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How To Run Quora Advertisement For Your Business

Whenever it comes to digital advertising the names which Always come to everyone’s mind is Facebook ads and Google Adwords no one thinks about Quora Advertisement Platform to advertise on and you might not aware that you can also run an ad on Quora i.e Quora Advertisement.

A Question and Answer forum, A place to share knowledge and better understand the world i.e Quora. Nowadays Quora is growing day by day. Peoples ask really an interesting Questions on Quora and the answers given by other peoples are in more depth, interesting and thoughtful.

How To Run Quora Advertisement For Your Business
How To Run Quora Advertisement

Last year around 78% of the revenue earned by Google and around 73% of the revenue earned by Facebook ads invoices.

This is an excellent source of knowledge that is peoples ask questions and those who know the answers of those questions they will give an answer because many experts are there across a million and share there knowledge and experience. Previously peoples are giving Answers on Quora just to build their images and strong reputation but nowadays peoples run their business on Quora. Quora moves one step forward and introduce their advertisement. Now you can easily promote your business on Quora with the help of Quora ads. Quora is now open for all business and allows companies to create text native, text-based ads that appear on Quora Newsfeed.

You can easily run Quora ads, make money with Quora advertisement and increase your revenue.

How To Make Money With Quora Advertisement ??

Make money with Quora is not difficult you can easily make money with Quora by running Quora Advertisement. Other Quora Advertisement you can also make money with Quora by doing Affiliate Marketing [ Share your affiliate links in between your answer to promote them ] But now make money with Quora Ads.

I am sure that this guide will help you to run Quora ads.

If you know that how to advertise on Facebook then you can easily understand and use Quora because The campaign structure of Quora is similar to Facebook ads library.

What Is Quora Advertisement ??

Quora ads are those ads which appear in between the newsfeed or in simple words we can say that the ads which placed or seen between answers.

As Quora introduced their advertisement platform which gives the opportunity to advertise on Quora. Now people can start promoting their service or product on Quora with the help of Quora advertisement and make money.

Nowadays Quora ads seem to become popular day by day.

Why Quora Advertisement ??

I will tell you this in some following steps :

  • Quora is a unique way to promote your business over it with the help of Quora ads. It is giving to advertisers to advertise and build a credibility.
  • With the help of Quora Advertisement, you can reach different types of peoples in different locations, male and females depend on your targets.
  • If someone is looking for your business and searching information about your company or business, product or service then quora will show you a slide which is between the insightful responses within a contextually relevant ad.
  • Quora offers advertisers an large amount of audience to engage with them. Quora has a worldwide audience more than 200 million monthly unique visitors. High-quality content full or originality, high users intent on quora based on the content they are reading, measuring in depth for everything and offers a variety of questions topics to target with ads in order so that you can reach the right user at the right time with a right content.
  • Quora makes easy to measure the ROI of your campaigns. You can view standard metrics and track conversions with the help of Quora Pixel.


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What Is New In Quora Advertisement ??

First and the main point is Quora itself i.e Quora introduced his Advertisement platform which allows you to run an advertisement on Quora and promote your service or products on Quora with the help of Quora ads. How To Run Quora Advertisement For Your Business

How Quora ads Work??

If you go in depth in the Facebook ads then you can easily run Quora ads. It will be very easy for you because Quora ads are very familiar with Facebook ads guide.

Quora ads basically work on 4 points :

  1. Create Your Account
  2. Create Your Ad Campaign
  3. Set Your budget and Run Campaign and,
  4. Only Pay For Results

I will explain all points one by one.

  • Create Your Account: In order to run quora advertising, you need a Quora profile and then create your Quora ads manager account, in case if you don’t have an account then create a new one.
  • Create Your ad Campaign: After setting up your Quora ads manager account you need to create your ad campaign for run your ads. Choose your headline, description text, your landing page and your call to action button [ Fully explained below ] define your campaign in a good way and then start your ads.
  • Set Your Budget: Set your budget for your ads i.e how much are you willing to spend on your ads and set your CPC bid i.e how much you pay when someone clicks on your ads. If someone clicks on your ad and redirecting to your URL then you should get paid on each click in the form of CPC bidding [ Cost Per Click ].
  • Pay For Results: Pay for results means you will pay when someone clicks on your ad. Creating Quora account is free. You will decide that how much you will pay to Quora for each click or action perform by the user on your ad and you will get paid in the form of budget and bidding process.


How To Create Your Quora Business Account To Run Quora Ads ??

To start with Quora Advertisement you have to set up your Quora business ad account to quora advertising Platform and give all your information.

After starting they will ask you some information about your business and your account information. You will ready to giving your information and all these information are secured and input your business information like address, account name, business name etc you need to fill that information clearly.

