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How To Run Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Do You Know : How To Run Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business ? Do You Know that Facebook Messenger Advertisement is much better than your first MESSAGE which you have to send in your messenger box and you can also make money with Facebook Messenger ads?

Really It is not difficult, Many peoples are making a good amount of money by running ads on Messenger. So, why you can’t. In order to make money with Messenger, you have to just learn about Facebook Messenger advertisement which I will tell you in this article. So, read this guide carefully and grab some knowledge.

How To Run Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Do You want more customers for your business?

Have you ever heard about Facebook Messenger ads ?? Here Is an article which teaches you that how to run Facebook messenger ads 2022 for your business in order to get more leads from messenger ads.

Mor than 2 billions of business messages were sent every month on messenger and both are automated and peoples-initiated, In which 53% of the peoples are more likely to shop with a business and they can message directly and around 56% of the peoples would rather message than call customer service.

See as you can see in the above image that there are many platforms like YouTube [ 1.5B ] , WhatsApp [ 1.2B ] , Snapchat [ 255M ] , Twitter [ 328M ] , Messenger [ 1.2B ] , Instagram [ 700M ] , Web chat [ 889M ] and Facebook [ 1.2B Larger ] have different types of audiences engage with themselves and Facebook has higher number of audience with 1.2B peoples which is really a big thing and best for the businesses to advertise on these networks.

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You can use Messenger to reach people at scale, then continue to interact with each of them individually.

Have You Tried Those [ Messenger ] Ads ??

If you did not try messenger ads then this guide will really a helpful for you and if you tried Messenger ads then you should give read to this article because this article will increase your knowledge and maybe you can find something beneficial in this article which you can apply in your ads to make them more better than before.

And in this article, you will learn whole about Messenger ads from small to big all things.

What Are Messenger Home Ads ??

Messenger home ads are simply Unlike sponsored messages in which you required to have a previous engagement with those users which you want to target. Running ads on the home screen of the messenger is one of the best advantages to reach you ads globally.

Messenger ads also allow you to target cold audience on the home screen of your messenger app. Messenger ads were just like as same as other Facebook platforms ads.

What Are The Types Of Facebook Messenger Ads ??

Basically, Facebook Messenger ads are of 3 types :

Destination Ads

The destination ads are those ads which are shown on your Facebook Newsfeed like a typical ad, but their objective is vastly different. Instead of adding a typical call to action in ads like “Shop Now,” users will see “Send Message” option.

This is a very good way to going increase your conversions about a topic that may be a bit more complicated. Think about high price product, service price or quotes, or anything that may generate questions which are prior to a commitment.

google ads destination url

Here Is How Destination Ads Looks :

Here Is How Destination Ads Looks

It is also good way here to increase the number of people who have messaged you on your page an audience in the form of that can be used for Sponsored Messages Placement. Broader audience is good here.

Sponsored Messages

The Sponsored Messages ads are those ads which allow you to deliver specifically crafted messages or an automatically created messages directly to a user’s inbox. Most of the pages will do this as if someone sends them a message an automatic message will be sent to that user.

Here Is How Sponsored Messages Ads Looks :

Here Is How Destination Ads Looks

However it’s not just as intrusive as Sponsored Messages, but you should monitor that how this performs and how it responds accordingly.

Home Section Ads

Home Section Ads are those ads which are directly in the home section dashboard of your messaging application. The main use of these kinds of ads is to generate a real and organic conversion with your customer, messaging replies facebook ads.

Here Is How Home Section Ads Looks :

Here Is How Home Section Ads Looks

If you are sending a private message to someone within their Messenger Then, this is all about intrusive as advertising goals. It’s good if you are limited the targeted of your ads and target only those who messaged you before i.e by doing this that should cut down the complaints and if you have done this properly and accurately then you will get better results.

How Does Advertising On Messenger Works ??

The easiest way to get the advantage of Messenger’s global reach is to run your ads on the home screen of the Messenger app i.e in between you messenger home page where all your contacts present there. By Adding Messenger as a placement to your campaigns will help you to achieve results across Facebook’s apps and services.

