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9 Simple Ways To Increase Adsense Revenue

Google adsense is one of the best ad network when it comes to earning from website. If you are struggling to get Google adsense approval, check out the working strategies to get adsense approval quickly.

Though Google adsense serves the related ads based on user experience, optimizing adsense will help in increasing adsense revenue. Optimizing adsense is all about making Google adsense to serve the best possible ads on your website which will have high CPC and CTR.

9 Simple Ways To Increase Adsense Revenue
How to increase Adsense Earnings

As you might be aware, CPC and CTR are the two factors which influences directly on your Google adsense revenue, optimizing the CPC and CTR of ads displayed on your website will boost your Google adsense earnings.

But before we move on, if you are a complete newbie and not familiar with the terms like CPC and CTR, here is the basic overview of what these terms are and how it influences your Google adsense earnings. Read more about Google policies here

What is CTR and CPC?

CTR is Click Through Rate which determines how many percentage of clicks your ads received based on the impression received. For example if the ads on your website receives 2500 impression and out of which you received 30 clicks then your CTR is calculated by. 

CTR = (Clicks Received / Total Impression) *100 = (30 / 2500) * 100 = 1.2%. 

So generally if CTR is high, the chances are you will earn more from Google Adsense. 

CPC is Cost Per Click, which is the amount you receive each time when users clicks on an ad. CPC is determined dynamically by bidding process from advertisers. CPC rates may vary from $0.01 – unlimited $$$ a click. Basically CPC rates are determined by various factors which we will discuss later in this article, the higher the CPC rates you will earn more from Google adsense.

Now if you are thinking, which one is important to optimize your adsense earnings, the answer would be both, since CPC and CTR are directly related to your revenue and having ads with high CTR and low CPC or vice versa will lower your adsense earnings, so optimizing both CTR and CPC will help in increasing adsense earnings.

Though there are many factors which determines the CTR and CPC of ads displayed on the website, we can implement some simple tweaks to get the most out of Google adsense. Also all the techniques which I am about to share have been personally tested by me and have seen up to 50% increase adsense in my adsense earnings.

As we all know adsense ctr(click through rate) is most important factor in google adsense, becuse the all earning depends on it.

Simple Ways To Increase Adsense Revenue

Here are the best ways to increase Google Adsense revenue that you should take good care of to succeed in Google Adsense. 

1. Quality Content and Niche

When it comes to Google adsense, the important factor which needs to be considered first is the Niche which your website is on and the quality of the content. There are certain niche categories like Hosting, SEO, Insurance, Laws, Gadgets, etc. has high adsense cpc rates.

So creating a content or niche website based on this category will ensure your cpc will be high which increases your Google adsense earnings. When I say content, it’s not just the average content, your content really need to be top class and the quality of article should be high. Moreover the article should help in solving the user problems and reading your article should help them in some way or the other.

Also it doesn’t mean that only these categories has high CPC and you should go only with the high paying niche keywords. There are lot more categories which has decent CPC rates, targeting those niche and writing quality content will help you in increasing adsense earnings.

I would also suggest you to write content keeping your visitor’s in mind rather getting high CPC ads, since if you create a compelling content which attracts more visitors, advertisers will automatically start bidding on your website which will increase adsense your CPC rates and in turn boost your Google adsense earnings.

2. Colour of Ads

Adsense by default comes with standard blue format ads, which may work well for some sites, but you can customize the colours on your adsense panel to match it to your website colours.

Changing colours will have good user experience for your website and also increases the CTR of website, since all your ads look similar to your website links. If you can see the below image, the ads colour blend well with the site colour which will encourage users to click on the ads.

.The important point to note here is, changing colour of the ads may impact both positively and negatively and it all depends on the colours which you choose and the appearance of ads.

Recently I updated one of my website to new design and immediately i observed a decrease in my adsense earnings. So I decided to do a colour split test, which can be created easily in Experiment section of your Google adsense panel.

Initially when I observed the results, it was really shocking for me since the ads tested with new colour had 40% high CPC rates than the original colour which I previously had. I ran the experiment for about 11 days and I observed a 38% increase adsense earnings for the ads with new colours.

I have also had negative impact on some of the website on testing with the new colours, in such case testing with different colours will help you to land the perfect colour ads. Also from my experiment, I would suggest selecting the colours matching the background colour of your website worked well in many cases which increased my CTR of the ads.

If you are planning to do a colour test on your ads, I suggest to do with inbuilt Experiment section since Google adsense will help you to analyse which one performed better by doing the split test automatically and also help you to find the winner of the test.

3. Creating Custom Channels

Another way to increase adsense earnings is to create a custom channel for your ads. Custom Channel is a group which can be used to club ads to track and analyse the performance of the ads.

In addition to tracking, Custom channels also provide an option to target your ad inventory to the advertisers, which helps advertisers to bid directly to your ad slot which helps in increase adsense earnings.

Custom Channel can be created by going to my ads section in Google adsense panel and clicking on the custom channel on the left side provides a popup to create your custom channel.

As you can see from the image, Enable the targeting option will prompt to provide more details on where the ads will be displayed and additional details which need to provide to the advertisers.

