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Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners – Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you are a beginner and aspire to create a beautiful website, you should choose the Best WordPress Hosting for beginners

As we all know, WordPress is the most popular platform to build sites worldwide. So, if you want to choose the host for your WordPress site then this article will guide you.

Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners – Reviews & Buyers Guide

But before selecting a host, you need to consider the value and reliability of the providers. moreover, it will help to overwhelm the sites for the clients.

However, the beginners can’t invest much more in hosting services. Therefore, try to choose a cheap host with high quality.


Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners (4 Top options)

Undoubtedly, Best WordPress Hosting will help to select the desired host after complete consideration. Moreover, these plans will help the beginners to build their sites based on priorities.

Although, hosting providers have optimized services to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners. So, you need to look for a reliable and great uptime host for your sites.

Consider the size of your site and how quickly you want it to load, as this will influence which of the various host options you choose, such as shared hosting, a dedicated server, or a virtual private server. 

Moreover, you can choose the plans whether for shared hosting or dedicated hosting after the complete determination. However, determine the size and traffic load at your sites before choosing the host.

1. BlueHost: Cost-effective option

It offers the best hosting for wordpress e-commerce. Moreover, the plans of BlueHost are affordable and reliable for individuals and professionals.

Therefore, it is the cheapest option to get WordPress hosting (Bluehost Review. However, BlueHost does not offer monthly services or packages. So, you need to buy the annual packages. 

But money-back guarantee makes it invoking to buy these services.

BlueHost Features:

  • 1CLICK WordPress Installer: BlueHost offers the 1CLICK installation for WordPress. So, a beginner, as well as a professional, can perform it easily.
  • Customer Support: The technical team members of BlueHost offers great customers support. So, you can contact them through live chats and phone. 
  • Uptime and Load Speed: Undoubtedly, BlueHost is offering an excellent 99.99% uptime. Moreover, the loading speed of the host is 2.13s in the USA. On the other hand, it has the official endorsement by WordPress to offer the Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners.


  • Cheap basic plans
  • Excellent uptime and response rate
  • Unlimited bandwidth with great storage


  • No free site migration
  • High renewal cost


2. WP Engine: Managed Hosting Services

Similarly, the WP engine offers the three hosting plans. Moreover, it provides the 1CLICK installation for WordPress applications. Therefore, it is a good choice for entry-level sites.

So, as a beginner, you can choose it to get the best hosting for wordpress conversion.

WP Engine Features:

  • Plans and packages: WP Engine plans start from $22.50 per month. Moreover, it offers services for 1 website at a time. However, you can select other plans as well.
  • Uptime and Load speed: Surprisingly, the uptime of the WP engine is 100%. However, the response time is average. Because of the average response time of WP is 150ms that is not enough.
  • Customer Services: Overall, WP Engine offers good customer’s support services. Furthermore, the team members response the clients through calls and emails.


  • Managed services for WordPress hosting. 
  • 60-day trial. 
  • Excellent customers support. 
  • WordPress Optimized Servers. 
  • Free SSL and CDN. 
  • Solution Centre. 


  • Expensive as compared to competitors
  • Only offers WordPress services
  • Extra charges for exceeding storage. 

3. DreamHost: Official WordPress Endorsement

It offers the standard, basic and business hosting plans. So, you can choose the basic plans to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners.

Because the basic plan has enough resources to fulfil your requirements. Moreover, DreamHost offers great shared hosting services as compared to others.

DreamHost Features:

  • Pricing Plans: The starting price for the DreamHost plan is $3.95 per month for shared hosting. Moreover, it provides the services for unlimited websites within these prices.
  • Customer Support: DreamHost offers reliable and approachable customer support services. So, you can contact the system through phone calls and emails.
  • Uptime and response speed: Meanwhile, offering great services for the clients, DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime. Moreover, the response rate and load speed of the sites are 930ms.


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Free domain
  • 97-days refund policy
  • An optimized solution for WordPress


  • Gaps in Cpanel
  • The extra cost for dashboard features
  • Additional charges for premium services. 

4. GoDaddy: User-friendly option

It offers great hosting services with basic and affordable packages. So, GoDaddy is a reputed option to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners.

Furthermore, GoDaddy offers services without any trouble to the users. However, It’s all because of its intuitive Cpanel. So, clients can navigate things easily.

GoDaddy Features:

  • WordPress installer: GoDaddy offers the built-in installer for the WordPress applications. So, it is not difficult for a beginner to use it.
  • Pricing plans: it provides the three plans to get the Best WordPress Hosting. The price of a basic plan is $5.99 per month.
  • Customers Support: GoDaddy offers the ideal services for customers support. Moreover, the team members offer services through proper channels.
  • Uptime and load speed: It provides the 99.9% uptime for the sites to get the best hosting for large wordpress site. Furthermore, the load speed of GoDaddy is 9s that is good.


  • Free domain names for annual plans
  • A great website builder including WordPress
  • Proper scaling of resources
  • Backup and recovery services
  • 30-days refund policy


  • Limited services for chat support
  • Upselling expectations. 


Here is an overview of the top beginner-friendly, premium WordPress hosting companies and not to forget, our favorites😉. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is an answer to a question that was left to me by one of the subscribers of the viki-tech website. 

Which one is the good to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Beginners?

Undoubtedly, all the mentioned hosts are best to get the Best WordPress Hosting 2022. But we are talking about beginners. Therefore, we need to consider the cost factor as well as the quality of the host.

So, “DreamHost” and “BlueHost” are most suitable for beginners. Moreover, plans and packages are reasonable. Additionally, these both hosts have official recommendations by WordPress.

So, there is nothing the best option other than these two providers. however, if you have more resources and investment then you can choose other hosts as well.

But don’t compromise on the quality of the services.

What is best WordPress hosting for beginners? 

The best WordPress hosting for beginners is the one you will get to know if you read on to the last. If you are a WordPress user or plan to use WordPress for your website. You should pay more attention to the best web hosting and you should invest in web hosting designed for this platform.

I use WordPress to manage my blog and on some other sites and a lot of visitors read and interact with my content every month. Without the best WordPress web hosting and high content, you will not be able to provide a high performance experience.

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Hence, this article will help you to determine and select the host for your WordPress Sites. Moreover, a detailed comparison will help you to take a brief look at each host’s features.

So, you can make the decision based on comparison as well as on our suggestions.

Hope you like it, here is a list of 4 great hosting providers for your website. 


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