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Top 10 Best Cheap SSL Certificate Providers

Do you own online business? If yes, then you should be concerned about its security. Nowadays, cyber-attacks are increasing day by day. You will never know when your website/blog gets compromised. Hackers are always in search of opportunities to get unauthorized access to your online business. So it is vital to protect your online business.

Not only business, these days we do most of the stuff online. It includes banking, paying bills, chat with friends, online shopping, etc. But do you know how these e-commerce companies protect your online credentials from unauthorized access? For this, they use SSL Certificates.

Top 10 Best & Cheap SSL Certificate Providers

What Is SSL Certificate & Why to Use It?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In fact, it is a security protocol that establishes an encrypted and secure communication link between and a web browser and a web server. It is typically used to securely transfer your sensitive information like username & passwords, credit card details, banking details, and more.

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If you are running a website that involves taking payment from customers online then you should secure it with SSL certificates. By using an SSL certificate for your website, it confirms that your customer’s information remains safe and they will not fall victim to identity theft.

According to a report, there are approximately 70% of the online users has exited the website because the site lacks the ‘trust’. By using an SSL certificate, it signifies that your care for your customer’s online security by making the website secure.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small bit sized file that contains a cryptographic key. The key contains critical information like the website’s ownership details, location, domain name, etc.

When a website is configured with an SSL certificate, it activates a HTTPS protocol (over port 443) and a green padlock symbol. This will encrypt all information that is transferred back and forth between the website.

Imagine it to be a safety tunnel between the web server and the user’s browser. It prevents any third-party or unauthorized user from intercepting the data that is being transferred.

How Does SSL Certificate Work?

The working of SSL Certificates is really simple. Whenever you enter your private information like login credential or credit card info, the SSL certificate on that website encrypts this private information with numbers, symbols, and alphabets. This encrypted info cannot be read by anyone. In this way, your private information remains secure.

Types of SSL certificates

There are several types of SSL certificates perform encryption but there are minor differences, in terms of security, utility and pricing, which differentiates SSL certificates.

The most commonly used SSL certificates are:

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates

EV SSL certificates are considered the most secured kind because the Certificate Authorities (CA) performs an elaborate and strict verification (vetting process) of the applicant with legal documents before issuing an SSL certificate. EV SSL certificates can be purchased only by incorporate organizations. This heightens the reliability and trustworthiness of websites that are secured by EV SSL certificates. The vetting process for EV SSL certificate can take 5-6 days in issuance. It is considered to be the ideal choice for enterprise use like banks, e-commerce, subscriptions, credit card transactions, etc. because it enables green address bar, padlock icon, company name display in website URL in browser address bar.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL

DV SSL certificates are issued on request. The vetting process is not elaborate or intense as is the case in EV SSL Certificates. DV SSL certificates are issued for personal blogs, single domain. It is less preferred for enterprise use and more for personal use.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates

OV SSL certificates are a step ahead than DV SSL certificates but a step lower than EV SSL certificates. For OV SSL certificates CAs check whether the applicant has the right to apply a SSL certificate for the given domain name. The vetting process is not as elaborate as EV SSL certificates and hence is quickly processed within 3 days or less. In addition, OV SSL certificate cost considerably less compared to EV SSL certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates that have a special character, mostly asterisk (‘*’) used to secure any subdomain. This type of SSL certificate is an ideal option for website owners who want to secure their number of subdomains on a regular basis.

SAN SSL certificates

SAN SSL are designed to secure different multiple domains/sub domains like,, They are quite cost savior certificate than a single domain SSL as well offers cost effective certificate management. A purchaser does not need to spend extra money and mange individual SSL for each domain.

How you can select the best SSL certificate for your website?

There are several factors to bear in mind while picking an SSL certificate for your website.

Certificate authority

The service provided by the Certificate Authority is definitely a critical factor to bear in mind while selecting an SSL certificate. The promptness in service, brand reputation, after-sales service, technical support, pricing are some factors to be borne in mind.

Level of Security required

Each SSL certificate is made for specific purpose and they are varied by their validation method. However, each SSL offer industry standard prescribed encryption level.

