SEMrush Review 2022: Compete Your Competitors In Search Results

In this article, we will learn how to reviews semrush, If you are interested in me semrush platform review, You can continue reading to the next. 

What is SEMRush? & How you compete your competitors on the search page. Ever you think that how websites rank on the first page in the Google search engine?

How did they rank for the first position?

Absolutely yes, every bloggers or website owners think and wonder that how it can be done (issued in results for the given keyword) . They always seek to find a solution that can help them to reach on the first page of Google.

You are googling something like how to be first on Google search engine or how to rank a website on the first page and How to leaderboard on competitors in the search engine and so on... 

SEMrush Review 2023: Compete Your Competitors In Search Results
SEMrush Review

And absolutely you find many solutions and also I got many solutions too when searching on Google. But Where those solutions are pointing about, Any guess?

All solutions are roaming around seo and Content quality. The better the SEO and content quality, the better possibility to rank on the first page.

So here we are talking about how to maintain SEO to rank on the first page with the help of Sem rush Toolkit.


What is SEMRush? & How you compete your competitors on the search page

You want to be on top of your game. Keeping up with the latest SEO trends and techniques is hard, but SEMrush makes it easy for you. The best part? It’s not just a one-time investment. You get all the tools and information you need for just $99 a month. That includes keyword research, competitor analysis, site audit and rank tracking tools, and more! 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Advanced Keyword Research: Find out which keywords your competitors are targeting with SEMrush's proprietary database of over 3 billion keywords from more than 180 countries worldwide. This ensures you'll never run out of keywords to target in your own campaigns or pay for expensive PPC ads that target irrelevant terms. 
  • SEMrush review: How it’s work & How you compete your competitors on the search page. 

What is Sem rush?

SEMrush is a powerful search engine optimization and marketing tool. Which includes some very powerful tools to enhance your digital marketing.

semrush marketplace review, Sem rush is a complete package for Digital Marketers which gives analyzed data to grow their digital marketing. It is a smart tool I ever have seen and I think there is no such tool like SEMrush.

You can use this tool for some tasks like Organic research, Backlink analysis, position tracking, Keyword analysis, Organic competitors, Social media monitoring and much more.

Do your domain analysis and see how much your site wear organic traffic, organic keywords, competitors keywords and much more. Just put your website name and hit the enter which will show your website analysis.

In this Sem rush review, I will cover all tools whatever SEMrush offer in details, and also guide you how to use each tool.

SEMRUSH Feature in Quick Point Wise

  1. Site Audit
  2. Position Tracking
  3. Social Media Tools
  4. PPC Keyword Tools
  5. Brand Monitoring
  6. Organic Traffic Insight
  7. SEO Ideas
  8. Backlink Audit
  9. Domain Overview
  10. Organic Research
  11. Backlink
  12. Advertising Research
  13. PLA Research
  14. Video Advertising
  15. Display Advertising
  16. Traffic Analytic.
  17. Rank Tracking
  18. Charts
  19. Keyword Overview
  20. Keyword Phrase Match
  21. Related Keyword Reports
  22. Ads History
  23. Keyword Difficulty
  24. semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Register at SEMRUSH and add Your Domain

You can register on SEMRUSH by clicking on Register button at right side. After registration, enter a domain name and click on add domain button. After that, create your project, you can write any name in the project box and click on create. You can see below image to correctly understand what I am talking about. 

semrush review

SEMRush Dashboard

After successfully added domain and create the project, you will see a dashboard with many tools such as site audit, social media tools, PPC tools, position tracking tools, brand mention, organic traffic insight, backlink audit and SEO ideas. These tools will help to see the website health in real-time. 

SEMRush Dashboard

5 Sections to Hijack competitors’ Strategy

The new navigation of SEMrush has just confined all the tools in 5 categories that cover entire digital marketing workflow. It has been done by SEMrush keeping us in mind to make as much easier as possible.

The SEMrush simplified the menu for users to make it user-friendly. They have organized all the tools available in SEMrush to in several sections. Now, SEMrush offers you all toolkit in 5 sections SEO, Advertising, Social media, Content marketing, and Competitive research toolkit semrush employee reviews.

1. SEO Toolkit

The SEO Toolkit is specially designed for search engine optimization and it helps you to monitor and improve your website ranking. It can also help you to monitor your and your competitors’ position in the SERPs for the targeted keywords. It analyzes the backlinks, incoming traffic, keyword difficulty, and on page SEO to help you get a better result in SERPs.

