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Best WordPress Hosting For Australia - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Before choosing WordPress for your sites, you need to understand the requirements of sites. For this, you need to choose a specialized WordPress host instead of a Web host.

Moreover, for the Fastest WordPress Hosting Australia, you need to keep in mind the managed hosting. Because it is necessary to offer the highest level of services. Undoubtedly, multiple companies are offering dedicated WordPress hosting services. But you cannot rely on the same host for all the services.

Therefore, if you are running a small business then a shared hosting plan is enough for that. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend more on dedicated and VPS hosting plans.

Best WordPress Hosting For Australia
Best WordPress Hosting For Australia

Best WordPress Hosting For Australia

In this article, we will talk about the hosting providers for Australia. Additionally, a detailed comparison will help to choose the right host for your site. Or you can find the Overall Best WordPress hostings 2021 which is suitable for every business.

So, these detailed features and reviews on each host will help you to determine the right host. Moreover, you can choose more than one host for multiple sites.

1- SiteGround: $4.95 per month

It is all in one hosting solution for multiple sites. Moreover, SiteGround has an official recommendation for WordPress hosting services.

So, you can easily work on the sites with the help of SiteGround. As it offers the 1CLICK installation for multiple applications. Moreover, it is suitable to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Australia.


  • Free SSL certificate.
  • SSD drives and free storage.
  • Automatic backups and recoveries.
  • 24/7 customers support.
  • Excellent uptime.
  • Pricing plans start from $4.95.


  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Advanced security.
  3. Official endorsement for WordPress.
  4. Managed caching for improved speed.
  5. 30 days refund policy.


  • Limited storage.
  • Restriction over data usage strategies.

2- WPHosting: $19 per month

It offers high-quality hosting services for WordPress sites and businesses. Moreover, WPHosting is mainly offering services in Australia.

So, you can get all the reliable services within all plans and packages. Furthermore, WPHosting provides automatic backups and security from spam.

Meanwhile, it offering the DDOS to save the sites from stacks. So, you can get the Best WordPress Hosting For Australia.


  1. Offers optimized WordPress hosting.
  2. 1CLICK installation.
  3. Free domain for all plans.
  4. Automatically Up-grading of WordPress.
  5. Firewall for advanced protection.


  • Best for WordPress hosting.


  • Not suitable for small scale business.
  • Only best for WordPress sites.

3- HostGator: budget-friendly option

It is a great WordPress hosting solution for small scale sites. Moreover, HostGator is suitable for large and growing businesses.

So, you can rely on it to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Australia. However, it is not as powerful as compared to other providers.

But if we look at rates and quality of services then it is a reasonable solution.


CDN: HostGator offers the CDN and cloud flare for the users especially if you are living in Australia. So, you can load the sites easily. Moreover, you can use it for small scale and multiple projects.

For this, you don’t need to invest more in premium services.

Pricing plans: HostGator offers budget-friendly pricing plans for all clients. Moreover, the starting price for the plan is $2,75 per, it is a suitable option to get the Best WordPress hosting For Australia.

Support System: Undoubtedly, HostGator offers a professional and high-quality support system for the clients. So, you can contact the team members through live chats and phone calls.


  1. Offers experienced services.
  2. Less expensive plans.
  3. Limitless disk space for storage.


  • Low response speed/ load time.
  • Upsells expectations.

4- Panthur: A local Web Host

It was originally from Australia and still have their servers there. So, Panthur is a great parenting host for Australian companies. Furthermore, it offers great pricing plans for clients.

So, they can get the Best WordPress Hosting For Australia.  Additionally, the pricing plans are highly affordable for local sites and businesses.

However, in the case of another region, you will require a CDN. Unfortunately, Panthur doesn’t have any data center.


  • Free domain names.
  • Management for email accounts.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • 1CLICK installation.


  1. Cloud flare and CDN for improved performance.
  2. Magento for the site’s boosting.
  3. 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • You need to get CDN for other regions.

5- HostGeek: $13.75 per month

It is another Australian host designed to offer hosting services. However, HostGeek has data centers in Australia and Singapore. So, it is a reliable option as compared to others.

Furthermore, HostGeek offering digital marketing services for the sites. So, the businesses can grow more by fulfilling the business needs.

Moreover, it is suitable to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Australia as it offers multiple plans.


  • HostGeek offers the reseller, VPS, dedicated and shared hosting plans.
  • Special plans for WordPress hosting.
  • Offers services for Magneto and Joomla.


  1. All in one solution.
  2. Owned by Australia.


  • Limited storage space.
  • High charges for limited features.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Which one is best to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Australia?

Undoubtedly, all the mentioned hosts are providing great services. But we are talking about Australia. Therefore, we need to keep in mind the region.

So, “Panther” is a great and reliable source to get the hosting services in Australia. Moreover, you can rely on HostGeek as well. Because it is also originated in Australia.

Meanwhile, the cost of HostGeek is much more as compared to the provided services. Therefore, Panther is the best. Moreover, it is offering the facility of CDN connectivity.

So, if you are from another region you can get the services through CDN. Additionally, you can make decisions based on your site’s needs and requirements.


Above all, WordPress is growing and exploring all around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the need for the right host for the sites. So, you can grow your online business in a better direction.

Moreover, the needs and the requirements of all the sites are different. So, it will be the wrong decision to select the same host for all the businesses.

For this, these guidelines mentioned in the article will help you to choose the right host. Moreover, it will help to understand all the considerations for the better selection of a host.


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