Facebook Messenger ads block will work just like ads across all other Facebook platforms. Your ads will automatically deliver by Facebook to the placement that’s most likely to drive campaign results at the lowest possible cost. The best part? You can easily use the same creative for the Messenger which you are already using the Facebook and Instagram.

People will see Messenger ads on the home screen of their Facebook Messenger mobile app. When they tap or click on the ad, then they’ll be automatically redirected to the destination, site or place you chose during setting up of your ad campaign, whether that is your site, app or a conversation with your business on Messenger.

Why Facebook Messenger Ads ??

Below you will find the answer to your question Why Facebook Messenger Ads. 

It Covers A Big/Wide Range Of Audience :

As Facebook Messenger has an audience of 1.2B and with the help of Messenger ads you will able to reach different types of peoples in different locations , male and females depends on your targets that is in which country , which peoples , their ages , what type of audience etc etc which you will target while setting up of your Facebook Messenger ads campaign , Your ads will reach to billions of peoples regardless of peoples age, sex, caste, creed, and race.

Facebook Messenger has millions of peoples on daily basis [ This is a big thing in itself ] and these things open the gate for worldwide market for every business to advertise their business with the help of Facebook Messenger Ads cost. Peoples of the young generation are spending less time on other mediums and give their most time to Online social mediums like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The numbers of Messenger users are increasing day by day and will be increasing in future for sure as we can see the growth of Facebook Messenger users continuously increasing from past and then in present, and probably increase in a huge amount in future also.

Facebook Messenger Ads Is Inexpensive :

Facebook messenger ads were not expensive instead they are good and peaceful for your business and more profitable for you in terms of ROI. You don’t have to spend a big amount of money instead of that you have to spend a little amount for the worldwide market and trust me it [ Facebook Messenger Ads ] is also cheaper from the other mediums like a Print advertisement or T.V advertisement as they cost more than Messenger ads. You don’t need thousands of dollars for Messenger ads, in fact, Facebook Messenger ads are very cheaper and you can do it in less amount of money. This is very suitable and comfortable for small businesses or startups and they can easily afford the costs of Facebook Messenger Advertising.

Spread Your Messenger Ads All Over The World :

As Facebook Messenger has 1.2B of an audience on the worldwide basis and this is really a good and big amount of audience to advertise on. Most of the peoples were spend their time on social media and were busy always in chatting in messenger and in between this if we can promote our ads on Messenger then they will be seen by peoples which are using messenger and this will create a big impact on the users and they will definitely click on your ads.

In this way, by creating your ads on Messenger you will spread your ads all over the world as Messenger has an audience of 1.2B.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Messenger Ads Campaigns ??

In order to get started with Facebook Messenger ads you have to go to your Facebook ads manager account and from there you have to set up your ads and start creating your ads for Messenger.

Choose Your Campaign Objective

Choose the objective of your campaign. But for messenger home screen Ads you have two options to choose from and you can select from those options. You have to select from Traffic and Conversion objective.

Choose Your Campaign Objective

If You Choose traffic types then make sure that you want more people to a destination on or off Facebook such as a website, app or Messenger conversation but if you choose a conversion types then select either a standard event or custom conversion, depending on your goal.

  • As an example: If you are targeting an audience of cold traffic then you might choose the View Content event, as shown below.
Here Is How Destination Ads Looks

Select Your Targeted Audience :

Keep in mind that Facebook Messenger ads didn’t allow you to target the same audiences in your Facebook Messenger ads account. You can only create a new set of an audience or you can choose the previously saved or can also use the lookalike audiences to target.

For targeting the cold traffic you would exclude any custom audiences [ You can use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs to create and save audiences you’d like to show your ads to ] which you’ve created.

Select Your Targeted Audience

In the custom audience, you can also Exclude and Include peoples.

