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Best WordPress Hosting For Asia – Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you are looking for Best WordPress Hosting For Asia then you are at the right place. Undoubtedly, this article will help you to fulfill your concerns.

As we all know, Asia is a great continent to live and to grow the business. Moreover, you don’t need to spend more while living here.

Therefore, we will discuss the hosts that are providing services in Asia. Moreover, it will help to take a brief look at these hosting companies.

However, these hosting companies are located in the U.S but have data centers in Asia as well.

Best WordPress Hosting For Asia
Best WordPress Hosting For Asia

Best WordPress Hosting For Asia

Undoubtedly, a lot of companies are growing rapidly in Asia. Moreover, Asia is becoming a great place for beginners to start up their businesses. Also, A lot of Best WordPress Hosting companies available in Asia giving their hosting services worldwide.

So, you will love to know about these companies and their services. However, these companies are not popular in other regions because of the lack of marketing.

1- Eleven2: 4 Data Centers

It is one of the leading hosting providers for Asia. Moreover, Eleven2 is not overselling their services. On the other hand, it has 4 data centers in multiple regions.

No wonder, other hosts also have multiple data centers. However, Eleven2 allows you to choose the nearest and desired data center.


Multiple data centers

By allowing the users to choose the desired host, they can get more facilities. Moreover, the nearest center allows for the better performance of the site to get Best WordPress Hosting For Asia.

Advanced Hardware:

Eleven2 is using advanced and improved hardware to facilitate more than 100,000 websites. Moreover, it is not making all the load in the same center. That’s why the users don’t trouble with speed challenges.

So, the users don’t need to put all the resources on the same server. That’s why it offers the Best Managed WordPress Hosting services.

Eleven2 offers the 30-45 days refund policies.

Pricing Plans

Eleven2 offers three hosting plans to get the best WordPress hosting for Asia. So, the starting price of plans is $4.95 per month. Moreover, you can host more than 10 sites with one plan.

Free SSL certificate

Meanwhile, Eleven2 offers free SSL certificates and IP addresses. However, the cost of dedicated IP addresses is $15-30 per month.


  1. Offers 60-day trial.
  2. Reasonable packages and plans.
  3. Great hosting services.


  • Restrictions for site’s files.
  • Continous downtime.
  • Needs improvement in the support system.

2- HostSG: $6 per month

It is a small scale hosting provider. Moreover, it offers the same services just like Hostinger. So, HostSG provides the same configuration services at reasonable prices.

Additionally, it is the first hosting company of Singapore to offer the Best WordPress Hosting For Asia. Moreover, HostSG has its IP address and registry for the Asia region.


Business Hosting:

HostSG offers business hosting services. So, the employees and the clients can focus on their business needs. Moreover, it has three types of servers to tackle business requirements.

Fortunately, HostSG provides premium business hosting services without any additional cost.

VPS Hosting:

In this plan, customers can manage the services by themselves. Moreover, it offers Plesk and fully configured Cpanel.

  • Easy to use
  • 100% uptime guaranteed


  1. No setup charges.
  2. Offers the LINUX support.
  3. Security tools for spam detection and blocking.
  4. Automatic daily backups and recoveries.


  • Limitation on the support system.

3- Site5: $4.95 per month

This one is based in the U.S. however, Site5 is also offering services in Asia. So, you can get the Best WordPress Hosting For Asia.

Besides, this host offering the services for more than 18 locations. However, it is one of the fewest companies that are providing the SLA for the clients.

Therefore, it will not be a wrong decision to trust the Site5 for hosting services.


  • 99% uptime.
  • Starting price for plans is $4.95 per month.
  • You can Pickup the desired location.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • Offers cloud hosting for $20 per month.
  • Dedicated IP addresses.
  • Improved redundancy.


  1. Environment-friendly hosting.
  2. Suitable for eCommerce sites.
  3. 30 days trial.
  4. Free site migration.
  5. The free domain name for 12 months.


  • Unable to meet the deadlines.
  • Extra billing for unlimited services.

4- VPS.NET: $20 per month

It is the UK based hosting company to offer the Best WordPress Hosting For Asia. Moreover, VPS.NET has 20 locations for data centers. So, you can choose the nearest one.

Therefore, it is a great and suitable choice for the Asia region. Most probably, you would love their services. Yes, it’s true, VPS.NET offering great services.

For this, VPS.NET offers three packages with multiple services. Moreover, you can choose different plans and services whenever you are needed.

Additionally, it offers 12GHZ and 200GB storage for a large plan or package. So, in case of more traffic at the site, you can change the limitations. furthermore, you can get all these services at $416 per month.

Undoubtedly, these are a little more expensive but you can get more in return for customer satisfaction.


  • Flexible hosting services.
  • Affordable VPS hosting.
  • Automatic scaling of the services.
  • Plans start from $20 per month.
  • Adding of additional VPS nodes.


  1. Fast response.
  2. Reliable services.
  3. User-friendly interface.


  • Non-technical staff members for the support system.

Which one is a good choice to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Asia?

All the mentioned above hosts are top-notch services providers. however, you need to select one for your specific region. Moreover, it based on your site’s needs and requirements.

Therefore, according to this article, “Site5” is the best choice to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Asia. No doubt, all the providers are working great in multiple regions.

But Site5 is a suitable and affordable option for Asian rising companies. The main reason is, Site5 offering excellent uptime 99.99% that is necessary. Moreover, it is essential to attract more audience and traffic.

Consequently, you can select other provided host as well. Because it all depends on your site’s and region specifications.


No doubt, multiple hosting companies in Asia are offering great services. Moreover, you can host WordPress from any region and platform. But it is essential to make the right choice.

So, you can use the other presenting companies providers as well to get the hosting services. Moreover, it will help to make the right decision through a complete comparison.


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