Then they will ask you some additional information like your website name description, your business description and in case if you don’t have website or business description then you can simply leave that part and move forward.

You need to fill the email address so that Quora will Inform or notify time to time activities happening in your account like updates, errors, ads information etc through the mail.

Then, click on create account button and your account will create and you will directly re-directed to your Quora Ads manager account.

Overlook In Quora Ads Manager ??

See how your Quora ads manager looks like:

Manage Your Quora Ads Dashboard

You can easily manage your dashboard and see the performance of your campaigns. On the left-hand side, there is a summary of all your spending amount and the results you achieve after running ads.

Impressions: Impressions shows that how much time your ad is placed in front of peoples. If your ad is placed 200 times in front of your visitors then we call it 200 Impressions.

Clicks: Clicks we simply called that how much clicks you receive during your advertisement i.e When you run your ads it shows in front of peoples and if someone clicks on your ad then he will be redirected to your link which you put while setup your campaign and we receive clicks on our ad. If we receive 50 clicks during campaign then it will be shown 50 clicks in the dashboard.

Conversions: Conversions means simply that how many peoples convert into customers through your ads. Like from visitor to your customer we simply called them conversions and if someone converts from your ad then it will automatically be shown on your dashboard.

Spending: It is the total amount which you spend on your campaigns.

You can also see by selecting the time frame on the upper right side of the graph.

  • All Time
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last 7 Days
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last Month
  • This Month
  • Custom

Below the trends graph, you will find the performance of all your campaigns. Here is an example. 

There are also default columns status in which you can’t edit, delete, replace or add. Like same as Facebook and google Quora’s dashboard Also Shows a summary of your all campaigns.

  • Campaign Name
  • Delivery
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Cost per Click
  • Conversions
  • Conversions % [ Conversion rate ]
  • Spend
  • Remaining Budget


Account Billing?

Now, You have to complete your billing section in order to run your quora advertising.

Go to the billing section which is on the right side of the managing ads. Then you have to add your card there to get started to run your quora advertising.

You can add or remove your card in billing section and also update your payments methods.

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Account Settings?

This is where you have to put your all information about yourself, your account and your business. It also contains your ad contact information, account number, and your address.

In this tab, you can easily add a new user to your account by typing their names and it will be really easy if they already have Quora account.

Note: Users added in your account have full rights to create and edit your ad campaigns, update our billing settings and whatever they want they want to do in your account they can do.

Quora Ads Campaign Structure?

Before we starting to set up a campaign structure of Quora ads take a look at his structure :

  • Campaign
  • Ad Set
  • Ad

The Quora ads campaign structure is as same as the structure of Facebook ads or you can say that Quora campaigns structure is very much familiar with Facebook campaign ads structure.

How To Setup Quora Ads Campaign ??

Every one in this world want to create campaigns that reach more audience and they can promote their product or service all over the world people always looks for Facebook ads and Google Adwords for the promotion of their product or service but nowadays Quora also introduced their ad platform in market and trying to compete with Facebook and Adwords. Advertisement on Quora is very simple and you can also advertise on Quora. Read this guide and follow the steps.

Step # 1: Create Your Ad Campaign

Let’s get started with your first Quora campaign, Go to your dashboard and click on the blue color button on the right side indicated as a “+create campaign”

Step # 2: Campaign Creating Settings

Now after click on create campaign button you will be redirected to the new page where you have to complete your campaign settings. Looking very similar to Facebook ads campaign settings, where you have to select your campaign name, campaign objective, your budget for your ads and scheduling of your ads.

1. Your Campaign Name

Enter the name of your campaign there in the campaign name box.

2. Choose Your Campaign Objective

There are two objects of your campaign :

  • Conversions
  • App Installs

Once if you select an objective for your campaign then you can’t change the objective of your campaign but if you want to change then you can simply create a new campaign and delete another campaign with the wrong objective. You can pick optimize for either App install or conversions.

  • Conversions: In conversions type, you Send users to your website or to a landing page where you would like them to complete an action.
  • App Installs: In-App Installs type you Send users to the download page for your mobile application.

And Quora has integrated with KochavaTUNEAppsFlyer, and Adjust for mobile app installation performance measurement.

3. Set Budget For Your campaign

Now you have to set your budget for your campaign this you can do in two ways: Daily Maximum Budget and Lifetime Budget.

  • Daily Maximum Budget: Daily Maximum Budget is The maximum overall amount that can be spent on this campaign in a single day.
  • Lifetime Budget: Lifetime Budget is The total amount which can be spent a lifetime on this campaign.

Note: You have to decide whether you want to put Daily Maximum Budget On Your campaign or Lifetime Budget on your campaign.