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Competitive Research

Competitive research tool gives you the gap information between you and your competitors. See their strategies and keep an eye on their strategy like see, from where they referring and which Spy keywords for they rank. 

Let’s see the tools available in competitive research-

  • semrush Domain Overview

Domain overview gives you the complete information about any website whether it’s your competitor or not. You can see their organic traffic, their backlinks, their keywords count, paid search, and much more to steal their strategy. Access their performance for both Desktop and Mobile.

Want to see any website data, just type their name in the box and hit the enter and see the magic.

This is the domain overview of, you can see also your Domain overview.


Domain Overview

In this section, you will find complete information about your domain such as backlink, traffic cost in the different country, keyword position. Here is a complete list, what you found in this section.

  1. Organic Search (SEMRUSH Rank, keyword , traffic cost)
  2. Paid Search (Keyword, traffic cost)
  3. Backlinks (Referring domain, referring IP)
  4. Display Advertising (Publishers & Advertisers both)
  5. Organic Keyword (from which country)
  6. Track all time organic and paid traffic.
  7. Top organic keywords (Live Update)
  8. Organic position distribution (by chart)
  9. Main organic Competitor (Live Update)
  10. Competition positioning map
  11. Google Paid Search Data
  12. Complete Backlink information with anchor text
  13. See top anchors
  14. Referring Domain (IP and Country information)
  15. See indexed page
  16. Display advertising
  17. Video advertising.

So, this completion information that you found in SEMRUSH domain overview section.

  • Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics is the new tool of SEMrush that allows you to check your traffic as you do in Google analytics. But SEMrush traffic analytics has the smart tool you can compare your traffic with maximum 5 others traffic and use that data to improve your SERPs ranking.

>>Subscribing to Semrush .Trends 7-day trial plan<<

In this traffic analysis of, you can see the visits, unique visitors, page/visit, bounce rate, and much more. Now you can see your website traffic analysis. Type your website name in SEMrush search bar and choose the traffic analytics in the left drop-down menu. 


Traffic Analytics

  • Organic Research

This tool can give you a detailed analysis of a domain on the basis of their keywords or phrase.

The above organic research is of You can see their keywords count, each keyword ranking, keep eyes on keywords position changes and traffic share for each keyword and difficulty for each.

You can use organic research tools to find your website or blog keyword position, keyword, traffic cost. You can also find your keyword position, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, keyword volume etc in different countries.

  1. Go to Domain Analytic.
  2. Click on organic research.
  3. Enter your domain in the search box and click on search.
  4. If you want to track your keyword in the different country, click on country name button.


Traffic Analytics

  • Keyword Gap

This tool has previously known as domain vs. domain tool. This tool is basically for comparison between domains on the basis of their keywords. You can check how many Spy keywords are matching with others website domain by this tool. This will help you to analyze your competitors more efficiently.

The comparison of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and Shopclues is shown in the figure below.


Keyword Gap
semrush keyword gap tool

  • Backlink Gap

This is also a competitor research tool that allows you to see the backlinks number of your and your competitors’. See the competitors’ backlinks from where they got backlinks.

This is the opportunity to look at the competitors’ backlinks and try to get backlinks from where they got. Increase your backlinks and try to improve your ranking.

This is some example where we compare Shouterworld, Shayleesmith, seoofblog, hariforyou, and bloggingden blogs.

Backlink Gap

Keyword Research

These research tools provide you a powerful tool to perform a thorough keyword analysis.

  • Keyword Overview

This gives you a complete keyword analysis. The volume, number of results, competition, keyword trend, related keywords, and organic search results.

This will help you to find a high volume keyword with low competition that can help you to rank fastly for that keyword.

Keyword Research is very important for any website owner. You can find the complete detail of any keyword with these tools. SEMRUSH keyword Research tools are unique and actionable tools to find the correct keywords. The feature of these tools is here.

  1. It show the keyword volume
  2. Number of Results
  3. It also show CPC for Different Countries(Cost Per Click)
  4. Find Keyword Competition
  5. Keyword Trend
  6. Keyword Competitor

Keyword Overview

  • semrush Keyword Magic Tool

The keyword magic tool is used for researching the keywords with different matchings. When you type a keyword it gives you millions of suggestion for that keyword. It works like google keyword planner but it has smart filters so that you can filter out your niche related keywords quickly.

Yes, you hear it right. SEO keyword magic is an awesome to generate long tail keyword idea. It shows the complete information of every keyword. Here is how to generate long tail keywords with this tools.

