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10 Things To Know Before Applying For Google Adsense

 I am pretty well aware you want to make money by getting into Google Adsense with your blog but it ain’t so easy to get approved for Google Adsense these days.

You surely will be aware of questions like:

  • How to apply for Google Adsense?
  • How to get your Google Adsense account approved?
  • What are Google Adsense requirements for recommendation?

and some other related questions. Listen to me, all of these questions are nothing more than a bunch of crap. Because today I am going to tell you 10 Important Things To Know Before Applying For Google Adsense which will clear all of the questions and queries in your mind.

Know Before Applying For Google Adsense
Google Adsense

What Is Google Adsense and Why Should You Focus On It?

Google Adsense is the oldest networks, infact the pioneers in the online advertising business. Sellers use it to advertise their websites and business while buyers use it to cash their blogs.

Adsense has a record performance with thousands of satisfied customers and it always pays on time. There are huge chances you can make a complete living from Google Adsense but the only requirement is, you play fair with them or else you will be kicked on butt, oops!!

They pay higher than all of the other adsense networks out their. Mostly when someone enters the blogging field, their first goal is to be approved for Google Adsense and for this they also use some black hat ways which are against the terms of services of Google Adsense. This is one of the main reasons they have made it too hard for the newbies to enter in this network. But once you enter, it will be money all over.

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Why Adsense Will Reject Your Application? Some Legitimate Reasons!

Below are some of the most common reasons Google Adsense will reject your application:

Insufficient/Unacceptable Content

Your blog doesn’t contain much content for the specialists to review.

Google gives much importance to the content on your blog and not ordinary or copied content but it must be 100% genuine and your own written. Plus it must be quality content. As Google says Content Is King.

You must also check that there are no grammatical or tense mistakes in your content because this also becomes a reason for unacceptable content.

No Privacy Policy

Without a privacy policy, I suggest you not to dream of being a Google Adsense publisher. No privacy policy simply means no Adsense account.

Design Of Your Blog

What will you do if you land on a blog with a creepy designing, like various color schemes, extensive user interface? Yup, you will try to escape as soon as possible 😀

If your blog don’t possess a beautiful, simple and unique design and layout, you are more likely to be rejected by the Google Adsense officials.

Site Doesn’t Comply With Adsense TOS

No organic traffic, no user engagement, little or no original and quality content will simply lead you to the exit of Google Adsense even before you enter in it.

So, you need to make it sure you comply to all of the Terms Of Services of Google Adsense to get approved.

10 Things You Must Do Before Apply For Google Adsense

When it comes to making money with blogging, everyone's first choice is Google AdSense.

It is not easy to get accepted into Google Adsense quickly. Because Before you apply for a Google AdSense account, there are a few things you need do. Because I received my AdSense account by performing these things, I can assure you that you, too, can get Google AdSense approval by following the things you must do before applying for Google AdSense.

1. Privacy Policy

Those who believe privacy policy for a blog doesn’t make sense are extremely wrong or either they just don’t want you approved for Google Adsense.

Its clearly mentioned in the TOS of Google Adsense that having a privacy policy for your blog is compulsory.

Privacy Policy actually guides the visitors landing on your blog, about what they will find on your blog. What should they do on your blog and what they shouldn’t. So, its nothing bad in having a privacy policy. Infact it gives a professional glimpse.

2. About Us Page

Similar to the Privacy Policy page, you must have an About Us Page in order to get approved in Google Adsense as it also gives a sense of serious business and professionalism.

Apart from Adsense policies, About Us page still plays a vital role as the visitors landing on your blog get the chance to know more about you. Moreover, Google also slightly favors the blogs with About Us pages and keeps them in its favorite list.

About Us page also helps you develop a friendly relationship with your fellow bloggers and your readers.

3. Contact Us Page

A contact us page can be your insurance to get your blog approved to for Google Adsense.

With a contact us page, you will be equipping your readers with an ability to sneak up to you and inform you about their views, suggestions about this blog. Moreover, they can also ask you questions or queries regarding to the tutorials or tricks you have shared on your blog.

It not only develops a strong relationship between you and your readers, because when you will reply to their emails or answer to their queries, they will feel that someone up their really cares for them and wants them to see succeeding.

Moreover, it will also convey a strong message to the Google Adsense team that you really care about your customers and readers and are not blogging just for money.

4. Number Of Posts

Like we also discussed in the above section. Google Adsense won’t allow you until you show them that you really are working fairly.

There is no exact answer about how many posts you must publish on your blog before applying for Google Adsense because there are people who get rejected with even 200+ posts than there are people who get approved for as low as 40+ posts.

So, one cannot really give you an exact answer about this but many experts and webmasters predict that you must have at least 70+ posts published before you apply for adsense. Actually, quantity doesn’t matter a lot, what matters is Quality.

The people who get approved for adsense with less number of posts actually have high quality content on their blog. So, focus on quality rather than quantity and you won’t feel any consequences.

5. Design

As mentioned earlier, Google gives importance to your blog design. It should be clean and simple rather than a scrap book. Google favors blogs with elegant, simple and unique designs.

Your blog design is the most important after the content. It represents your interest and professionalism in this field. So, it must be elegant, simple, clean and attractive.

6. Age Verification

Most of the bloggers, usually under 18 try to play with Google Adsense by writing their incorrect date of birth.

Doing this, they get into trouble because Google has systems to verify your correct age and it doesn’t allow people who are under 18.

For people under 18, they can create adsense account on any of their parents, father or mother and can than connect their own account with their parent’s account. Otherwise there is no option for them.

You must write your original date of birth while applying for adsense because if they detect you playing games with them, there will be only one way for you, the way to exit even before you enter in it.

7. Top Level Domain

Those were old and good days when Google Adsense used to approve sub domains under Blogspot and WordPress

Now, if you want to get approved for adsense, you must have your own unique custom domain that specifies your blog. Otherwise you can seriously stop dreaming about earning from Adsense.

Your domain must be a top level domain and the most favored is .com domain. Choose a short, unique and brand domain because exact match domains also don’t work good now. Try to give a glimpse of a brand, brand your blog.

Another important thing which matters is, the age of your domain. Google won’t accept a domain name which is not 6 months old.

So, keep it in mind before applying.

8. Other Advertisement Networks

If you are already using ads from other networks on your blog like Chitika, Infolinks etc. Its time to get rid of them.

In fact Google allows you to use other networks with them but its a good practice to remove all the ads before applying for Google Adsense and don’t put them up again until you get approved for your adsense account.

9. Paid Traffic

Google really hates the websites getting lots of paid traffic because paid traffic is actually fake where visitors are forced to visit your website for a short period of time.

So, you must make it sure that your blog or website is getting good amount of daily unique visitors from Search Engines or even Social networks without paying a single buck to any company or individual.

10. Name & Email Verification

Last but not the least, before applying for adsense just put up your name and email address on some clearly accessible point. I suggest, write it on your privacy policy or about us page.

This way Google team will confirm that this is the same person who applied for adsense account and he/she is original rather than some spammy robots.

Last Cut!

I am sure you have understood what you need to do before applying for adsense. This will surely take some time and you can’t apply right now because you simply will be rejected than as before.

Take your time, work hard on your blog and make it follow all of the above points and factors. Don’t just lose hope if you still couldn’t make it because other good networks are also present that pay even more than Google Adsenes if you act a bit smarter.

I will be waiting to answer your questions and queries. 


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