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Best WordPress Hosting For Students – Reviews & Comaprison

Free Web Hosting For Students can be awesome. However, It is a difficult process to choose a WordPress or web host for the students. Especially, when you look for educational purposes.

Moreover, there is a need to focus on balanced factors for students as well as teachers. For this, the main focus is on budget. Luckily, you can get the detailed information of the host from this article.

In this article, we will provide a comparison of top best wordpress hosting providers to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Students. With the selection of the right host, you can run your educational sites easily.

Best WordPress Hosting For Students

Undoubtedly, the right host is an essential part of the educational site’s creation and operating. That’s why in this article, we will discuss the potential factors of hosting providers for educational blogs and sites.

We all know, hosts are the things that help to provide the public streaming of your sites. Therefore, to launch an educational portfolio or blogs you need to get the right host for it.

Moreover, choose a host that can fulfill your site’s and blog’s unique needs. So, let’s get started to compare.

1. CampusPress: WordPress-Based 

Of course, our main focus is on educational platforms. Therefore, CampusPress is a WordPress-based services provider for the students. Moreover, it is the best services provider to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Speed.

Additionally, it has basic settings of WordPress to offer educational services for teachers and students. So, the customers can use it in educational settings easily.

Furthermore, it offers a free domain for students. So, the students can maintain their portfolio and educational documents through unlimited bandwidth.

Moreover, CampusPress provides multi-sites creation for portfolios, blogs, and learning platforms.


  1. 24/7 excellent customers support
  2. Administrative attributes for educational purpose
  3. Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  4. Automatic backups and recoveries
  5. Higher scalability
  6. Affordable pricing plans according to educational organizations
  7. Offers the individual services


  • Excellent platform for students
  • Good response time and speed
  • Free storage and bandwidth


  1. Not so easy for beginners
  2. Promotional advertisements on the sites.

2. SiteGround: best for individual sites

It is a great platform for individuals and small-scale sites. Therefore, SiteGround is suitable to get the Best WordPress Hosting For students.

Because students require small plans and packages to manage their portfolios and blogs. So, they can get better plans at a low budget through SiteGround.

Additionally, they can get the basic plan at $1.99 per month that is reasonable and affordable. On the other hand, these packages include all the start-up features to fulfil the educational requirements.

Within this package, students can get 10GB storage with automatic daily backups and recoveries. Moreover, it offers free hosting for students’ blogs and educational projects.

That why it’s a suitable and best choice for educational websites and creativity courses. Fortunately, student plans are affordable for all the advanced features.

Moreover, if the students want to get the advanced features then they can get within $3.95 per month through SiteGround, You can check outour  SiteGround Reviews (2022). 


  1. Free email hosting with domain
  2. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  3. 24/7 customer support services
  4. Affordable pricing plans for small scale sites
  5. Excellent 99.99% uptime


  • Best for the small and student sites
  • Offers email hosting
  • Good response and speed
  • 1CLICK WordPress installation


  • Renewal charges are higher

3. BlueHost: Cloud Flare And CDN security

As the best hosting provider, BlueHost offers great support for WordPress sites and blogs. Moreover, students can choose the basic plans to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Students, You can check out our Bluehost Review

Furthermore, BlueHost offers several useful features for teachers as well as students. So, it is the best choice for advanced student site’s features.

Moreover, BlueHost hosting plans are highly reliable and scalable for all the student’s sites. Even though, on a small scale as well as large includes the following features.


  1. Cloud Flare and CDN for excellent security
  2. 24/customer support
  3. Excellent uptime 99.99%
  4. Pre-installed WordPress


  • Cheap initial plans
  • Excellent storage for shared hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  1. Annoying upsells
  2. Average support as compared to competitors
  3. Limited backup features
  4. Does not offer free site migration

4. WIX: Hosted Platform

It is a hosted platform to offer hosting services. So, in the case of WIX, students can’t back end hosting. However, students can use it Best WordPress Hosting For Students to pursue an educational career.

Moreover, you can use it to host quality blogs and educational portfolios. Additionally, students can maintain their content according to educational requirements.

For pricing plans and packages, WIX offers additional features for students. Moreover, it offers free plans as well for the students. Furthermore, students can get premium plans at $13 per month.


  1. Highly scalable storage services
  2. Free domain
  3. User’s friendly interface
  4. Drag and drop for better templates
  5. Offers the logo maker tool
  6. 24/7 customers support


  • Good response speed for sites
  • Several templates
  • Easy to market the sites
  • Excellent support and care


  1. Does not offer the interchangeable templates
  2. Free plans and packages
  3. Does not provide transfer services
  4. Single-site for premium plans.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here is an answer to some frequently asked questions about the best student hosting

Q: What is the difference between WordPress hosting and other platforms hosting?

WordPress Hosting, particularly, designed to provide the managed hosting services for WordPress. Moreover, it differs from other hosting platforms because of its features and configuration services.

Q: Which one is good to get the Best WordPress Hosting For Students?

According to our suggestions, SiteGround and CampusPress are the best platforms for students. because both of these hosts offer great hosting services for the students.

On the other hand, both are suitable for individuals as well as for educational organizations. So, you can get the basic plans for individual student’s needs.

Additionally, you can choose the premium plans for large scale educational organizations.

Although it’s our suggestions, you can choose other hosts as well if you are assured about your site’s needs and requirements.

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Hopefully, this article will help you to get the right host for your educational site or blog. Moreover, it will provide the complete detailed features of the high-quality hosts. So, you can make better selection based on needs and requirements.


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