  • Click on SEO Keyword Magic tool.
  • Write your main keyword in search box and click on search.
  • After few second, complete detail available for your main and most related keywords.
  • You can write down every keyword in your favorite text editor program.
  • Delete the unrelated, Very Low CPC, Very Low Volume keyword.
  • After that, you can mix up all of your keywords in one line with your brain.
  • I think, you learn it.


Keyword Magic Tool

This will help you out to find high volume low competition keywords related to your niche. 

  • Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager tool allows you to make a thorough analysis of 100 keywords at a time. It gives you information about difficulty, volume, result, and features available for that keyword in SERPs.

This will allow you to choose a better list of keyword for content writing and for the campaign, install semrush seo writing assistant review. 


Keyword Manager

Just add your keywords to the keyword difficulty box and hit show Manager.

Then it will show you all possible features available in SERPs and Difficulty with their volume.

  • Organic Traffic Insight

This is the tool I loved must. This tool is similar to Google analytics, but it has more grasp on your website traffic.

You might have noticed that traffics come from organically, most of them are shown as “not provided” in google analytics. So, here SEMrush is a very helpful tool that reveals the not provided traffic.

You have to do is add your google analytics Id to SEMrush and then see the magic. Your all not provided traffics are reveal here which are helpful to improve your SEO with real visitors.

Organic Traffic Insight

With SEMRUSH organic traffic insight tool, you can find the detailed analysis of your organic traffic. You can connect this tool with Google Analytic to enable SEMRUSH organic traffic insight

Link Building

Link building tool is all about backlink analysis (Free Backlink checker tool to check backlinks) It allows you to conduct the in-depth analysis of your and your competitors’ backlinks.

  • Backlink Analytics

This will help you to build your backlinks by keeping eyes on your competitors’ new and lost backlinks.

Backlink analytics allows you to conduct the in-depth analysis of backlinks which opens a new opportunity for you to improve your SEO.

This is the data for shouterworld (now which shows all new and lost backlinks. This will show the type of backlinks, follow vs. nofollow, top anchors, country, and TLD distribution.

  • Backlink Audit

This allows you to audit your backlinks in deeply to know their toxicity, removed backlinks "How to Get High Quality Backlinks " , each backlink toxic score, and etc.

The backlinks are the important factor to rank your website on the search engine page. The number of backlinks and quality decide the ranking of your site in search engine results.

To audit your backlinks, go to navigation bar in the left >SEO Toolkit >Backlink audit

semrush review - Backlink Audit

Add your project and then connect your search console to the SEMrush. If any problem occurs, see the help provided by SEMrush and connect step by step as they describe.

After adding the console, you will see the result. The result of this audit show you the toxic backlinks which can cause an adverse effect on your ranking in the SERPs. Here is my backlink audit result.

The report of my backlink audit has no toxic backlink, so it doesn’t show in the report. When you have any toxic backlink then it will show at the top with red caution icon. If any toxic links are shown then must consider to remove them.

  • Link Building Tool

Link building tool allows you to build link on the basis of your keywords. You can see your competitors in your niche and their backlinks.

SEMrush is the best tool for this purpose and link building is the most powerful tool to outrank your competitors. Viewing your competitor’s backlink is the very important thing to gain higher rank from them in the search result.

This can be done in three steps.

  • Type your keywords for which you want to build backlink.
  • Type your competitors name.
  • build your backlinks.

When you follow those steps, the result looks like this.

The prospects show you the list of sources where you can build your backlinks by various methods. Ask them to mention your link with briefly describing them how they get benefit by describing your link. Manually add links to that website by commenting and participating in forums. Ask bloggers to review your product that also makes a backlink.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking helps you to monitor your rank on the various platform desktop, mobile, and tablet.

SEMRUSH rank every website with his popularity, traffic and Speed. With This tool, you can see your website ranking in the world.

  • semrush Position Tracking

You can check your keyword rankings daily with position tracking tools. You can check up to 10 keywords with free SEMRUSH account. For check more keyword ranking, you can buy pro account. Here is how to setup position tracking tools.

  1. Click on position tracking tools
  2. You can add the keyword in the sandbox.
  3. You can add keyword manually or add from SEMRUSH or Google Analytics account by clicking it.
  4. After that, click on add to project.
  5. Click on start tracking.

  • Sensor

The sensor tool shows you the variations in the SERPs. You can also check the volatility for each category.

