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Free Images for Blogs – Where to Find Them?

Where to find free images for blogs? This is probably the most common questions asked by bloggers.

When it comes to browsing pictures on the internet, most of us are guilty of re-posting. We save an image to use it later and forget where it came from. If the picture doesn’t have a tag or username, it’s hard to give proper credit. For the most part, it doesn’t matter. But, when it comes to using other’s pictures or images professionally, it does.

Free Images for Blogs – Where to Find Them?

You can actually be fined for using images that aren’t royalty-free without the owner’s consent. Of course, you can always contact the original owner of any image you find. But then it becomes a matter of who the original owner is. This information is hard to find online. You may end up endlessly searching and still getting no clue.

Moreover any image that is Royalty-free is not free. It means that you don’t have to pay any royalty to the owner, however the image comes with a price tag. If you Google the phrase “free images” you will get tons of websites that offer royalty-free images. But does it help? Not at all. So, you need to go to websites where you get images for free. Free images for blogs that can be used without any issues, Read more: How to Start a Blog in 2022

Since images are one of the best ways to convey ideas to your reader, you are welcome to use the stock image websites. These websites have large galleries of images. These range from photography to clip art and almost everything in between. The idea is that you should be able to find what you’re looking for and use it without any risk. These websites are all run off the Creative Commons agreement (CC). This means the images you find within the site are free to use. Any image that says “public domain” is also free to use. On these stock websites users upload their pictures after agreeing they are the copyright owner of the image. Only then those images are displayed and the rights to them are given to the users on the website.

Basically, keep this in mind as far as the image licenses go:

  1. Creative Commons (CC) = Free
  2. Public Domain = Free

There are two types of stock websites: Free and paid

Now, some paid stock websites have a free gallery as a showcase of what you might be able to find if you sign up for their services. When you pay for an image on one of these stock image websites, you get the rights to use it. Even though the free stock websites are slightly limited, they still have an impressive range of free-to-use graphics and images. Now, some websites still require credit to be given for the images used. You’re going to want to read the fine print and find out if you have to give any credit. But, most of the stock websites don’t require credit given for the images. These are the websites where you would want to get free images for blogs.

I’m going to focus on the free-to-use stock websites. We’ll discuss the benefits and downsides (if any) of each free image website. Overall, you’ll learn what to expect when you’re browsing for copyright free images.

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Websites That Offer Free Images for Blogs

A picture truly has the power to ‘speak’ when words don’t suffice. No wonder, blog posts with images leave a vivid & deeper impact on the reader. I’m going to share my top favourite places for finding free images on the web. I’m sure you will find them equally handy for your blogging needs.

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Pictures make a big difference in attracting readers & engaging them visually. Technically, images are great for improving SEO too. They add to the quality of content with visual appeal & break from monotony. A serious blogger should always know how to use photos profitably.

The big mistake which many bloggers make (albeit unknowingly) is that they download and use images from the internet straight away. Many are unaware of image copyright legislations, possibility of legal tussles, or likely huge costs of resolving such issues.

Surprisingly, it takes just a little smart work to avoid such big pains in the neck. There are a good number of websites today that offer completely free images for personal & commercial use. Without further ado, lets dig in to my list of the best amongst them.

1. Unsplash

Free Images for Blogs

This is one of the most well-known stock image websites. It prides itself on having a large gallery of high quality images that are free to use. If you’ve looked up how to find free images online, you’ve probably come across this particular site. Let’s take a look at the features of Unsplash.

  • Large variety of images
  • Images are high quality
  • Completely free to use
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Eliminates the tedious process of searching
  • A “new” section shows the most recent images posted

Of course, no website is completely without flaws. The only real flaw with Unsplash is that it may be considered too popular. There are many other people looking at the website for images similar to what you’re looking for. So, you’re likely to come across other websites using the same images as you in their blogs. This means your content will be less unique. A good way to find the lesser used images is by utilizing the “new” section for the most recently posted images. This will give you a better variety as well.