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4. Scheduling Of Your Ads

You can start your ad immediately or you can also set a start date and end date of your campaign [ It is good because once you set your start date and date of your campaign then it will stop automatically on time you didn’t worry to stop ad ].

Note: Quora doesn’t run your ads for few hours it will be running for 24 hours [ 1 day ] during the time you selected while setting up of your campaign.

Step # 3: Create Your Ad Set

Now time to create your ad set. Here you can target your location where you want to run your ads and the bidding process i.e how many bids you want to put.

1. Ad Set Name

Now, Here you have to name your ad and this is the future-proof and organized and utilized by clear naming conventions.

2. Primary Targeting

Quora ads allow you to target peoples based on Topic, Question, Audience, and Interest. You can target anyone from above which you wanna like to target your audience in particular category. And while setting up your ad set you may only choose one target type at one time.

Topic Targeting: Now, you can target your audience based on topics. It is generally seen that ads run which is on topic targeting works well because in the topic we generally target specific topics on which we want to show our ads and peoples come to answer to questions and more likely to click on an ad related to it. Before target, topic-wise does some research on topics on which you want to target your ads.

Example: If you want to target your ads on topics like Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Business Or Digital Marketing then you have to simply write keywords and Quora will automatically target your ads on those topics which you mentioned for targeting while setting up your campaign.

Question Targeting: Question targeting is also a good way and you can run your ads on the questions of your Own choice i.e if you have a particular question on which you want to show you as then you can easily target that question.

Example: If you want to target your ad on question Like what is Business, Marketing or Investor then you should write keywords as written below in the box and Quora will automatically target your ads on those questions which you mentioned for targeting while setting up your campaign.

Audience Targeting: This is one of the best ways to promote on Quora you can target audience of your own choice. click on the button create an audience as shown in the image below to target your audience But in order to target your audience first you have to set up your Quora Pixel and then you can target your audience.

Interest Targeting : Interest targeting is also a good way i.e you can easily target those peoples who have interest in specific things and you can also target those peoples which is good for your product or service which you are promoting or having interest in your product or service and by doing this you can easily convert those peoples into your buyers or clients.

Example: Like If you want to target those peoples who have interest in Movies, Hollywood Movies, Games Or Cricket then you should write keywords as written below in the box below and Quora will automatically target your ads to those peoples who have interest in those keywords which you mentioned while setting up your campaign.


3. Secondary Targeting

Locations: You can target your location where you want to place your ads, It depends on you that in which location/country you want to show your ads. Target your location on the basis of your product or service i.e from which country you can get the benefit of promoting your Product or Service.

For Example: if I want to target my ads in Canada then I will select Canada there and click on continue.

More Locations: You can also find more locations by typing zip or postal codes of cities, states or countries in order to add multiple locations on your ad set. Like in the image below if I want to target the Canberra then here is the zip code of Canberra which I write-in box below and target Canberra.

Tip: You should target USA, U.K, and Australia in one ad set rather than targeting all countries in one ad set because by targeting differently and creating different ad set you can easily find that which ad is performing better in which country.

Platforms :

There are 2 platforms for targeting your ads :

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

You can choose any platform of your choice for your ads.

  • Desktop: If you choose a Desktop option then your ad will be shown only on the desktop window manager. Like if you want to show your ads in USA country then people using Desktop will see your ads not peoples who using mobile phones.
  • Mobile: If you choose Mobile option then your ad will be shown only on Mobile phones. Like if you want to show your ads in Australia country then people who are using Mobile phones in Australia will see your ads not peoples who are using Laptops or computers.

Excluded Locations, Questions, and Audience:

  • Excluded Locations: Enter one or more states, cities, countries or zip codes to exclude your ads from peoples in these locations.
  • Excluded Questions: Choose one or more Question you would like to exclude from targeting with this ad set.
  • Excluded Audience: Choose a saved audience you would like to exclude from targeting with this ad set.


You can only exclude your audience after setting up your Quora Pixel.

Tip: If your website is not well optimized for mobile traffic or if you’re better on Desktop then create device-specific ad set just want to see the difference between the performances of ads on Mobile and Desktop.

From Our Experience Mobile traffic is cheaper than Desktop traffic and drives the majority of conversions.

” The Whole Game Is Of Testing! The more you test the ads the more you know about the difference. So, tests more ads as much as you can ”


Setting Your Bidding :

This [ Bidding ] also plays an important role while setting up your campaign. A bid is something that when the user clicks on your ad then a specific amount is deducted in the form of a bid from your account. You will set Bid while setting up your campaign.

If you don’t know that how to set bid Quora also shows a certain amount of bid to you while setting up your campaign. It is not necessary that you only put suggested bid you can also put bid from your choice.

Tip: In first time setting up your campaign put your bid as suggested by Quora and then by the passage of time you cam to know the process of bidding and you can easily set the low bid of your choice.

