How To Run Effective YouTube Advertisement For Beginners

 Do You Know that YouTube Advertisement is much better than your first SALARY and you can make Hell a lot of money with YouTube ads.

Many Of you Don’t Know About This Thing!

Yes, You Can Make Money!

Now here question arises that how you can make money with YouTube ads ?

Really It is not difficult , Many You Tubers are making huge amount of money by running ads on their videos or their videos ads on someone else’s videos. So, why you can’t. You have to just learn YouTube advertisement which I will tell you in this article. So, read this guide carefully and gain some knowledge.

How To Run Effective YouTube Advertisement For Beginners
How To Run Effective YouTube Advertisement

Note : Be Patience , Learn New Things Daily and Keep focus on our work what you are doing because every thing takes time nothing is going to happen in one night.

What Is You Tube Ads ??

YouTube Ads in simple words are those ads which will played on videos with the help of Google Adwords.

Advertising with videos [ especially with You Tube ads ] is the new and a great way to send your message to your audience about your service , business or product whatever you are selling or promoting. With the increase of broadband connections and with the passage of time online video streaming as in a form of advertisement is quite become popular day by day. There are different types of videos on internet like video mails , video broadcasts , video blogs and video instant messages.

Why YouTube Ads??

Why You Choose YouTube as a promoting strategy in this internet world. I will Tell you this is just three simple steps :

1. It Covers Wide Range :

With the help of YouTube advertising you will able to reach different different types of peoples in different different locations , male and females depends on your targets that is in which country , which peoples , their ages , what type of audience etc etc which you will target while setting up of your YouTube ads campaign , Your ads will reach to millions to billions of peoples regardless of peoples age , cast , creed and race.

YouTube has millions of viewers on daily basis [ This is a big thing in itself ] and this things opens the gate for worldwide market for every business. Peoples of young generation are spending less time on other mediums and giving more time to Online social mediums like Facebook , You Tube , Twitter and Instagram. The numbers of  YouTube users increasing day by day and will increasing in future for surely as we can see the growth of YouTube users continuously increasing from past and then in present , and probably increase in a huge amount in future also.

2. YouTube Ads Is Inexpensive :

Online Video Advertising [ YouTube Ads ] is not expensive as you think in fact it is cheaper and works well i.e good and peaceful business and more profit [ ROI ] and can have video streaming to millions of peoples or user in worldwide in different different markets or places. You don’t have to spend big amount of money instead  of that you have to spend a little amount for the worldwide market and trust me it [ YouTube ] is also cheaper from the other mediums like Print advertisement or T.V advertisement as they cost more than YouTube ads. You don’t need thousands of dollars for launching an effective and competitive video advertisement in fact YouTube ads is very cheaper and you can do it in less amount of money. This is very suitable and comfortable for small businesses or startups and they can easily afford the costs of video advertisement.

You can create your own online video advertisements , upload videos on your YouTube channel , embed the streams into their own websites and you can also run your video ads on other peoples videos without even paying thousands of dollars as you can just do this is some bucks.

3. Video Spreads message all over the world :

As video message uses the audio-visual approach , so it is more effective and helpful in getting messages all across the world. People responds more to both visual and audio stimulation. It depends on you how you make your videos and in what way you present your videos in front of your visitors and I can bet you that if you done all these things in a right way then you will definitely get a call or an order on your site.

Generally it is seen many times that probability of peoples remembering any message or anything would be higher if the message was received through both sight and hearing and viewing. By messaging through video is a form of making personal communication with your viewers or your market which you target. It Totally depends on you that form of video marketing would be most effective for you weather it is instant messages , emails or blogs.

What Is New In YouTube Advertisement ??

In January 2017 the Google announced that he will make some changes in Adwords campaign, which allow advertisers to reach as more viewers as they on on YouTube i.e especially for peoples across who use mobile devices , where more than 50% of YouTube views takes place. Along with the changes the Google announced the biggest announcement that is advertisers will target the viewers based on their google search history [ This is really an awesome change by google ].

