user clicks on their ad. Although the pay per click is no more than a few pennies or a single dollar, it is nevertheless a good start. Depending on the nature of ad, the payment may even notch up by a sizable margin.

Established blogs usually attract ads that pay more.

Additionally, it is also possible to rent out ad space to companies. The latter pays the blogger a particular amount every month to promote their ad.

The amount a blogger can command depends upon the traffic that the blog generates and its annual conversion rates. This is considered to be a more reliable way of making money through ads as bloggers get a guaranteed paycheck from the companies when they deal with them directly.

#2. Using Affiliate Ads To Sell Products From Blogs

Many companies to the likes of Amazon have introduced affiliate advertisements. These allow bloggers to list products of various companies on their page and earn commission for all sales touted through their site.

Selling products from blogs via affiliate programs have umpteen perks.

For one, the blogger need not go through the hassle of retailing any products or taking responsibility of their shipping and payment. Instead, the blogger is simply rewarded by a commission for every product that is sold through referral links highlighted in their blogs.

Additionally, it is also possible for them to provide replete descriptions of a variety of items that lie within the purview of the blogger’s unique niche.

This comes with double benefits:

The blogger can establish several affiliate links with several companies to obtain decent profits.

And secondly, they can direct the reader’s attention to their own services or products that offer similar or better features than the ones listed through referral links.

A nice way to begin would be by signing up on a reputed affiliate directory, that acts as the platform for numerous online merchants to post their advertisement opportunities.

Bloggers can review these and apply to any one to host the ad on their blog. This is where the catch comes. Most advertisers restrict themselves to old blogs that see a decent rush of traffic each day.

As a first-time blogger, one can do as much as researching the affiliate directory thoroughly to land up with the right program that is high on both, payment and value.

#3. Posting Product Or Service Reviews On Blogs

Among 5 simple tips to make your blog a business, one great tip is to write posts on product in exchange for payment.

The internet is brimming with websites that connect bloggers with companies that would love to get their products or services, a glimpse of the online world.

This is simply because the majority of individuals fervently search for product reviews on the internet before proceeding to buy it.

Thus, those products that are quite famed online ( for the good reasons that is) are likely to be more sought after than the ones that are not.

However, publishing paid posts, better known as sponsored reviews on blogs can be very much like treading on the line of fire. This is because Google does not really look upon them with a favorable eye and it may even penalize bloggers who resort to publishing them.

Additionally, sponsored reviews irrelevant with the blog’s niche can actually drive away the readers.

One way of combating the negatives of paid reviews is by publishing them safely and in line with the existing codes.

This can be done by disclosing the sponsored reviews as fully paid posts and using “NoFollow” tags embedded within the HTML of the blogs’ links. This will help those posts in escaping the scrutinizing eyes of Google successfully.

#4. Selling One’s Own Products And Services On Blogs

By this time, it may be clear that effective marketing is the key to successful blogging.

So what better way to benefit from marketing than by selling one’s own products! Although this tip provides better results only when the blog has become established enough to brag of a loyal reader base, it is nevertheless an effective and innovative one.

Blogs can be used to sell the blogger’s products just as effectively as others’ products. One can sell anything, ranging from used electronics to waste scrap,by tapping into the power of precise posts.

Furthermore the latter can also act as a platform to describe the products, encourage reviews or feedback and even answer questions.

The ultimate effect is the same: tremendous sales.

Reputed blogging platforms do a splendid job of designing blogs that are ready to use and more aesthetic than websites that are built from scrap. The blogs that they make offer a friendly, lively and casual shopping portal to push sales.

The reason why this tip among the 5 simple tips to make your blog a business, is likely to be a hit is because people usually prefer buying online nowadays.

So considering that all other things are taken care of, like SEO rankings and content relevance, the blog is likely to notch up sales like never before. Moreover, by using one’s own blogs to sell items, bloggers need not shell out extra fees that other shopping portals charge.

#5. Using Blogs To Promote One’s Own Business

Finally, this tip discusses how to use blogs to promote an existing business. For example, several freelance writers maintain blogs to reach out to other freelance writers, and ultimately network with clients by providing sound advice and helping them improve the SEO ranking of their websites.

Other small businesses like insurance agencies to cleaning firms also keep blogs to create some online buzz, establish themselves like creditable experts and even provide some real-time information to web-surfers.

The perks of blogging for business are endless:

To start with, it boosts up one’s brick-and-mortar office revenues, fuels one’s creative interests and even saves time.

Financial surveys indicate that small businesses who maintain an established presence online acquire up to 127% more leads arising from prospective new clients than their rivals.

Indeed, blogs have a way with traffic. The silent power of words is not to be underestimated, as well-written blogs go a long way in pumping up the SEO, driving organic traffic to the business website and keeping potential clients engaged.


These 5 simple tips to make your blog a business are easy to employ for beginners and experts alike.

Amid millions of websites vying for top rankings and better traffic on the internet, it may seem like a rat’s race at first to generate something that can be called an income. Yet, the key is to carve out a specific niche and design all the marketing strategies around it.

It may be encouraging to remember that there is a blog for every business and a business for every blog.

What tip out of these would be suitable to you? Please share this article if you love it.


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