You can check for all devices, country wise, and this is updated daily.

This report shows you all SERPs features occurrences and their changes, HTTPS and HTTP usages charts.

On Page & Tech SEO

 This section allows you to conduct SEO audit for your website.

  • Site Audit

Site audit allows you to do quickly SEO audit for your website and see where improvements are needed. The site audit tool is very important to rank out in the search results.

Site audit will give a detailed report of our site. Other tools also give a detailed site audit report. But www also gives a solution, where to improve our site.

Here the steps for how you can do site audit for your website.

  • You can click on-site audit from SEMRUSH dashboard.
  • A configure box will open.
  • You can click on configure according to your need and click on start site audit.
  • After setting up site audit, it will take some time.
  • After few minute, these tools provide a detailed analysis of your site. You can see a screenshot of my site audit report.

Then start the site audit and wait for some minute until SEMrush crawls your site and make your report.

This report shows you how healthy your website is. The errors, warnings, and notices that need the improvement to increase your SEO.

  • SEO Content Template

This tool helps you to make SEO friendly content by analyzing your targeted keyword. The tool analyzes your keyword with top 10 google’s pages and gives the recommendation how to create SEO friendly content.

To create an SEO template, go to left navigation bar >content marketing toolkit >SEO Content templates.

Just add your keywords for which you want the recommendation from SEMrush.

This report will give you the top 10 competitors for that keyword. Suggest you the related keywords, backlinks, readability, text length, and video content suggestion. Here, I’m seeing the recommendation for SEMrush review which gives this report.

  • On Page SEO Checker

This tool has previously name as SEO ideas tool. This tool is similar to the site audit tool as it gives you the ranking ideas for your website. Create your project and add your site then run on page SEO checker tool.

Here the report of my website (now known as It gives you the ideas to improve your rank in search engines. It gives you strategy, backlinks, technical SEO, User experience, SERP feature, semantic and content ideas.

This is a thorough page by page analysis which gives an amazing result which can be taken to improve your on-page SEO.

2. Advertising Toolkit

This toolkit helps you out to plan, analyze and improve your advertisement campaign. Advertising toolkit is a great tool for who use the Google Adwords, Google display network, and Adsense.

Competitive Analysis

This Tool is great for revealing your paid competitors. See their biddings on the keywords and their live running ad.

  • Advertising Research

Advertising research tool is great for advertisers who run their campaign on Google Adwords on the daily basis. See your competitors paid advertising keywords, their bidding, and their ad. This report shows your competitors paid keywords count, traffic generated by paid keywords, and traffic cost of Amazon.

If you run any ad campaign for your blog or website. You can track your every ad such as video ad, display one by one with these tools.

  • Charts

Charts are used for making the data of PPC spends, keywords and traffic volume for various competitors to compare them. It is very useful to show big data in the pictorial form and easy to understand.

If you want to add or show your keyword traffic chart for your visitor. You can grab your domain chart code and add it to your blog.

  1. Go to chart tab under domain analytic tab.
  2. Click on grab the chart code for your domain. A chart box open
  3. In the chart box, write down domain name, choose width and height, select link and dot color, write SEMRUSH referral code etc.
  4. Click on Generate Trend Code.
  5. Copy the trend code and paste it on your blog.

Keyword Research

Keyword research tool helps you to find out the keywords which are used by your competitors in paid search. The keyword research is all about to make your ROI maximum by gathering competitors data.

  • Keyword Gap

keyword gap is used for to see the keywords that are used by competitors and not used by you. This tool shows you the common keywords between you and your competitor’s website.

Want to see more about Keyword gap, head over the keyword gap in section SEO toolkit.

  • PPC Keyword Tool

This tool is used to find out the pay per click ad keywords of your competitors. When you run out the campaign then it is necessary to find profitable keywords and which can be also difficult to find out the right keyword that works for your campaign correctly.

Put your competitors in the PPC keyword tool and see their PPC keywords, export them into your Google keyword and plan to get the better result in paid search.

This is the result when I am trying to create a PPC keywords list and I think it is similar to Google keyword planner. But I see some extra feature like cross-group negatives, removal of duplicates, and others. So this tool looking more controllable than others.

PPC Keyword Tool

PPC Keyword means Pay per Click. You can find the CPC of all of your keyword with SEMRUSH PPC tools. You can also create and manage the different campaign and ad group with this tool.

Ads Research and creation

This tool helps you to research the past history of keywords, the present competitor’s keywords, and new ideas for Keywords.