2. JayMantri

This website is run by a pair of photographers who have chosen to share their images with the public. All of the images posted on the website are high quality. They are also free to use, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them credit, or suggest their website to other people.

The only complaint about JayMantri is that it’s a Tumblr site. This means the options are limited for searching and browsing the images. To solve this, you can visit the “archive” link on the top of the page to show all the images that are available. Also, because it is a Tumblr site, you may find yourself swamped with advertising. It’s a necessary evil as the ads help these photographers to be able to provide you with more high quality and free images for blogs.

3. MyStock

This is another website run by a small group of photographers. There is no fee or price tag associated with any of these images. They are free to use as you please with. But that’s not the biggest perk!

  • The content is exclusive (so it will be unique). 
  • Free to use images
  • High quality images
  • Website is easy to navigate. 

The only complaint you might have about this particular site is that there isn’t as much variety as you might find on a typical stock images site. This is because it is smaller. But, that will ultimately be beneficial to you since there is less competition for the images that are available.

4. Travel Coffee Book

Free Images for Blogs

This website is another one that has been shared by a personal photographer. Here you’ll find images of travels and adventures. There aren’t definitive categories here, but there is still quite the variety of available images. One of the best features about this particular site is that the images posted are interesting and unique. You’re bound to make an impression on your readers by using images from here. Also, these are free to use and you don’t require giving any sort of credit. But, if you love any particular photographer, you should always share credit anyway.

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5. Gratisography

Free Images for Blogs

A good site to find free images for blogs. This is the best stock site if you’re looking for images of people doing things. This website prides itself on having a variety of really great photos that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Most websites only offer scenery – here you find people
  • There is a wide variety in the categories
  • Images are all free to use
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • The images are all high quality
  • The images will make a lasting impression on your readers. 

6. Startup Stock Photos

Free Images for Blogs

This website offers exactly what it sounds like it might. It’s a free-to-use gallery of stock photos. These ranges from office set ups to people working. It’s everything you could need to reference if you have a professional blog in need of images. There is a wide variety and every image is high quality.

7. New Old Stock

Free Images for Blogs

This website specializes in vintage photography. This means that most of the photos are black and white and from different times periods. Let’s look at the benefits of this site:

  • Unique photographs that will leave lasting impressions
  • High quality images
  • A wide variety of scenarios and situations
  • A piece of history in photos
  • A large directory that is easy to navigate

Now, most of the images on NOS are under the public domain licence. But, you’ll still want to read the license to know what you can and can’t do with any particular image. That being said, this is a good site to grab some free images for blogs.

8. Pexels

Free Images for Blogs

Here you will find a wide variety of images because they are all user-uploaded. The best feature of this particular site is that there is a search option. Let’s look at the other benefits of finding an image on Pexels:

  • Updated frequently so there are always new images
  • A great variety of pictures
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Images are all great quality

Now, there are two main complaints about using Pexels: License changing and lack of originality. The license on these images changes based on the image. This means you have to watch and make sure you’re using only free images. You’ll have to check the license on every picture you’re interested in. The lack of originality is because many of these pictures can also be found on other websites. This means you may see the same images you found somewhere else.

All content is categorised neatly and easy to browse. The CC0 license does away with all copyright restrictions.

9. Pixabay

Free Images for Blogs

Similar to Pexels, the images on this website are user-uploaded. It’s one of the most highly recommended sites for finding free images for blogs because there are just so many options! In fact, there are many reasons to choose Pixabay for your images:

  • Search function turns up many different results
  • Website is very easy to navigate
  • License is displayed prominently
  • A wide variety of images – both photographs and illustrations
  • New content is uploaded regularly
  • Many categories that are bound to have what you’re looking for. 

With Pixabay, the license changes from image to image. Some images are free to use, while others require special permission. Some of these special permissions could be just a visible copyright or credit back to the user. It’s important that you check before using the images. Fortunately, it’s very easy to see what the license is for each image. It’s displayed in large print on the right, near the username of the person who uploaded the image.

