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Enhance Your Blogging Career - Blog Tutorial 2022

As so many blogs are been created daily at hand and plenty of them doing the same thing that you’re doing, offering the same services you are giving – making it very competitive. This is very serious issue. 

How do you stand out from the crowd, among the multitude of persons and be the head. It’s quite good that you’re blogging already even if you haven’t started yet; you can start a blog today. To help you, I am here with this post “Enhance Your Blogging Career- Blog Tutorial 2022.”

But bear it in your mind that whenever you stop improving in your ways of doing things; you’ll start dying, you will get outdated. Totally lost from the trends.

Enhance Your Blogging Career - Blog Tutorial
Enhance Your Blogging Career

This is a new Era – A new year which we are hoping it’ll go well with us. Yes; so shall it be. But just hoping alone can lead to frustration. Without proper planning and working, it is difficult to implement one’s plan. . That’s putting them into practice.

I love this saying “Proper and Powerful Preparation prevent Poor performance” and that’s true.

You want traffic to your site, people to be clicking on your Ads and Affiliated links but how much efforts have you put in driving traffic to your blog?

You better think well and make amendment; there is still time for you.

Below I’ll be sharing some deep things to work mainly on Blog tutorial and to Enhance your Blogging career.

Actually I am providing you 10 needs to be a successful blogger.

Here we go..

Blog Tutorial for 2022

Need #1 

A Good Designed Theme for your blog. . In this new series, your blog design matters a lot. You might have good writing skills, rich articles on your blog; that’s great.

But when combined with a poorly designed theme, it’ll render your writings useless.

Are you still using those free themes with no developers’ support, harmful codes embedded in them to track your site activities? If you are, I think is time you make a right choice.

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They’re so many good affordable Premium Themes out there either you go for Genesis or Themeforest Themes. I trust them a lot. For both Blogger and WordPress themes

As a matter of fact, I’ve used and am still using their products up till now. . Keep aside Non-responsive themes which its sidebar contents load below blog posts instead of it to be in the sidebar area.

Need #2 

Your Permalink has a good effect on your blog SEO. If you use the one with numbers or the WordPress default structure Google will find it difficult to crawl your contents which will have a bad effect on your search engine ranking.

I recommend you to use the custom post title which is like If you’re using blogger here is how to Set-Up a Custom Post Permalink structure.

After inputting your desired blog post title, Google will automatically generate a URL for the post which most of the time, they stopped the Blog post URL structure half way without completion. . Very awful

On your right sidebar, click on the custom and a drop down will appear.

Then edit it to your choice blog-Post title. The best to use is maximum of Four Keywords for Easy to remember, linking and Keyword targeting.

Need #3 

Develop a good writing style and Content Design. What is your color choice you use for separation of the link from instructions?

How often do you use the exclamation mark (!)? When and where do you use them?

These are where you need improvements on.

Color is so helpful regarding information design, the way you design your content tells how professional and resourceful you are.

Use colors and a good font merge together to bring out the best out from your writings.

Need #4 

You need a Custom Business Email ID: stop using this entire public email provider for God’s sake. Stop patronizing and Go get your own professional email e.g. instead of

You need at least one because it’ll be important for your web branding. How it will be felt if you ask me for a business mail and presented a public email to you? Oops! It shows how localized you can be.

Presently Gmail offers you a business email so cheap at the rate of $9.99/year or you can use your Domain hosting provider.

But I strongly recommend you to choose Gmail provider over your Hosting company business mail. You can go and get one for yourself If only you understand how important it is,

Need #5 

Site Auditing: Do a site auditing on your Blog, Look into what that has not been working well and fix it in other.

Can you still remember when was the last time you checked for broken links, videos and Images on your Blog? Though WordPress has made it so easily by installing “The Broken Link Checker” to notify you of broken links so you can address it to a normal state.

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Even at this age you’re still not so sure of yourself, whether you will increase making this same mistake again or not. I am much available, do Consult me to take heed over your blog needs.

Need #6 

Key into Guest Blogging for it’s the way forward. In case you never know I’m chanced now to drop you a quality article on your blog at a lower rate.

Honestly, at my initial stage of blogging I believed that writing and developing on others Blog is a waste of time which could be used on my own blog.

But as time goes on I begin to learn and understand that, it is a powerful way of having these three things

Get Traffic to your own blog even if you’re just allowed to a one link back to your blog, for as far you write quality contents. People will still locate you.

It makes you become more Fame and popularity in your niche when you guest post on a popular site with a huge amount of Traffic.

It gives you exposure and at the same time, put few Dollars in your pocket.

Last night, I lay a hand on Jon Morrow’s Free Cheat Sheet work-through. Just starting from the first step to the last step were all filled with guest Blogging.

He went ahead discuss how he got over 15,000+ Blog subscribers through guest Blogging.

Why don’t you give it a try if you’ve not been doing it? I’m so sure that it’ll drop tears of Joy in your eyes.

Need #7 

Use Keywords on your Blog Categories and Tags for it help in a search result improvement? Sometimes you may rank in a category instead of your targeted keyword. . Yes

Some keywords are very competitive to rank best on. Luckily for you might get found in search results via your tag or category. So give it a try.

Need #8 

Join Blogger Forums: since I became a fan of Forums, Groups and Hangout I haven’t looked back since then and it has been supporting my online activities.

The very few ones I joined lately was BroadedNet and The Aha!Now Blogging Community (ABC). These are ways you get to know what’s currently trending in your niche.

Not just that alone, you are opportune to meet your fellow bloggers and also a powerful way to drive good traffic to your Blog without advertisement

Don’t limit yourself on this alone, make researches on popular forums to share your own view, learn from the experts and add it to the ones you know already.

Need #9 

Adapt the use of good fonts in your blog post, you can download as much as you like from Google Fonts. As you can see my writing fonts looks quite different from yours. . Isn’t it?

Need #10 – 

Embrace E-mail Marketing, as they say “Money is in the list”. One good thing about email is the right you have to batch into someone’s inbox anything and any moment you want to. That’s a good privilege.

Your blog might not be getting up to 1,000k daily traffic but if you have good relations with your subscribers and they’re loyal to you. It’s possibly that you’ll make more money than someone getting 10,000k Daily Pageview. 

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I endorse Aweber which I’ll love you to follow me along and test their services.

Over to You

So far, the journey has been moving very smoothly and I end by saying it all lies on Good and Adequate Planning. If you don’t plan to achieve the above-listed needs this year, it’ll be a minus to you and great lost for having read this guide.

I hope I have put some few smiles on your faces this morning. . If you know how long it took me to prepare this post titled ‘Enhance Your Blogging Career- Blog Tutorial 2022′, You will hesitate to share this post on your Facebook wall.

Thanks for reading the entire post, I look forward to read your feedback!!


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