Step # 4: Create Your Ads :

Writing of the text part is very easy and you can easily create your ads. If you have some experience in creating your text ads in past then you wouldn’t find any difficulty. The text ads part is very similar to the Google Adwords Text ads part. Now you have to create your text ads.

Quora has a high standard of their ads and a high Quality of content alongside. Before creating your ad sets you must read the Quora content policies and Guidelines.Your ads should be very much clear, well-formatted and free from grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors and see Quora rules and policies.

Let’s start creating your Ads :

1: Your Ad Name

Write your ad name in the ad name column.

2: Business Name

Write Your business name in Business name column. You will get 40 Letters to write your business name.

3: Headline Sentence

Now come in the headline part the headline part must be in full sentences and must end with a punctuation mark. You have given maximum 65 characters by Quora for writing your Headline.

  • Not acceptable: We are looking for an SEO expert. Learn More
  • Acceptable: We are looking for an SEO expert. Learn More.

4: Body Text

You have given maximum 105 characters to write your body text part. Abbreviations were acceptable in body text and good to use the full word instead of abbreviations and if the ad copy contains unnecessary capitalization then it should not be acceptable by Quora.

  • Not Acceptable: Big discount shop now. Don’t miss a GREAT DEAL
  • Acceptable: Big discount shop now. Don’t miss a great deal.

Don’t Do :

  1. Don’t use profanity.
  2. Don’t use links in your ad copy.
  3. Don’t use Quora name in your ad copy if you don’t have permission to mention the name.
  4. Don’t add sexual content in your ad copy.

5: Landing/Destination Page

Your destination or landing page must be working on all platforms and in all browsers that you have mentioned in your landing page or destination page option while creating your ad.

Your Landing/Destination page must have these points :

  • Clearly reflecting the product or service been promoting in your ad.
  • Should be in English.
  • Should not link to any file which requires additional programs.
  • Should not contain Quora name if you don’t have any permission.
  • Working properly all links should be working properly.
  • The design should be good and attractive.

6: Display URL

For your Display URL, you have given 30 characters. Should also consist of the domain of the final URL. Consist of Lowercase Letters like “business”.

7: Call to Action

You can also add a call to action button to your ad just like as same as Facebook ads. Quora provides you 16 different CTAs. You can choose CTAs according to your product or service. Example In the picture ” Learn More “.

Step # 5: Your Ad Preview

On the right-hand side, you can see the preview of your ad i.e see how your ad looks like which you create.

    How To Set Up You Quora Pixel

    Quora Pixel setup is necessary for you in order to track events and allows you to track conversions on ad campaigns which are really an impressive thing for a young platform. That code sends data back to Quora and then Quora can measure all activity happening in your account and, track your conversions and optimize them according to him. Quora Pixel is same as Facebook ads Pixel which we set up in Facebook ads to track conversions and the activities happening on our website and making it as an initial part of the Quora ads.

    Now, click on the setup pixel button.

    From here Quore will give you two options in order to install your pixel.

    #1: Install Basic Pixel Code

    Copy that code from there and install on your site’s pages. Insert this code between the <head></head> tags of every page on your website.

    Either you can install a javascript pixel or install an Image pixel. But I will recommend you to install first because it loads faster and it will be much less blocked by extensions on users computers than the second one. But if you are installing the second one then you must have to read and agree to the Quora’s Term Of Use.

    #2: Install Event Code

    After installing the basic code now you will Install this code on pages of your website where you expect conversions to occur. This helps Quora to register that what type of conversions happened on each page.

    Here You have 3 options :

    • Option 1: Page Load Events If you chose option A [ Install a javascript Pixel ] on the previous screen, install this code immediately following the line of code that reads <!– End of Quora Pixel Code –>.
    • Option 2: Inline Action Events If you chose Option B [ Install an Image Pixel ] on the previous screen, install this code inside an event handler like an on Click javascript method.
    • Option 3: If you are installing Install an Image Pixel then you must have agreed to Quora’s Term Of Use.

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    #3: Verify Your Proper Pixel Installation

    To verify your conversion pixel installation, visit that page where you think to be converted to occur.

    Final Thoughts

    Quora ads are good for both B2B and B2C marketers but give better results for B2B marketers. The Quora ads are very similar to PPC ads and Facebook ads or we can say that the mixture of PPC and Facebook ads. The whole game is of testing the more you test the ads the more you understand them better. You would see peoples saying that ” Practice Makes A Man Perfect ” but here ” Testing Makes A Man Perfect “.

    Go and start running your ads on Quora. If still, you find any difficulty you are free to comment below or to send a Query on our support page.

    Note: We are now offering SEO Brisbane services, Contact us for a free appointment.

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