Marketers can easily target those peoples who recently searched for a certain service or product on YouTube in order to target the video ads so they will be served on the platform. In case if the content of a video ad is related or closely related to the viewers search query which he was searching for so, they will be more likely to watch the entire ad and they should also click on the ad and reach to the ad website.

How Does It Works ??

Let me explain you that how exactly YouTube ads works. So, here I am going to start.

  • First you have to need an Google Adwords account in order to run an YouTube ads and then complete all the terms of Google Adwords.
  • Then, Link Your Google Adwords account to your YouTube channel in order to run video ads on YouTube.
  • You need to run YouTube ads in order to grow your YouTube Channel too quickly.
  • When you will get subscribers on your channel then you took your steps into the world of Making Money and start making money.
  • Once you reach some subscribers like 100k on your channel then you should start uploading more videos on your channel and your videos will start getting views and become popular day by day.
  • If you start getting Awesome number of views on your channel then you should Apply for an youtube Adsense Account [ money making machine ] for your YouTube Channel.

How To Create Your Google Adwords Account To Run YouTube Ads ??

  1. First of all you have to make your Gmail account , If You Have then good. Make your Gmail account and then type Google Adwords there and click on the first link.
  2. Then After clicking on that link one new page will open and click on start Now Button.
  3. Fill these two columns enter your email address [ Adwords email address ] and your website link and click on continue button.
  4. And then fill all these details [ enter your email address again , select your country , your time zone and your currency in which currency you will pay to google to run your ads ] which asks by Google and click on save and continue.
  5. Now , your Google Adwords account will be created. Open Your Account and link your Google Adwords Account to your YouTube Channel in order to Run YouTube Ads.

How To Set Up Your YouTube Ads Campaign ??

Setting Up your YouTube campaign is not a big thing It’s as simple as Parking your car into your garage [ Hahahah ] in both the things you need to be focus on what you are doing weather it is setting YouTube ads campaign or Parking your car into Garage. You have to just concentrate on few things while setting up campaigns for YouTube ads. 

If you are creating a marketing video then you want to advertise on YouTube but if you haven’t made a video yet then you can go and start with Animoto or Wistia and the upload your video.

I will explain you all things from small steps to big in this article. So, keep reading…….

Campaign Type

You have to go to your Google Adwords account and then click on campaigns and then go to Videos option In campaigns.

Campaign Name

Then You will see an new page there you starts your war for setting up of YouTube Campaign. There fill your campaign name like – YouTube ads 2021 or YouTube ads Adwords as you like you can fill there.

Like as shown in the image below.

First one is Standard.

  • Standard : Here In standard Your ads will simply plays the role of driving views on your video for which you want to put ad here , Spread awareness about your video in front of peoples or drive conversions directly.

Second one is Shopping.

  • Shopping : Here in shopping your ads will encourage peoples to buy your products or service whichever you are selling. Simply here you are promoting your product or service which is listed in your Google Merchant Center Account which you will sell through YouTube ads schalten by running Your Products ads On YouTube.

Video Ads Formats

True video ads are the standard video ad type on the YouTube , Advertiser will only pay for True Video ads when viewer watch the ad or interact with their ad [ Something like click on the link and go to their websites or products or simply we can call as call-to-action ] or advertiser will only pays when a viewer watches an ad for at least 30 seconds or until end of the video and between this interval of time if the viewer perform any action such as call-to-action then YouTube requires the skippable true video ads which is 12-60 seconds in length and on the other hand the non-skippable ads be like 15-30 seconds in length.

There are two types of True video ads :

  1. In-stream Ads. 
  2. Video Discover Ads. 

1. In-stream and video discovery ads are the two types of True View video ads.

In-stream ads : In-stream Ads run before, during, or after videos on YouTube or on partner sites and apps. They give viewers the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds and you can also play anywhere on the site which purchased the Google ad space or In The GDN [ Google Display Network ads ].
In-stream ads in which marketers customized ad with different CTAs are in skippable ads as example shown below by Thums Up.

