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10 reasons to create self-hosted WordPress Blog

Self-hosted WordPress Blog? I didn’t have one. I had (but they are still active) three free-hosted blogs; two at and one at They are completely free in a sense that nothing goes out of my pocket for managing and hosting them. I can keep on writing articles after articles and uploading videos after videos. I can also upload galleries and galleries of photos. I didn’t have to pay even a single penny.

I also don’t have to do anything. Everything, starting from basic theme uploads to their customization is just a matter of few rightful clicks.

10 reasons to create a self-hosted WordPress blog

I have been blogging in blogspot since my college days. My blogging experience can be accredited to my thus far relationship with But it was sometimes later I joined I have better experience in blogspot than WordPress. Whatsoever, the point is I have nurtured those blogs with consistent love, care, dedication and passion. I also have a good number of articles in them.

One day I thought that if I were to delete or leave them unattended, it would be like wasting 5 years plus of my labour and time used in managing them. I also thought that it would be cruel on my part to leave behind something that has almost become inseparable parts of me.

However, after days of thinking and numerous consultations with blogging experts, I have finally decided to leave them at shore and create myself with another blog – a blog that can be a blog in true sense. In this way this blog was born as my first and quite possibly the last self-hosted WordPress blog.

10 reasons behind opening my self-hosted WordPress blog despite having other free platforms: Message for people blogging in free-hosted blogs.

#1 Just not a serious blogger

You may be having a free-hosted blog in any of those free blogging platforms. But by definition, you won’t qualify to be a blogger in true sense. A true Blogger must have some willingness to make some financial sacrifices despite knowing quite well that it’ll take some times in getting it recovered.

In free-hosted blogs, since everything comes free of cost, there is no basis to prove yourself as being a serious blogger. But in self-hosted WordPress, since you have to pay for domain and hosting space, you have something to prove that you are a serious blogger.

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 #2 Problems of all being free

When everything is given free of cost without anything in return from us, we tend to become lazy and too dependent. We won’t think out of box to face various issues. That’s why in normal condition, self-hosted blog owner tend to know more than those of free-hosted blogs.

#3 Hard to gain trust online

What is the reason for getting your Google Adsense application rejected despite having good traffics and number of posts? Why application of your friend got approved immediately despite having low traffics and less number of published articles?

The main reason is difference in level of Google Adsense’s trust placed on you and your friend. You must be free-hosted blogger whereas your friend is a self-hosted WordPress blogger. This applies to other blogging related parties too.

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#4 Less monetization programs

You know it right. Almost all content monetization programs are designed and available for self-hosted WordPress blogs. They also know that free-hosted bloggers won’t be able to earn more despite taking all possible measures in implementing them.

You cannot integrate any of the content monetization programs in free-hosted WordPress blog. This means you have to forgo the thought of making money by content monetization. But in blogspot, you can integrate few out of many.

#5 Less customization rights

When you are provided everything for free, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything. They are free for reasons; you’ll be having only limited rights in doing theme and design customization. In free-hosted WordPress, you cannot even use third party themes.

#6 No personal brand power

All things related to a self-hosted blog belong to its owner technically. Once my domain ( ) is registered, it will remain as my property unless I want to sell it off to other parties.

But in free-hosted blogging, my domain ( doesn’t belong to me. This is also the case with all the contents of the blogs. Read also: How to Increase Domain Authority MOZ

#7 No mutual benefits

In self-hosted WordPress blog, you are paying for the disk space and for other ancillary services if they provide. This means both parties are getting benefited.

But in free-hosted blogging, you don’t have to pay anything. But you are indirectly helping those free blogging service providers remain in business by taking their products. Only they are benefited. See I told you already, they are free with reasons.

#8 Change in my Objective

Blogging in those free-hosted platforms will be more or less like blogging only out of passion for writing and sharing them with a wider audience. I have been with that objective. But now I have to take another step; I want to blog out of passion for writing and sharing them with other wider audience, but also make some money.

#9 SEO Responsiveness

In free-hosted blogging platforms, the readerships a blogger gets will never be justifiably equal to the amount of hard work and time he put in it. There are so many factors. I hated this. I should get rewarded in the form of increase in readers with the increase in number of articles I have published and amount of time dedicated for them. The harsh truth is this will hardly happen in free-hosted blogs unlike in self-hosted WordPress blog.

#10 Practice Ground

If I am not very much familiar with workings of self-hosted WordPress blogs, I can always create another blog in free-hosted WordPress to practice and horn my skills required in blogging. But this isn’t there in other free-hosting platforms.

One more reason is to do with my psychology. I have always wanted to own one self-hosted WordPress blog. The sense of attachment is also higher when a blog was created by paying something from your pocket. We will always try to make it appear the best. This will ensure continuous zeal for learning new things.

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Your Turn

If you are currently blogging in free-hosted blogging platforms, I think it’s time you make a next step and start your own self-hosted WordPress blog. Nothing much will be lost with the availability of many hosting companies in the market at reasonable rates.

You just have to study them and pick the best. I also did the same and picked Ehost looking at the rates they charge, responsiveness to our queries, popularity and then compatibility of its services/products with other WordPress related products. I recommend you ehost for you.


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