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Unique Sites for Free High Resolution Images

Following my earlier post on some of the best websites for premium free images, another roundup of some more great resources is here. If you enjoyed the high resolution photos from those sites, you are surely going to love these awesome and unique websites. My search for free high resolution images took me far and wide, and I was able to dig out these impressive resources. I hope you find them as exciting as I did.

Unique Sites for Free High Resolution Images
Unique Sites for Free High Resolution Images

Great Places for Free High Resolution Images

1. Minimography

Unique Sites for Free High Resolution Images

If you are a fan of minimalism, like me, you are certainly going to fall in love with Minimography. It is the brainchild of two stalwarts of the internet world, Lauren Mancke and Brian Gardner. Lauren is the head of Studiopress at Rainmaker Digital and also a photographer at Minimography. Brian is the founder of Studiopress and partner at Rainmaker Digital. He also contributes to Minimography as a photographer.

Known for their pioneering work at Studiopress, both of them have a keen interest in making the web a beautiful place. Minimography has their signature touch which is clearly evident from the professional quality of each and every photo. They seem to be focussed more on the qualitative aspect and not on sheer volume of average grade stuff like many stock image sites out there.

All images are provided under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0 1.0) free license. It simply means that anybody can use their images for personal or professional work without attribution and can make derivative works. But on a personal note, it would be a nice gesture to spread the word on your social circles or by any other means as you deem fit.

Photographs are organized conveniently by category, tags, and format. You can also view photos by the names of photographers who took them (nice touch there). If you sign-up on their email list, you will receive exclusive photos that are only available to subscribers.

2. Superfamous

Superfamous is an incredible body of work by the Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter of Superfamous Studios (a design studio based at Los Angeles). His unique creative qualities can be seen in every bit of his work on the web. His photographs have an out-of-the-world charm and a surreal aura. A strong geological influence can be noticed in his work. Gorter’s photos are a trip to fantasyland and are sure to captivate anyone.

He has made his stunning work copyright-free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. You can use the images anyway you like provided that you give credit (attribution) wherever you use his images.

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3. Little Visuals

Unique Sites for Free High Resolution Images

Little visuals is a beautiful collection of photographer Nic’s mesmerising photos. His work revolves around things we come across in our daily lives and all things surrounding us. But they have a sort-of rustic, personal simplicity that evokes nostalgia. Nic is one of those gifted people who can look at simple things around and transform them into something amazing.

Sadly, Little Visuals has had no new additions to its collections for a while now since Nic’s untimely demise at a very young age of 26. He passed away due to S.A.D.S in 2013, but his family has kept his creation, Little Visuals, alive. They utilise his website to also raise support for their charity towards S.A.D.S called Hand on Heart Charity.

Personally, I am deeply in love with his thought-provoking photographs that take me on a conversation with my inner self. All of Nic’s photos are freely available to use under the Creative Commons Zero license.

4. New Old Stock

Unique Sites for Free High Resolution Images

Do you love vintage stuff? If yes, then you must head off to New Old Stock. Cole Townsend has put together this amazing site.

Photographs in New Old Stock are curated from public archives and are known to be free of copyright restrictions. However, it is solely your liability to verify the license associated with an image before using it. The photographs are basically from Flickr Commons and hence the TOS of Flickr Commons apply.

New Old Stock has a free-of-cost service that provides you pro photo packs for your convenience. Images from the website are allowed for both personal and commercial use. However, always check the individual licenses yourself.

5. Picography

pictography best high quality pictures

Hidden depth is a web and design development company based at Dublin, Ireland. They are the creators of Picography, a premium website for rights-free images.

All photographs are in hi-resolution and of top-notch quality. You don’t need to sweat on the license terms either as all images are made fully free to use through the Creative Commons Zero license. You can contribute your own photographs to Picography free of cost. You will get new free images delivered right to your inbox every month if you subscribe to their newsletter.

6. Free Nature Stock

adrian pelletier free nature photos freenaturestock

I have been a big fan of Adrian Pelletier, the man behind Free Nature Stock, since 2005. He is a creative genius par excellence with awesome photography skills. The images on Free nature Stock speak volumes about Adrian’s work. As the name suggests, this website is focussed on nature photography, and does a brilliant job at that.

Free Nature Stock is daily updated with new images. It is one of those no-fuss websites that offer you full freedom on all the free images whatever the way you want to.

7. Photo unsplash

Created by Vadim Goncharov, Photo unsplash has excellent unsplash of hi-resolution, profession-quality free images.

premium free images photocollections

Through this initiative Goncharov has put up his own photos on public domain and gives you full rights to use them for personal or commercial projects anyway you want. No headache on license terms, attribution, or derivatives. Moreover, all content is arranged in easy-to-use categories, which is a great time-saver.

The current stock of free high resolution images is updated with new additions from time to time. Follow Photo unsplash on twitter if you want to stay notified on the updates.

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8. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri is one helluva fabulous photographer and an equally proficient graphic designer. He has thrown open his fantastic reserve of stunning high quality pictures free for all of us. All his photos are full rights-free (CC0 1.0). So just go ahead, indulge yourself, and do whatever you please. ‘Make magic’, as he says.

Jay adds new images to the collection every week. Subscribe if you want to be informed of those new free images as soon as they are available. I’ll keep my words short here while you must rather go and check out his impressive photographs.

9. Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo is developed by Sian Richardson, an entrepreneur with a creative zest. A (free) sign-up is required to get the free high resolution images delivered to your inbox. Their license is rather detailed. I suggest that you read and understand the terms carefully to be sure rather than sorry. Other than that, Death to the Stock Photo will keep you inspired with its creative doses.

10. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is the handiwork of creative photographer Karolina Grabowska from Poland ( She has been very generous in offering her full resolution photographs through this website free for everyone, especially bloggers, freelancers, and small businesses to benefit from.

Conveniently arranged categories and a search box makes it easy for users in sifting through the large collection of free high resolution pictures. The short and simple license terms are equally helpful.

kaboompics free stock photos

I was glad to have stumbled upon Kaboompics for its wealth of great quality photographs. What I like most about Karolina’s images is that they all have a sense of personal warmth & simplicity. I’m sure you are going to fall in love with them too. Bringing new free images everyday, Kaboompics will certainly be a great new addition to your free stock photo resources.

11. IM Free

IM Free is a repository of free resources for web design. Rights-free images are a part of their curated collections. IM Free was started by XRPS, a website development company, as an initiative to provide reliable and easy resources to anyone who wanted to build a website.

Different free licenses are applicable on various images. Make sure you check & understand the concerned license before using the material. All photos are free for commercial use provided that you follow the license guidelines.

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Parting Words

I am sure you will enjoy using these websites for free images as much as I loved digging them out. As always, I will strongly advise you to cross-check the free license terms yourself. Never be slack on that part. Use the brilliant images to brush up your image optimization tactics besides the visual delight it brings to your content.

Let me know how interesting and useful these resources of free high resolution images were for you. Leave your comments below for your feedback, queries, or for anything else you wish to share. If you found this post worthy & useful, do consider sharing it with friends on Faceboook and Twitter.


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