Video Discovery Ads : Video Discovery Ads can appear on YouTube search results or home page of the YouTube , next to related videos on YouTube watch pages. They invite users to click on a thumbnail to watch the ad. These ads are appear after performing a YouTube search.

The display ads were appears as a related video on the right-hand video sidebar. If a viewer clicks on the ad video page features a spot on the right-hand column where the display ad of banner will appear.

If You are running In-stream or video discovery ads then in bidding section you will be paid for your own CPV [ Cost Per View ] to your ads.

2. Bumper Ads Or 6 Seconds Video Ads :

A bumper ad is a short video ad that plays before, during, or after another video on YouTube or the Display Network. The video must be 6 seconds or less and viewers don’t have the option to skip your ad. You pay based on impressions, which is the number of times your ad is shown.

If You are running Bumper ads or 6 seconds video ads then in bidding section you will set your maximum CPM [ Cost Per Impression ] i.e is you will pay for showing your ads 1,000 times in front of viewers.


Yes , you have to set your budget before running your ads otherwise your ads will not run. Set your budget per day.

You should also set your ads Delivery method either the standard delivery [ Shown Ads during the day time ] or Accelerated [ Shown the Ads as quickly as possible ] So, count your budget that how much you are willing to spend on your ads and then put it  on your budget section and your ads will start running.

You can put your budget in two forms :

  1. Daily. 
  2. Your Total Campaign Budget. 

Daily : You can fill your daily budget means how much money you will spend on your ads daily it may be in hundred to thousands of rupees. It totally depends on you that how much you are willing to spend daily.

Total Campaign Budget : You can also fill your total campaign budget i.e how much money you are willing to spend on your total campaign it also may be in hundred to thousand of rupees. It depends on you that how much money you will spend on your whole campaign.

Start Date Or End Date

If you think that you are too busy whole day and didn’t have time to start your ads on respective time you decide  then You can put start date and the end date of your campaign by putting this you can save your money because if you run your ad and forgot to pause after a certain period of time then that ad will spend all money from your account and you will be charged more than your budget.


Network settings choose where you want your ads to be appear.

  • YouTube search : YouTube Search shows your video ad on YouTube search results pages. You can use video discovery ads only.
  • YouTube videos : YouTube Videos shows video ads on the YouTube mobile homepage, watch, and channel pages. You can use in-stream ads, video discovery ads, and bumper ads.
  • Video Partners : Video Partners extends the reach of video ads to a collection of sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). You can use in-stream ads, and bumper ads. [ Why it matters: It Including video partners will help you to reach your new audiences outside of the YouTube. Note: Eligible views which on your video partner sites and apps will count toward your video’s total YouTube views. The sites and apps where your ad appears will be reported in the placements tab under “Video targeting” ]

Create your separate campaigns for YouTube search , YouTube videos or Video Partners as will help you in better track metrics.

So, It depends on you that on which network you want to show your ads weather it is YouTube search , YouTube Videos or Video Partners.


Location targeting will show your ads to people located in or who show interest in  a geographic location. Choose one or more geographic locations of your choice but keep in mind that is that are relevant to your ads. By advertising your ads to the right customers, you can hopefully increase your return on investment (ROI). By default, your ads can show to people based on where they’re likely to be physically located or the places they’re interested in. You can also use these location options to limit ads to appear just for one type of location.

Example: When advertising your bakery in Paris, you can choose to show your ads only to people located in Paris or only to people who show interest or located in Paris, or both. Or if your online business ships to Canada and in  the U.S then you can target both countries.

Choose the language of the sites that your ads can appear on. Select your target language in your campaign settings where you want to show your ads. To decide where to show your ads, AdWords looks at a user’s Google language setting or the language of the user’s search query, currently viewed page, or recently viewed pages on the Google Display Network (GDN).