Keyword Ads History

keyword ads history shows you all data about a keyword that are used by many websites from years. This includes the position of the websites, ad type, ad heading, and content. This will help you to make better advertisement by seeing your competitors ad and taking their ideas.

This is the result of iPhone keyword showing the website and their position month by month and also ad type.

  • Display Advertising

This is used to get new insight into your campaign for both devices desktop and mobile. Analyze the text, HTML, and banner ads. It helps to find the biggest publisher in your niche.

This will show you the percentage of used media, HTML, and text ads. You can see the displayed ads for all the devices, displayed ads country wise, and their activity trend.

  • Ad Builder

This tool helps you to create your own advertisement. It is a friendly builder, no pre-knowledge is required.

Export your built Advertisement directly into Google AdWords, it is reliable.

Here the steps, how you can make an ad for your website.

  • Go to Ad builder in the advertising section.
  • Create your project or open already made a project.
  • competitor’s domain or seed keyword.
  • Use templates of your competitors.
  • Write an effective ad for headings and content which looks attractive.
  • Now you can export your ad directly to Google Adwords.

PLA Research

PLA research tool is an advanced tool which is used to analyze the product listing of the shopping results. This tool allows you to analyze the ranking of keywords in the shopping ads.

These are the list shown when someone searches the shopping products which is shown just below the google search bar. This is the list shown after searching the Fastrack watch.

This is the data shown for Amazon, want to search another website, type the domain name in the search bar and set the all reports drop down to PLA research and then hit the enter.

You can see the keyword, their positions, product title, price, trend, and SERPs.

3. Social Media Toolkit

semrush social media review, This tool is used to make social media a lot easier at the one place for professionals.

Social Media Poster

This tool is used for content handling for the social media whether you want to post the article instantly or later. You can schedule your facebook and twitter post-publication for weeks ahead and do the work with tension free. When the time comes, it automatically posts your article on the social media.

You can save your works as a draft and can set a reminder for that draft that notifies you to come back to your draft. The posts can be also scheduled for the later posting for all accounts.

You can connect your RSS feed with this tool from your favorite blogs and other resources which can be shared with one click.

You can add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram account to it.

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Social Media Tracker

This is the best way to track your all social media platform in one place. Social media provides you important data in real time that help you to monitor your social media trajectory.

You can track all your social media accounts and determine whether they are reducing or increasing.

You can also track the activity for all likes, comments, mention, and etc. semrush social media review, SEMrush is a very powerful tool for this purpose of use to take measures of all your social media activity.

And the smartest thing of SEMrush social media tracker is you can also add your competitors too in the social media tracker to see who is the better.

4. Content Marketing Toolkit

It is a tool for content developers to optimize their content. Content is the most important thing for content developers. So this tool allows you to create new content based on the analysis of your successful competitor’s strategy.

Content Audit

The content audit is similar to the site audit, or on-page SEO checker. In this audit, the tool audit all your essential elements of the content like headers, word count, backlinks, social shares, titles, meta description and all data about the post.

You can set optimization workflow for every post and keep tracking after updating the content. You can check all your content on the basis of their bounce rate, social share, sessions, word count to optimize the content.

Topic Research

Topic research of SEMrush is a very powerful tool to search any topic idea, just type the topic name and get the tons of content ideas.

The Topic Research is amazing, it gets all topic from wherever it’s possible people search, social media, long-term, online marketing, and tons of sources.

This is the result got after searching the topic for SEO. There is two type of topics you can choose a headline and another one is the question.

Post Tracking

This tool can track your and your competitor’s every posts performance across social media, monitor your and your competitors SEO effectiveness.

It tracks your content and your competitors content based on the social share, backlinks, and keyword ranking.

This is the result after getting add the blog post of viki-tech and semrush. It shows all shares, backlinks, and last updated. 

Brand Monitoring

Every blogger happy when he turns in a brand. With brand monitoring tools, you can easily track of your and your competitor brand on the search engine and social media. You can also track who is linking you or your competitor.

The Brand is denoting the strength of your popularity on the social network in the digital world. The more your brand strength, the more you got the direct visits to your website.

Brand monitoring deal with the keeping eyes on the reputation of the business on the social media and customers reaction.

  • You can add campaign title
  • Add keyword (your blog name or any keyword)
  • Tick on send email to receive email.
  • Click on start tracking.
  • It takes some time, after that, these tools provide a completion information about your brand

Brand Monitoring

5. Competitive Research Toolkit

The Competitive research toolkit allows you to research the competitor’s strategies in simple language.

