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Top Cheap Web Hosting for Wordpress – Reviews & Comparison

Are you a beginner and looking for the Top Cheap Web Hosting for wordpress? If yes, then you are in the right place. As we all know, hosting is becoming the main need for the sites.

Top Cheap Web Hosting for Wordpress

Especially, for the growth of start-up and business sites. Therefore, in this article, we will provide detailed information about cheap web hosting for wordpress

Before, choosing the host, there is a need to focus on whether you are choosing the shared host or a dedicated host. Moreover, we all know WordPress offers great content management services.

Therefore, to get the best services for the host, it’s not a good thing especially for beginners to spend a lot on hosting.

Top Cheap Web Hosting for wordpress

Finding Cheapest hosting for beginners on shoestring budget can sometimes be difficult, when trying to find the exact web hosting that going help you out. With all the different options of $1, $3 hosting providers what’s the best solution.

For the last three years, I have been using gator hosting for most of my websites now and while there are less expensive options, it might seem like a great deal. In the past, I’ve used $1 hosting and come to find out their WordPress sucked in their cpanel and unable to use some of the options. 


Not able to use Yoast plugins and sometimes no plugins at all or limited to use Free WordPress themes.

Is Host Gator for you and you‘ll fall into different categories on who should use Host Gator or trying to find a cheaper web host solution for your website or websites.

  1. You’re a newbie
  2. Looking for an easy solution
  3. Don’t want dedicated or VPS servers
  4. Looking for a cheap solution
  5. Don’t want to pay a for a whole year up front. 

Most of the best web hosting that I came across or hosting like Bluehost, Dreamworks you’ll be locked in for about a year and you’ll have to pay all upfront. With host gator you’ll have to pay once a month, 3 months, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 3 years.

Undoubtedly, it’s tough to choose the right host for your sites. Especially, when there are a lot of best WordPress hosting companies offering the Cheap Web Hosting.

Therefore, we conduct a complete comparison of suitable and affordable hosting providers. however, it’s important to focus on all the factors of the hosting providers.

Because a few hosting providers are offering great services within minimum budget and investment. For this, proper knowledge about the hosts is necessary.

So, you can get quality services with the improved performance of the sites. Let’s get started.

1. Hostinger: Cheapest shared web hosting ($0.99/month)

It’s a best and suitable option to get cheap web hosting services. Moreover, Hostinger is offering great services within $0.80 per month.

However, its for basic and initial plan. But after this, you need to pay $7.99 per month for advanced services. Besides, you are allowed to host the 1 website through this cheapest plan.

Additionally, it offers the 100GB bandwidth within this package. However, Hostinger does not offer free SSL for the cheapest plans.


Some features of Hostinger. 

Pricing and plans

Hostinger offers the plans and packages started from $0.80 for an individual site. Moreover, it offers premium plans for $2.15 per month.

So, the premium plans are great if you are looking for huge traffic including a free domain for a year. Additionally, business plans start from $3.45 per month including free SSL.

So, if you are looking to host a normal website including free backups then a business plan is good for you. However, it’s all for the first year. After this, you need to pay the additional cost.

Customer support

Hostinger offers 24/7 customer support services. Moreover, you can get extensive knowledge-based support as well through it.

Good loading speed

Just like others, Hostinger offers good response speed. So, the response time within the USA is 1.23s that is above average.

Hostinger pros and cons


  • Affordable pricing and plans
  • Fastest hosting services. 
  • Cheapest hosting with domain. 
  • Free domain name
  • A great website builder


  1. Does not offer daily backups. 
  2. No free SSL for cheap plans and packages. 

SiteGround: $2.99 per month

Consistently, SiteGround offers the best cheap web hosting for small business. Moreover, SiteGround offers free site migration for WordPress, SiteGround review

Besides, higher plans and package includes advanced-cache tools. So, you can get the better speed of the sites.


Some Features of SiteGround. 

Pricing plans

Undoubtedly, SiteGround offers ideal plans for start-ups. So, the starting price is $3.95 per month. These plans are enough for a single site.

However, if you are looking for large scale site then you can choose the GoGeek and GrowBig. For this, the price is $5.95 per month.

Additionally, the price for the GoGeek plan is $11.95 per month. So, these plans are enough suitable for large organizations and websites.

Support services and response speed

SiteGround offers 24/7 customers support through live chats and calls. Moreover, it offers a great response speed that is 1.35s for the USA.

SiteGround pros and cons


  1. Free site migration
  2. Managed WordPress hosting
  3. Free SSL and CDN
  4. Daily backups and recoveries


  • Limited storage features
  • Strict data policy

NameCheap: Cheapest shared web hosting ($1.88/month)

It is an affordable and incredible host to offer cheap web hosting for wordpress. Moreover, NameCheap offers monthly cheap plans for WordPress sites. 

Additionally, you can choose the data centres based in the UK or US. Besides, it offers unlimited bandwidth along with 20GB SSD disk space.

So, you can run more than 3 websites on the single NameCheap hosting plan.


Some features of NameCheap. 

Plans and packages

To offer the cheapest hosting, NameCheap has an affordable plan called stellar starts from $2.88 per month. The 2nd plan is the stellar plus plan. The price for this plan is $4.88 per month.

Through this plan, you can get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Moreover, it offers a stellar business plan as well for $8.88 per month.

Through this, you can get the 50GB pure disk space along with unlimited bandwidth.

Uptime and support system:

Unlike others, NameCheap offers the average uptime. Moreover, customers are completely satisfied with their support services.

Besides, 24/7 support, NameCheap offers tutorials and knowledge-based support for the customers. So, the customers can get the cheap WordPress hosting with cpanel and complete support.

NameCheap pros and cons


  1. Free domain and site migration. 
  2. Affordable pricing plans. 
  3. Advanced security features. 
  4. Choice of data centre’s selection. 


  • Average uptime. 
  • Low response time. 
  • Restrictions for shared hosting.. 

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Here are some questions on today's topic Best Web Hosting 2022

    Q: Is it possible to get the free domain along with Cheap Web Hosting?

    Generally, no, it’s not possible to get the free domain through cheap hosting plans and packages. However, some hosts just like as Hostinger offers the free domain for the first year.. 

    But in most of the cases, you need to go for business plans or additional payments for domain names.

    Q: Does Cheap Web Hosting offer good customers support?

    Well, it depends on the host’s features. As multiple companies are known because of their great customer’s support even for cheap plans. So, we can say, support services depend a little bit on pricing and plans.


    Above all, “NameCheap” offers great hosting services for cheap rates. Moreover, the pricing plans are highly affordable. So, the clients can get the highest performance within these plans.

    Therefore, NameCheap is a good choice for your individual or small-scale site. However, all the mentioned above hosts are offered great hosting services at cheap rates.

    Hence, you can choose the desired one as well as the suggested host. Hopefully, this article will help to fulfil all the hosting requirements.


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