The Devices setting determines the kinds of devices where your ad will appear. Show ads to people visiting YouTube and websites on the Google Display Network [ GDN ] on desktop and laptop computers, to those using mobile devices with full internet browsers, to those visiting the YouTube mobile app, and to those using connected TVs and game consoles. It depends on you that where on which device you want to show your ads weather it is mobile , tablet or desktop.

Ads Scheduling

You can schedule your ads to appear only on specific days and / or during specific hours. By choosing specific hours and days, you can show your ads when you expect them to be most successful.

Example: To maximize performance, consider that your ads are showing during your business peak operating hours. To maximize view through rate (VTR), you can show your ads when your audience is most likely to see them based on your campaign’s historical performance [ as talked above ].

Ad Delivery

Ad delivery is that how much times your ad deliver in front of your users or visitors and how much you got views or impressions on that ad. Frequency is somewhat an average number of times a user saw your ad over a given time period. Frequency capping allows you to limit the number of times your ads are shown to the same user. This can help you focus on showing your ads to new people.

Then , click on save and continue.

Name Your Ad Group

Name your ad group name from your choice better if you don’t name your video name in the ad group.

Video Ad

To create a video ad, you’ll need a video hosted on YouTube. If you don’t have one, then create a YouTube account at YouTube.

If you have a video that you want to use for your video ad, upload it to YouTube, and then search for it here (or paste its URL) in the search box. Follow the rest of the instructions on the page to finish creating your video ad. If your video is already on YouTube, you can also search for it here (or paste its URL) in the search box.

Bidding Process

Now here comes the important part. You have to put bid here in the form of CPV [ Cost Per View ] i.e if your ads is shown in front of users then a certain amount cut from your account in a form of bid.

Bid On Popular Videos : Top content represents the best loved and the most popular content on YouTube and in the Google Display Network ads examples . These channels, sites and apps are determined by audience engagement signals i.e audience engagement. For YouTube, the top markets are: USA, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Canada.

By increasing your bids in %’s  you can increase the likelihood of serving your video ads on the most popular content on YouTube and the Display Network i.e your ads will shows on the popular content on YouTube and the chances of getting views are higher in that case. Bid adjustments are in the range from 0 to 500% of your existing bids.


You can target your audience on the basis of Demographics and Interests.

  • Demographics : You can target your audience on the basis of service or product you are promoting or selling. You can target on the basis of gender [ Between male and female ] , On the basis of Age [ Age which is suitable for according to your product or service ] , On the basis of parental status [ Parent , Non-parent ] or you can target on the basis of Household Income [ On the basis of income of their families ]. If you can’t change these settings then then by default your ads will be shown to all viewers who are using YouTube and this coasts a lot and there is a chances of loosing money in unnecessary way.
  • Interests : Adding audiences allows you to reach people based on their specific interests as they browse pages, videos, and content across YouTube and the Google Display Network as well as channels and videos on the YouTube Search Network.

You can find Interests On the basis of Affinity Audiences [ reach ].

You can find Interests On the basis of In-Market Audiences [ ROI ].

You can find Interests On the basis of Custom Affinity Audiences.

You can find Interests On the basis of Life Events.

In any case if you don’t find your Interests on the basis of Affinity Audiences [ reach ] , In-Market Audiences [ ROI ] , Custom Affinity Audiences or Life Events then you can find any which you remember here in this search box and it will show you if that was available for targeting interests or not.

Note: Keep in mind that Audiences are available only for Display Network campaigns, not Search Network campaigns.

Narrow Targeting

This is optional if you want then you can also narrow target your audience on the basis of keywords , Placements , Re marketing and Topics.


When you target keywords, they will apply across all the networks you selected for your campaign i.e Your keywords should be relevant to the videos you’re targeting. For example, “cricket” describes videos related to “cricket”, across all selected search and content networks. Make sure your keywords are broad enough and don’t restrict your targeting. If you use keywords to describe your audience, try demographic or interest targeting instead.