You can group your custom channel based on the position of the ad location. For example if you place an ad on Top Right sidebar you can create an custom channel for your website mentioning the ad in the custom channel will be placed on the top right sidebar of the website. Creating such custom channel with clear information will help advertisers to understand where the ads will be placed before they bid which actually increased the bid from advertisers knowing they might receive high conversion rate.

In order to check the custom channel performance, I did a study, where i created a Custom channel for my top header banner and mentioned my ad placement details clearly on the custom channel option and targeted to the advertisers. After running the test for one month my top header ad unit saw a 5% increase adsense in CPC rates.

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4. AD Placement

Targeting the placement of ads will make a considerable difference in adsense earnings. According to Google adsense, the ads placed above the fold of a webpage will have higher CTR and CPC than the ads serving at the bottom of the page. In addition to this, there are certain guidelines like, avoid using ads near the image and directly below the post which will be considered as illegal ways to get click.

If you want to use ads directly under the title of a page, you need to mention a heading tag named ADS to let the visitors know that is different from your content.

According to some of my experiments, I had success with ad units placed on the top fold anywhere near the first paragraph of the article and at the end of the article, Since this is the area where most of my users engage and I was able to get high CTR for my ad units.

When using the ads inside content, aligning with the content will help in increasing the CTR of the ads.

Though the suggested ad placement is above the fold and the end of the post, the Google adsense CTR and CPC may vary for each individual depending on the site layout and the content. To find out the best placement you may need to test it out.

5.  Responsive Ads

Since the usage of mobile phones has increased greatly in the recent years, and all the top companies switching their website layout to responsive design to provide the best user experience, adopting the ad to all the mobile screen sizes has huge impact on the adsense earnings.

If you are a Adsense Publisher, you would have come across a notification on your adsense panel, Google started considering the mobile site friendliness as one of the search engine factors. Since then, number of publishers are seeing a difference in their Google adsense earnings.

As I said earlier, the reason for switching to new theme for one of my website is to make the website responsive for all the devices. Once we achieved our responsiveness, all our existing ad units were not fitting in some of the mobile screens and looked awkward.

To correct this and to display the correct ad sizes on all screens, we opted for responsive ads when creating from adsense panel. Responsive ads when placed on the required section, automatically resizes itself to accommodate the available space and display the ad.

After migrating to responsive site design and responsive ads, we saw an increase adsense earnings by approximately 12%. I am still experimenting with responsive ads, and I will post back with the stats and the best way to utilize the responsive ad layout once my experiment is completed.

6. Block unrelated advertiser

Though Adsense displays ads related to the content or based on the user’s interest, there might be some times, where you may see unwanted ads on the website or all ads from the same advertisers.

This may happen, if an advertiser is choosing to promote his brand to all audience irrespective of the interest. In such case, the ads will not be relevant to your visitors and may lead to less clicks and lower your adsense earnings. In such cases you need to analyse your ads and block the specific advertiser from your adsense panel.. 

To block a particular advertiser navigate to Allow & Block Ads and enter the advertiser’s url on the box as shown below to block the specific advertisers.

You may have to keep an eye on your website often to make sure the correct ads have been displaying based on the content. In order to check that, switch your browser to incognito mode or clear your browser history and go to your site to check related ads are being shown in your website.

7.  Block Specific Ads

If you are not sure about blocking advertiser or if you worry about blocking them completely, you may block a specific ads by going to Ads review centre in the ads panel.

Once you are in the Ads Review centre, you can see all the ads being displayed on your website and you can choose to block any specific ads if you feel it might be unrelated to your website niche.

Once a ad is blocked it will take anywhere from 1 – 2 hours to reflect the change on the website.

By blocking specific ads I have had success to increase adsense earnings, but while blocking be sure on which one to block.

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8. A/B Testing

All the above mentioned steps will surely help you in increasing adsense earnings up to 40%, there might be scenario where some may need little bit of workaround or testing actually to see the result. And regarding the ad placement, colour changes, it all depends on the website you are testing, so you might need to do a split test to understand which one works for your website and understand the test results.

Since the internet changes every day, there will be changes in Adsense too in order to provide the best results to the advertisers, so doing A/B test often on your Google adsense will ensure the performance of your ads to be stable and whenever you see a huge change in your adsense earnings consider to analyse the performance first before jumping in to do the changes right away.

9. Quality of traffic

As mentioned above if non niche related traffic comes then click not occurs, so try to get increase traffic from search engine.

Traffic comes from search engine should be 70% of all traffic to website.

It also helps to increase adsense ctr and build new readers.

Conclution: About Simple Ways to Increase Google Adsense Revenue 

There is no one can change your click through rate without quality content because it is key of success.

And if you have quality content then you just have to do nothing to increase adsense ctr(click through rate).

And click through rate is not increased directly it takes time to build image and impression of website on visitors.

You can earn a handsome amount from AdSense. That the most interesting, to receive the income it is possible in any country, being engaged in this business. I hope you understand each and everything about AdSense and making money with Google AdSense.

If you are running Google adsense on your blog and had success in increasing adsense earnings by implementing any other methods, please do share in the comments below which will be useful for others. Thanks 🙂


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