You can also create your new audience if you want. Your new audience will be in two forms :

  • Custom Audience: In Custom Audience you can reach those peoples who have already interact with your business.
  • Lookalike Audience: In Lookalike Audiences, you can reach new peoples on Facebook which are very similar to your most valuable audiences.

Select Your Targeted Location :

Now you have to select your location and decide that in which particular location you want to show your ads i.e By doing this you’re telling to Facebook that show my ads on this location which I am choosing.

Enter one or more global regions, countries, counties/regions/states, cities, postal codes, addresses or Designated Market Areas to show or exclude your ad to people in those locations. Location targeting is not available in all countries.

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Example: Here I’m choosing my location as the United States as I wanted to show my ads in the United States.


Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

You can select your location on 4 types :


Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

  1. Everyone in your location: In this, you have to select those peoples who are present in your targeted location.
  2. People who live in your location: In this, you have to select those peoples who live in your targeted location.
  3. People recently in your location: In this, you have to target those peoples who recently comes to your location whether they migrated to your location or they come for a trip to your location.
  4. People traveling to your location: In this, you have to target those peoples which are traveling in your targeted location.

Select Age, Gender, And Language :

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business
  • Age: Select the minimum and maximum age of the people who will find your ad relevant.
  • Gender: Choose “All” unless you only want your ads to be shown to either men or women.
  • Language: Choose Language which you want to target those peoples which are speaking that language which you want. Like – English language so, in this case, your ad has to be shown to those peoples who can speak English.

Detailed Targeting :

Here you can define your audience by including or excluding demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

You can select detailed targeting on 2 types :

  • Exclude: You can Include those peoples here for which you want to show your ads.
  • Include: You can Exclude those peoples here for which you don’t want to show your ads.

Choose Ad Placements :

The ad placements determine that where your ads will be served to your audience which you have selected above. Click on the Edit Placements Button and Edit your placements and choose placements of your choice.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

In order to Advertise Messenger home screen ads, you can advertise feeds on Facebook and Instagram, and as well as the Messenger home tab. Make sure that the all other placements should be unchecked while selecting these options for your ads.

Devices Types :

Select your device type for which you want to show your ads. Select One from Mobile Or Desktop.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

  • Mobile: If you select the Mobile type then your ad will be shown to those peoples which are operating on mobiles.
  • Desktop: If you select the Desktop type then your ad will be shown to those peoples which are operating on Desktops.


Asset Customization :

Asset customization allows you to select different images or videos for each place within a single ad.

Platforms :

In the platforms, you have to select the messenger ads column as we are running messenger ads now.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

If by mistake if you choose another type of placement, then you’ll receive this type of message in the form of error.

Budget And Schedule :

Budget: You have to define how much you’d like to spend, and when you’d like your ads to appear.


Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

  • Example: Here My budget is 1,000 rupees for daily basis it will be around $20.

You can select your budget in 2 types :

Your ad set budget is the daily or lifetime amount that you want to spend on this ad set.

  • Daily: A daily budget is an average that you’ll spend every day.
  • Lifetime: A lifetime budget is a maximum that you’ll spend during the lifetime of your ad set.

Schedule: You’ve to decide whether you want to run your ads for continuously or run according to your selected time.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

You can select your ads schedule in 2 types :

  • Continuously: You can Run your ad set continuously.
  • Start And End Date: You can Set a start and end date of your ad.
Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

After then click on the continue button

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Create Your Ad Set

Now It’s time to create your ad set. You have to create your ad set and make your ad set so that more audience will engage with your ads.

Choose your page :

You have to choose your page for which you want to run your ads.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Example: Here in the image below my page is Dynastydigitalnetwork for which I want to run my ads.

Select The Ad Format :

Now you have to select the format of your ad.

You can select the format of your ad in 5 steps :

You can choose anyone from the Carousel, Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow And Collection [ New Feature ]. which best determines how the ad will look on Facebook and Instagram feeds.