Like Here my keywords are cricket , soccer and rugby after completing your keywords click on add keywords and put it done and your keywords are save.


Keep in mind that Placements are locations on YouTube or the Google Display Network (GDN) where your ads can appear. Adding placements targets specific locations where you’d like to show your ads. A placement can be:

On YouTube :

  • A YouTube channel. 
  • A YouTube video. 

On the GDN :

  • An entire website or specific page of a site. 
  • A mobile app. 

Important : When you add YouTube placements, your ads may still run in eligible locations across the Google Display network [ GDN ]. Similarly, when adding GDN placements, your ads may still run in eligible locations on YouTube.

You can select placements on two types :

  • Manually. 
  • Search for placements.

1. Manually :
You can enter placements URL’s and you can search them manually and click on add placements.

2. Search For Placements :
You can search for related terms , phrase or URL’s for search for placements. You can search and add YouTube channels , YouTube Videos , Websites or Mobile Apps in placements in search for placements.


Create an re-marketing lists to reach users who visit certain parts of your website, and show them specifically tailored ads as they browse the Web.

Re marketing is of 5 types :

  • Video re-marketing lists.
  • Adwords re-marketing lists.
  • Similar to video re-marketing lists.
  • Similar to re-marketing lists.
  • Licensed lists.

1. Video Re-marketing Lists :
If You have a list of video re-marketing list then you can simply search in the search box that list and add that list to selected part according to status and size of the list.

2. Adwords Re-marketing Lists :
If You have a list of Adwords re-marketing list then you can simply search in the search box that list and add that list to selected part according to status and size of the list.

3. Similar To Video re-marketing Lists :
If You have a list of Videos similar to video re-marketing list then you can simply search in the search box and add that list to selected part according to status and size of the list.

4. Similar To Re-marketing Lists :
If You have a list similar to re-marketing list then you can simply search in the search box and add that list to selected part according to status and size of the list.

5. Licensed Lists :
If You have a list of Licensed list then you can simply search in the search box and add that list to selected part according to status and size of the list.


Topic targeting is an easy way of placing your Adwords ads on multiple pages about a specific topic at once. Targeting by topics is an alternative to selecting individual placements [ Like Keywords or anything else ] where your ad can appear, or individual keywords that will trigger your ad. “Topics” is the AdWords term for specific industries or interests, such as agriculture ,health , beauty , animals , cars , music , sports etc etc. If you’d like to target pages with specific content, you can select one or more topics so your ads appear on pages related to those topics which you selected to show your ads.

By targeting the “Pet and Animals” topic, for instance, you enable your ad to appear on any Google Display Network [ GDN ] website or YouTube video that includes content about pets or animals themes. You can also select more precise subtopics, such as “Trucks & SUVs,” “Commercial Vehicles,” or “Motorcycles."

Topic targeting only applies to the video content networks (YouTube Videos and Google Display Network).

Like here topics are Online Media , Movies and Events & Listings or you can type topic from your choice.

Then click on save Ad group.

Link Your Account

In order to run your YouTube ads you should link your Adwords account to the YouTube channel where the video is hosted and if you done this already then you should click on the “Finish” Button and begin to run your video ad campaign.

Now your ad is ready and it will be approved after reviewing by google. Google takes around 30-40 minutes to review your ads and if all things are right or fine according to Google Adwords policy he will approve your ads and your ads will start running.


YouTube Video advertisement has been an amazing possibilities for your service or product which you are selling or promoting. YouTube Video Ads will bring your marketing initiatives. Evaluate It in your Google Adwords account. Do more testing as much as you can because Here practice not makes you perfect , Testing makes you perfect. Before creating your YouTube advertising campaign, take the time to define your campaign strategy and then start your campaign.

Hope You Got All Points and soon start running your YouTube ads But Still If You Face Any Difficulty Then Send A Query To Our Support Page.

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