The tools available in competitive research toolkit already explained above.

SEMRush Keyword Research Tool Features

  1. Kеуwоrd: Kеуwоrd for specific rаnkеd раgеѕ.
  2. Pоѕition: Kеуwоrd’ѕ role іn thе distinct ѕеаrсh еngіnе. In thіѕ еxаmрlе, I hаvе ѕеlесtеd Google’s US database (default). However, you саn сhаngе іt to other areas and ѕеаrсh engines too. Yоu саn also uѕе thе Free kеуwоrd reveal for vеrіfісаtіоn.
  3. Vоlumе: Quantity of distinctive fit queries for thаt kеуwоrd іn the nearby search. In this еxаmрlе, I hаvе once more used Google’s US dаtаbаѕе. (This dаtа іѕ tаkеn uѕіng thе Gооglе kеуwоrd рlаnnеr software whісh I’ve аlѕо proven the accuracy of mуѕеlf.).
  4. CPC: Ordinary соѕt реr click for thе kеуwоrd.
  5. URL: Cоrrеѕроndіng URL to whісh thаt keyword is drіvіng visitors.
  6. Competition: Thіѕ ѕhоwѕ thе competition оf others fоr thаt keyword. A diminish numbеr way little соmреtіtіоn аnd a hіghеr numbеr mеаnѕ grеаtеr соmреtіtіоn fоr that tеrm. (Hоw саn a ѕеаrсh engine advertising and marketing tооl be whole wіthоut a соmреtіtіоn сhесk?).
  7. Results: Quantity оf search engine rеѕultѕ. (A cut-down number here іѕ higher.).
  8. Trеnd: Thіѕ іѕ оnе соlumn which I fіnd vеrу іntеrеѕtіng. So as tо fіnd profitable key terms, wе nееd tо make ѕurе thе trаffіс trend fоr that kеуwоrd іѕ nоt loss of life. Thіѕ соlumn рullѕ up the search trеnd for thаt keyword оvеr the last 12 mоnthѕ.

In аddіtіоn to аll of the information rеѕultіng from оur ѕеаrсh, thеrе аrе two columns that, аѕ a blоggеr, іntеrеѕt mе thе most.

It’ѕ hеrе that уоu wіll fіnd thе high 200 healthy keywords fоr that dоmаіn аnd аlѕо obtain a dеtаіlеd bасklіnk rероrt for аnу dоmаіn аlоng with thе hyperlink’s аnсhоr text.

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On this іn-dерth SEMruѕh evaluate, wе’ll dіѕсuѕѕ hоw іt can hеlр уоu сruѕh your соmреtіtоrѕ nо mаttеr whаt area of interest уоu аrе іn. Arе you rеаdу? Lеt’ѕ jumр іntо thе dеtаіlѕ.

SEMrush Pricing & Plans

SEMrush comes with three plans Pro, Guru, and business. The above plans are the monthly basis.

  • SEMrush Pro- The SEMrush pro provides 10,000 results per day and 3000 reports per day which comes with $119.95 per month. If you are purchasing this plan for one year then it will cost you $1199.40. This plan is suitable for starters and individual internet marketers.
  • SEMrush Guru- The SEMrush guru provides 30,000 results per day and 5000 reports per day which comes with $2299.44 per month. If you are purchasing this plan for a year then it will cost you only $1999. This plan is suitable for small experts SEO agencies.
  • SEMrush Business- The SEMrush business plan provides you 50,000 results per day and 10,000 reports per day which comes with $449.95. If you purchasing this plan for a year then it will cost you only $4499,40. This plan is suitable for large SEO companies.

Is SEMrush worth?

Yes, SEMrush deserves all the appreciation, SEMRUSH has every feature that you need to optimize your site for SEO. You can use SEMRUSH for free with limited feature. You can setup SEMRush every feature to increase organic traffic and improve on the page and off page SEO. Basically, SEMRUSH is a paid tool, but you can use SEMRUSH Trial with limited feature.

Conclusion about "semrush" review

SEMRUSH is a must have SEO and SEM Tool for the blogger. It has every feature that your need to rank higher in Google search engine. I guarantee you, if you use SEMRUSH for your blog, your organic traffic will double.

If you have any question, ask us in the Comment Section.

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After reading this SEMrush review, I hope you got the fair idea about this search engine marketing tool.

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