1. Carousel: In carousel ad format you can Create an ad with 2 or more scrollable images or videos.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

2. Single Image: In Single Image ad format you can Create up to 6 ads with one image each at no extra charge.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

3. Single Video: In Single Video ad format you can create your ad with one single video.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

4. Slideshow: In Slideshow ad format you can Create a looping video ad with up to 10 images.

5. Collection [ New Feature]: In collection type ad format you can Feature a collection of items that open into a full-screen mobile experience.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business


Now you have to choose the links in your ad set.

Facebook Messenger Ads

In the Links section, You have to choose one of the two Destination options of your choice :

1# If the motive of your ad is to drive traffic to your landing page then you should select the Website URL option and Type Your Landing Page URL. This web page appears in a messenger browser when the user clicks on your ad.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

2# If the motive of your ad is to start a conversation inside messenger [ like Sponsor message ads ] then you must select the Messenger Option.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Fill The Headline, Text, And News Feed Link Description

  • Headline: No More Facebook Ads Traffic Jams
  • Text: Tired of getting run over by Facebook ads? Take a free ride to learn common mistakes to avoid.
  • News Feed Link Description: When sharing a link, this would be the 150-character meta description that is pulled from your website. Here, you’ll need to provide a brief description of what you are promoting.
  • Call-to-action Button: Set your call-to-action Button At the end so that through that button user would reach to you or your website.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

If you choose The Website URL as a destination, Then you’re done and finish the setting up your ad and place your order.

In case if you choose Messenger as a destination, then in order to create a message that will be shown in your messenger conversion you must set up the messenger content first.


How To Set Up Messenger Content ??

After clicking on set up Messenger ads content Now, you have to create the next part of your ad on either side of the tab on standard type. Read also: How To Increase Website Blog Traffic

As you see in the image below the JSON tab, in this you have to modify the code or paste the code which is from the third party automated chat bot programme Like Chatfield or ManyChat. In this article, it shows that how you to use the quick standard tab in which doesn’t require coding or an automated chatbot which was from any third party software.


For maintaining the consistency you have to use the same text inside your Messenger for those users who click from the news feed or choose the text that’s cohesive with the news feed text.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Keep in mind this thing that some people can see your message for the first time inside your Messenger. So don’t assume everyone to see the news feed version first. You also have the option to choose a new image if you want.

From the Actions drop-down list in the image above, choose Buttons or Quick Replies in the form of a call to action.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Message Button: Now her you have to set up your message. This must be different from your headline or description that you’ll find on your standard ad. If you choose the Quick reply button instead of Buttons in the form of a call to action, then coding is required to send an automatic message reply based on the automated chatbot.


If the user sends a message to you then an automatic message will be sent to a user which you select the message in your ads set up.

Example: You Message may look like this.


At the bottom of the standard tab, click on Preview in Messenger App to see a preview of your message in the Messenger app on your mobile device or at from your desktop.

Facebook Messenger Ads For Your Business

Here’s a preview of the message users will see in Messenger when they click your ad.

If you will satisfy with your ad which you create on your Messenger content then click on the Done Button in the right-hand side corner tab.

Then Review your ad’s Summary Details and Place your ad.

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Facebook continues to make an improvement in their advertising tools and now you can easily connect with the prospects and existing customers. Facebook Messenger ads have been an amazing possibility for your business. Facebook Messenger Ads best practices will definitely help you with Personalization and great Re- marketing.

Reaching to your customer in just 5 minutes or may be less than 5 minutes is critical to qualifying a lead, and personalizing those messages will help you to drive lower costs and build loyalty. Ads on the home page of the Messenger was a very good and best way to reach your targeted audience on their mobile devices.

It’s great for starting a sales conversation that is otherwise it will be very hard-to-obtain. You can instantly start real, natural conversations that can help you to nurture a potential lead until they convert. And once you initiate that connection, you have instant access to their inbox for the rest of time.

What do you think? Have you tried creating Facebook Messenger home screen yet?

If No, then start now with the help of this amazing guide and start running your Facebook Messenger ads 2022. 

Let me hear your thoughts in the form of comments in the comment section below!


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