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Which Web Hosting Platform Is Better For Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the first choice for all the beginners as well as small scale businesses. Moreover, most of the site’s owners go for Hosting Platform best for shared hosting at the starting of the business or sites.

Which Web Hosting Platform Is Better For Shared Hosting?

So, it’s a popular platform for all the beginners as well as new site’s owners and developers. Therefore, most of the hosting companies are offering basic plans for shared hosting.

So, when you start looking for, which web hosting platform is better for shared hosting? try to consider the certain attributes in the host:

  • Reliability and scalability
  • Check for the security parameters
  • CMS support
  • Check for the SSL certificates and greater storage or bandwidth
  • Which Web Hosting Platform Is Better For Shared Hosting

Why should you choose shared hosting plans?

If you are running a site with low traffic and for blogs then shared hosting plans are the best selection for your sites. Besides this, shared hosting plans like Bluehost shared hosting, etc are an economical option for small scale sites and businesses.

As at the early stages, there is no need to invest a lot to buy hosting plans. Therefore, go for a limited and suitable option for small sites. Moreover, a lot of shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

So, you can use these two resources for your sites without any limitations. on the other hand, you can go for premium plans also in the case of exploration and growth of your business.

besides this, you can handle the site’s traffic easily with the help of premium plans.

Now, let’s talk about the few best web hosting platforms for shared hosting:

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InMotion Hosting:

It is one of the best shared hosting providers in the market. Because InMotion hosting offers unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for shared hosting plans.

Furthermore, InMotion hosting provides three plans for shared hosting services included Power, Pro and Launch plans. These three plans include a free domain, unlimited disk space, and storage space.

Moreover, these plans come with free SSL certificates and email accounts. The first and basic launch plan starts from $6.39 per month. On the other hand, the price of the power plan starts from $8.49 per month.

Power plans offer support for six websites with the highest performance level. Pro plan is the best choice for professional sites that require the highest performance and support.

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This pro plan starts from $14.71 per month.


  • Great features for shared hosting plans
  • Overall best-shared hosting provider


  • Average uptime as compared to competitors
  • Expensive shared hosting plans


It is a great shared hosting provider based on high quality and affordable shared hosting plans. Moreover, A2Hosting provides unlimited disk space, storage space, and bandwidth for shared hosting plans.

The best thing is, A2Hosting offers free site migration even for shared hosting plans. Besides this, the customer services of this hosting provider are great highly responsive.

So, the basic shared hosting plan of A2Hosting is known as a Lite plan that costs $3.92 per month. This Lite plan offers the services for a single site including unlimited storage and bandwidth.

On the other hand, the Swift plan that costs $4.90 per month offers the services for unlimited websites.

The highest plan of A2Hosting is the Turbo plan costs $9.31 per month. This plan includes highly efficient tools for the fastest speed.


  • Excellent customer’s support
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee


  • Paid domain
  • Offers free backups only for TURBO plan

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In terms of shared hosting plans and services, DreamHost offers great features. Moreover, it has official recommendations by WordPress. However, support services are not good enough. But DreamHost is an affordable option.

So, the price for a shared plan is $2.59 per month. This plan offers the services for a single site including unlimited storage and free SSL certificate.

Moreover, WordPress is installed already with all the hosting plans of DreamHost. Furthermore, one can upgrade the shared hosting plan within $7.95 per month to get the services for unlimited sites.

So, while talking about, Which web hosting platform is better for shared hosting? DreamHost is in the top of shared hosting providers.

Apart from this, shared hosting plans offered by DreamHost are also suitable for all small-scale WordPress sites.

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  • Affordable shared hosting plans
  • Highly efficient for small scale WordPress sites


  • Average customer’s support
  • Below average uptime of 99.95%

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which Web Hosting Platform Is Better For Shared Hosting?

How to choose the right shared hosting plan?

No doubt, all the sites are based on different goals and requirements. So, a similar host or web hosting plan can’t suitable for all the sites. While choosing the right type of shared hosting plan, focus on the following point:

  1. Uptime and reliability of host for shared plans
  2. Bandwidth limitations
  3. Compare prices and plans for shared server with other providers as well.
  4. Support of shared hosting plan for high web traffic

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Above all, look for the essence of your sites while choosing a hosting plan for it. Because uptime, speed, and bandwidth requirements are different for each site. Hopefully, this article will guide you about the best shared hosting providers as well as a few considerations to choose the right shared hosting plan. 


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