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Best WordPress Hosting For Developers – Buyer’s Guide

Currently, WordPress is one of the largest platforms for developers, designers, and eCommerce businesses. Moreover, it offers great CMS for all types of sites and businesses.

On the other hand, you can’t neglect the  Best WordPress Hosting For developers. As it is essential for development and design’s sites.

Therefore, we will help to choose the right WordPress hosting for your development sites. Moreover, it helps to focus on all considerations including price and cost.

No doubt, WordPress has great themes and plug-in for the creations of sites. But on the other hand, a host is required to handle the high traffic and audience towards the sites.

Best WordPress Hosting For Developers – Buyer’s Guide
WordPress Hosting For Developers

Best WordPress Hosting For Developers

As we all know, multiple hosts are providing WordPress specific services. moreover, it is necessary to improve and boost the performance of sites.

As the audience is the main concern for the success of any kind of site. Moreover, these hosts have all the great website’s creation features and tools.

So, you don’t need to install the separate plug-in for these services. For this, let’s talk in detail about the Fastest WordPress Hosting providers for the development sites.

1.  WP Engine: $20 per month

It helps for the fastest growth of your business and development. moreover, WP Engine offers a great platform for WordPress developers and designers.

So, you can get the Best WordPress Hosting For Developers through WP Engine. WP provides a great infrastructure for developers through scalability and reliability.


Reliable Services:

WP Engine is the greatest platform for WordPress developers and designers. Because it offers development services through complete scalability and security.

Moreover, WP offers paralleled workflows and integration of development sites. So, the workers can perform their tasks without any stress and through easy setup.


WP Engine has four plans and packages. It includes start-up, growth, scale and custom plans. Moreover, the price of a start-up plan is $20 per month.

I know, it’s expensive but a great source for all the development sites based on multiple facts. So, it will be a good decision to choose it to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Developers.

Better agility framework:

It offers remarkable services and experience through creativity and agility. Moreover, it helps to get better performance and integration of the systems and sites.

So, a developer can manage the set up easily and can personalize it effortlessly.

Expert Customers support:

WP Engine provides great and expert customer support. Moreover, it offers professional support to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Developers.


  1. Excellent uptime. 
  2. Automatic backups and recoveries. 
  3. Threat detection for better security. 
  4. The best cloud-based hosting for Amazon and Google. 


  • Limited support for initial plans. 
  • Does not offer emails. 
  • Domains are not available for selling.

2.  HostWinds: $3.29 per month. 

It is one of the greatest hosting providers for development sites. Moreover, HostWinds includes great tools and features for the creation of sites.

Therefore, it is one of the top choices to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Developers. Additionally, it offers VPS and resellers hosting plans with strong and particular features.



HostWinds offers reliable services with excellent uptime 99.99%. moreover, it provides this same uptime for all the discounted plans as well as renewal plans.


Surprisingly, HostWinds offer affordable and reasonable hosting plans. The starting price of the plan is $4.50 for the shared hosting plans.

However, this shared plan is enough for a small-scale business with high performance.

Support system:

HostWinds provides 24/7 customer support for the free site migration and any other transfer queries.


  1. Excellent uptime during testing. 
  2. Best reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting plans. 
  3. 8/10 customers support. 
  4. Offers the Minecraft hosting. 


  • All plans don’t offer the windows support. 

3.  DreamHost: Great website builder

It includes the outstanding features for WordPress and development sites. Moreover, it offers satisfactory services for professionals and beginners.

So, you can rely on it if you are a beginner’s developer as it offers the user’s friendly interface.



DreamHost offers the great WordPress hosting just for $2.59 per month. Moreover, it provides preconfigured and better-optimized services for WordPress.

Better security commitment:

Multi-factor authentication in DreamHost helps to provide the complete security of the sites. Moreover, it offers free SSL and SFTP for better encryption and security.


DreamHost provides the 100% uptime for the WordPress sites to offer the Best WordPress Hosting For Developers. Moreover, professional team members provide 24/7 customer support for reliable services.


  1. Excellent security. 
  2. Advanced domain-management tools. 
  3. Great cloud-based hosting services. 
  4. Unlimited bandwidth. 
  5. Money-back guarantee. 
  6. Excellent WordPress features. 


  • Does not offer windows-based server. 
  • Gaps in reseller hosting services. 
  • Does not provide phone support.

4. GoDaddy: A worthy platform for WordPress

Surprisingly, GoDaddy offers flexible services to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Developers. Moreover, it offers reliable tools and services for sites.


Plans and packages:

GoDaddy offers WordPress hosting for $6.99 per month. Moreover, it has a number of plans for web hosting and VPS hosting.

Additionally, GoDaddy provides email hosting services for business sites. So, if you want to get the email hosting then you need to pay $4.99 per month.

Uptime and reliability:

It offers great uptime for the WordPress sites. Moreover, GoDaddy provides real-time monitoring for the better security of the sites.


  1. Excellent support. 
  2. Windows and LINUX based server. 
  3. Email Hosting. 
  4. Managed hosting for WordPress. 


  • Does not offer cloud hosting. 
  • Skimp plans for Email hosting. 

How to choose a host to get the best WordPress hosting for developers?

While choosing a host for a development site, you need to consider the configuration and website creation’s tools of the hosts. Because if a host has reliable creation tools then it will help a lot to the developers.

Therefore, DreamHost and WP Engine are great sources to get the hosting services for developers. Because both platforms offer great tools for website creation.

So, it will be helpful for beginners as well as for professionals.


No doubt, development sites require better performance and great uptime. Therefore, there is a huge need to choose the right host for these sites.

For this, we have provided a detailed comparison of the hosts. So, you can get the guidance here for the selection of hosts.


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