Tip: You’ll want to watch for the Shutterstock images. When you search for anything, the top bar of the result will be images from Shutterstock. These are not free images and you don’t want to loop off Pixabay. Luckily, you can see the word “Shutterstock” across the images and on the advertising bar. That’s all it is, an advertisement. It helps Pixabay offer you high quality images for free.


Stocksnap describes itself as ‘the best place on the internet to find beautiful free stock photos’. It’s home to ‘the highest quality, highest resolution pictures’. Built by Snappa, it surely lives up to that credit.

free images from Stocksnap

New photos are added daily to their existing huge collection. With CC0 license on all images, you can forget about complex copyright jargon and focus solely on your photos. StockSnap has a useful feature to track image views and downloads. This enables you to search images based on popularity or trending.

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11. Stokpic

Photographer Ed Gregory started Stokpic as a charitable initiative when he put up his idle reserve of photographs free for good use. But soon he started photographing specifically for Stokpic. His motto – to offer nothing but the best. He continues to keep his images completely free under the Stokpic license. He uses his earnings from Stokpic to support & sponsor photographers.

license free pictures from Stokpic

Besides its brilliant collection, Stokpic sends 10 premium photographs every two weeks to its premium email subscribers. You get them much before they arrive on the website.

Additional Websites for Blog Images – Not Completely Free

12. iStock photo

Free Images for Blogs

While iStock is primarily a paid-for service, they do offer a selection of free images. It doesn’t hurt to check every option to find the image best suited to your needs. When you’re browsing the free images, just make sure you check the license before you use them. It’s a really easy website to browse around.

13. Fotolia

Similar to iStock, this website primarily charges for their images. But, they do have a gallery of images that are free to use. The section of the website that is paid has quite a wide variety of images. The free gallery is a little more limited, but still worth checking out. The website itself is easy to navigate. The free images are easy to locate as well, which saves you time.

14. Picjumbo

Best FREE Stock Photos

Last, but not the least – Picjumbo. Designer & photographer Viktor Hanacek founded Picjumbo when other stock photo sites turned down his photos for ‘lack of quality’. But with more than 2.5 million downloads in two years, he has proven them all wrong.

Picjumbo offers free stock images with simplified license terms. It is a joy for anybody looking for free images online. This site offers a unique plugin – Picjumbo PS Plugin ($19.99). It allows you to browse, access, and import images from within Photoshop directly. It’s a great time–saver for those who work with a lot of images.

Gone are the days when you had no choice but depend on crappy free stock images. There are many more good free photo sites out there. One BIG word of caution – Always check the license details yourself no matter where you source your image from. Copyright terms can be changed anytime by site owners or authors. The responsibility to check the latest license lies with YOU entirely. Run an additional check with Reverse image Search to ensure the authenticity of the license.

Do you like using rights–free images? Are free stock photos an essential part of your work? Share via your comments which sites are your personal favourites for free images.

In Closing

If you’re willing to pay for stock photos, there are many other options. But, most people who are setting up their website/blog aren’t interesting in shelling out money for images. The best way to make your images stand out is to have them be completely different. If you have any friends who are photographers, this would be a good reason to ask them for a favor. Or if you have a flare for photography yourself, grab a camera and snap a couple of pictures. Naturally, not everyone has the time to go out and take their own pictures since you have to focus on creating high quality articles and blog posts. So, these sites that provide free images for blogs can be a life saver.

Many bloggers don’t realize the damage of simply using an image from the internet. Using any of the stock sites above, you should have a clear head regarding your images. If you read all the license agreements of the images you use, you have nothing to worry about. Your website/blog will be beautiful and your articles will be engaging. This will be a great benefit for attracting new readers to your website.

I hope you found this post helpful. Do me a favour and share it on social media so that others can benefit as well!

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