EV SSL certificates and DV SSL certificates form the premium kind, while the rest scale below in security.

Domain registration

Your choice of SSL certificate will also differ depending on the domain registration. EV and DV SSL certificates are best for domains while wildcard is best suited for internal server or sub-domain security.

Things to Consider While Choosing Best SSL Certificate Provider

Below are some of the points to consider while choosing the SSL certificate provider.


Before choosing an SSL certificate provider, make sure it has good customer ratings. Good customer rating ensures that the company provider good-quality SSL certificates. You should also make sure that SSL store itself is also secured with a valid SSL certificate.

Customer Support

Customer Support is also a key factor in this. A high-quality SSL Certificate provider cares for their customer. So you should make sure that it provides support via email, phone, and live chat 24/7.


Before buying an SSL Certificate, you should also look at its price including renewals. Most of the company provides discounts for a first-time purchase. On renewal price gets increased. So you should check it accordingly.

  • Also, you should select that SSL Provider which offers SSL Certificates from different brands.
  • Most of the top SSL certificate providers offer money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the SSL certificate, they will refund your money.
  • You should also make sure that the SSL store has a valid mailing address.

10 Best SSL Certificate Providers 

Below are the best, and most popular, SSL certificate providers.

1. GoGetSSL

GoGetSSL is a leading provider of SSL certificates and serving to its clients since 2009. The company offers multiple types of Cheap SSL certificates to its consumers. Their main aim is to make World Wide Websafe and protected using various services like SSL certificates, Anti-Malware tools and scanners, Site Seals and LEI codes. They are the strategic partner of Sectigo, Platinum partner of DigiCert (Symantec) and Official GLEIF Registration Agent. The company has sold more than 1,000,000 SSL certificates within 70,000 customers, operating 7,000+ resellers globally.

With it, you will get some great features like fast issuance of SSL certificate, free SSL for 90 days and 30-days moneyback guarantee.

2. CheapSSLShop

CheapSSLShop is one of the best places for buying popular SSL certificate at lower-price. They offer SSL Certificates of brands like Symantec, Thawte, Comodo, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, and RapidSSL. Also, they offer SSL certificates at a lower price. All of its SSL Certificates come with 30-days money back guarantee. 24/7 Chat support available.

3. Sectigo

Sectigo is the most popular website for trusted SSL certificates. The company is headquartered in Roseland, NJ USA. It also offers industry-leading 24/7 support. Previously it was known Comodo SSL Store.

4. RapidSSL

RapidSSL is offering low-cost SSL certificates. Their root certificates are recognized by 99 percent of modern web browsers. Their customer also gets 30-days money-back guarantee. All you need is to follow three steps including enroll, confirm and install. You can connect with their team via email and chat.


GlobalSign is another popular SSL certificate provider based in the US. They provide solutions for businesses, individual website owners, cloud service providers, large enterprises, etc. The company provides SSL certificates like EV Green Bar Certificate, Wildcard Certificate and more.

6. NameCheap

NameCheap is a popular domain registrar. They also offer high-quality SSL Certificates at an affordable price. You can select from different types of SSL certificates ranging from basic to EV SSL.

7. DigiCert

DigiCert is a trusted and popular SSL certificate provider. The company was founded in 2003 and headquartered Utah, USA. They offer different types of digital security certificates. It includes Standard SSL, Wildcard SSL, Multi-domain SSL and more. All of their certificates are powered by Comodo.

8. Entrust

Entrust is a privately held company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The organization was founded in 1969. They have a world-class support team who is available by phone, email, and chat. All of its certificates are identity checked. Along with it, you also get 30-days money back guarantee.

9. GeoTrust

GeoTrust is a high-quality digital certificate provider. The company serves more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries around the globe. They have a range of digital certificate and trust products. These certificates help organizations to maximize their digital security.

10. Thawte

Thawte was the first company to offer SSL certificate service to the public outside of the United States. Later in 2000, it was acquired by Symantec. They provide the best value for SSL certificates and code signing certificates.


So these are best and cheap SSL certificates providers. If you are looking to secure your website with SSL certificates, then we recommend that you consider the above list.


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