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Tips From Pro-bloggers - Be A PRO from Day One

You have selected a niche and purchased a domain related to that niche. Someone recommended you some premium WordPress themes. You’ve also purchased one.

You studied in detail about some hosting providers with their hosting packages and prices. The one that would suit your desire and meet your financial capability is already being pinned in your mind.

This means you have got all the things required in starting a blog.

One fine day, you opened your launch pad and pressed ENTER.


You’ve launched your blog. You felt satisfied and took a deep sigh seeing a much awaited blog finally live.

In blogging, this is just like a prelude in a novel. It’s very much unlikely that readers can get whole of the story plots and characters from a prelude.

There are many parts that would ultimately tell how serious you are into it and how far you’ll go.

The point is blogging is a journey of never-ending dedication, hard work and sacrifices. These things are much needed only after a launch.

Tips From Pro-bloggers - Be a PRO from day one

It’s after few days of the launch; you’ll be one of the bloggers who would feel much unsecured. It’s at this moment, 20% of new bloggers give up and completely shut their blogging world.

But this shouldn’t happen to your blog and you should be in 80% part, not in 20%.

The blogging tips by pro-bloggers to blog like a pro from the day one and then travel far without making your blog meet the fate of premature death.

Prepare a list of Good Blogs

There will be thousands of blogs. Some may be good but not related to your niche. Some may be good as well as related to your niche. By good blogs, I mean those blogs that are informatively related to your niche.

Follow them. Read as many articles of them as possible.

Read those blogs seriously

It shouldn’t matter whether a topic in your favorite blog is something you have already heard or read. Be serious and read them from top to bottom.

What you have heard of that topic will be just one face of the coin. Complacency won’t take you anywhere in blogging. Take a note of new points and topics.

Exploring them will provide an avenue of engagement for you. It will also open many windows of information and learning in your blogging niche.

Commenting isn’t a joke

When multi-million reads bloggers like Kimsea Sok, Donna Merrill, Ravi Chahar and Robin Khokhar are active in commenting in other blogs, what would give you a reason not to comment in other blogs?

Commenting is almost everything for starters. It’s only through it, you can build relationship with good bloggers and then improve traffics reducing your blog’s bounce rate & increasing engagement rate.

I have also known those inspirational bloggers through commenting. Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. See the ways how those pro bloggers comment.

Don’t compete, join them

This is one of the most deadliest mistakes new bloggers are making. When they enter blogging, they pick competitors and then write posts after posts and do what-not to compete.

In the end, it’s only him who would suffer. Search engines will look into diversity of visitors and comments so much they look into quality contents for ranking and indexing purposes.

Less sense of ownership

You shouldn’t be too attached with your blog and articles you have published there. High level of attachment will give you less time for building relationship, back-links and doing other things that are also important.

Talk about other bloggers and share their posts to your friends in various social media so much you wish others to do about you. Don’t only talk about you and share your posts.

In this line, I love pro-bloggers like Kimsea Sok and Donna Merrill very much. These two pro-bloggers treat other blogs just like their own. In fact, if you check their Facebook wall, things shared will be more of others than their own.

High expectation Kills

Ok, you have heard it correctly. High expectation really kills new bloggers. Blogging doesn’t function like a Stock Exchange. You’ll not get million visitors bringing you good money or won’t get zero overnight to make you hopeless and leave it immediately.

Blogging is a journey of determination, sacrifices and hard work. To get higher visits and amount of money flipping in your pocket, you’ll be really tested. To become a true blogger, you must continue consoling yourself that things won’t be same always.

Connect with right people

Show me with what kinds of people you are connected in various social media, I will show you the future of your blog. How can I know this? Because blogging is something to do online. It’s also something where probability of meeting number of twists and turns is very high.

When things don’t turn good and you are really in need of inspiration, your social media friends would play greater role in pulling and shouting at you to keep going.

Don’t be a Donkey

Donkeys are believed to be hardworking animals but possess low intelligence level. This means, you shouldn’t be like a donkey in blogging and keep on burning your midnight candles.

It’s important to work hard. But it’s also important to work in smart manners so that all the resources you used are channelized to achieve optimum results.

Be honest and Clear

Telling lies and misguiding readers don’t have place in blogging. Bloggers who try to garner attentions by disseminating false information would receive only short connection. But blogging isn’t an affair of a day or a month!

That’s why you should have ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Disclosure’ pages in your blog. When you apply for Google Adsense or other online content monetization programs, your authenticity are validated through them. I love Jane Sheeba in this regards.

Professionalism Roars

In blogging, let professionalism come before anything. You must try to maintain high level of professionalism in activities that are meant to bridge you and others. Guest posts writing, email campaigns and commenting are some of such activities.

You cannot go on writing everything wasting others’ time like a fanatic rhino in a zoo. So review your writing as many times as possible before actually putting online. Don’t be surprised to know how many times Andrew M. Warner edits an article before publishing in his blog.

Don’t be too humble

Why I say this? When a person is so humble, more than conveying a message of his good personality, it tells more of his insecurity and backwardness in a professional world.

People will judge and underestimate you. Your achievements and prizes will go unnoticed. Down the line, you’ll find really hard to lead others and build authority in your brand.

Helpful bloggers go far

In Bhutan, we have a popular saying that a hand that gives shall gather. This means as much as you give, you’ll receive. Helping is also a giving.

When you enter blogging, the main objective should be to help others. Blogging doesn’t make sense without this objective. Writing can be done even in a book. If you can, develop free themes like Ravi Chahar does.


There is no magic wand or pixie dust to bring you million views in a day. There is no shortcut to success even. Because blogging is a journey to taste how patient you are and go on with same determination and spirit.

All the professional bloggers whom you see now have their own share of dark days. They have consumed patience and determination. We are not yet successful because our abilities to remain patient and determined aren’t yet put into use.

I can assure that people entering into blogging now have more opportunities than they did. Only thing is we must be ready to work hard in right ways and then also remain patient as well. But if you can use those tips of pro-bloggers, you’ll be able to make many things easier.


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