7 Best Ways to Build Quality backlinks (Without Guest Posting)

Every time you read an article about search engine optimization, you will see a word “backlink” always in that list. Although there are a lot of ranking factors that affect the SEO, but backlink is the most important metrics.

So, what is backlink “a quality backlink” and How to build one?

The backlink is the most important SEO metrics that affect the website ranking factor. Backlinks are the external links that headed to your website from other websites.

Best Ways to Build Quality backlinks

Example: Suppose, I insert your website url (www.example.com) in my article, then this link work as a backlink for your website that may get you many benefits.

In this post, I hope you understand, how to make quality backlinks without guest posting. As a starter blogger, It is

difficult to get approved on high Domain Authority websites to post a guest article.

So now, no need to say, It’s hard to get high-quality backlinks, but not impossible. In fact, there are smart ways by which you can build quality backlinks. Here, we are about to discuss 7 best ways to build high-quality backlinks.

1. Comment on other’s Blog

For a newly blog starter(How to Start a Blog) , the commenting will be very helpful to build backlinks. but, it doesn’t mean to start spamming others’ blog, be kind and add valuable comments, that helps to make the relationship between you two.

You can build backlinks by commenting on your related niche blogs. At the starting, every blogger takes the help of commenting to build backlinks.

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2. Link Exchange

link exchange is also working to build quality backlinks. but not all bloggers accept it mainly high DA bloggers. You can exchange your blog links with others starter bloggers because they need backlinks. Link exchange can be helpful to get low authority backlinks.

Notice: Don’t make a lot of backlinks with same anchor text with the same link. it can be penalized by Google.

3. Directories and Document Sharing Websites

Have you remember those days, when we were using the telephone to call someone?

And there were no such systems to save numbers digitally.

So, at that time, we were using Notes and Pen to save numbers or a Directory called as “Telephone directory”.

Telephone directory was used to find the numbers of a respective user with an address.

Now, like that directory, we are using a directory on the online platform, where we can submit our blog post or articles with the URL address. These blog submission directories can be paid or free. When you got approval from these submission sites, you can submit your articles. These submissions make backlinks to your website which is very helpful in ranking as well as in targeted traffic.

The best free blog directory is IndiBlogger, where you can submit your blog post after approval.

Another method to build quality backlinks is to submit your articles to document sharing websites by converting them into pdf or Docs. Just convert your article into the pdf file and submit it into document sharing websites. Here are some document sharing website list-

4. Email Outreach

Email outreach means, simply find other bloggers email and contact them. Suggest a link to your article, If they are published an article on the same topic.

The easy method to get their attention is to find the broken link in their articles. Tell them about their broken link by email outreach that where they pointed the resource is not available now or changed into something else. And by telling this, you can also suggest some websites with the same resource as well your website too.

This method is very useful to get high-quality backlinks from high authority websites. This technique works very well to create a one-way backlink.

5. Content Promotion through Roundup Blogs

It is run by weekly or monthly roundup websites, where their owners always try to find new great content. Great content won’t get great exposure until yet you do the right promotion.

So, by promoting the content in the right way can get you a lot of traffic. You can easily find the roundup websites in your niche and contact by their contact us form. You can do this by using Google with searching “Keywords + roundup”. In order to see results from past week or past month, make sure that you choose the past week or past month.

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After getting the result, contact webmaster or blogger and introduce yourself with your article, tell them how it can help readers. They always trying to find great content, so, if they find your article useful, your article gets published in the next weekly roundup.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking works best to run a successful blog or website. It helps a much to rank your site and also increase your user experience. It also helps to reduce your bounce rate.

The google always prefers a well-structured website to rank it higher. The great example of internal linking is Wikipedia and you know Wikipedia well.

7. Infographics Creation

Infographics are the best way to gain high authority backlinks. So, Infographics creation can get you a lot of valuable backlinks and traffic.

A picture is worth thousands of word, right? Therefore, everyone loves the graphical data.

To get started with Infographics creation, follow the trending topics and research the data for that topic. Then make that Infographic yourself or get to hire someone. You can hire the creator from Fiverr or Upwork, you can get at a very cheap price.

After making the Infographic, share it on available Infographics submission site and post it on your Blog.

The most preferable but not the least infographics submission sites:

You can also email outreach to the people, who will share the similar Infographics. Ask them to give a feedback about the Infographic and to share the infographics with their audience.

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Building Quality backlinks can be difficult sometimes, but it can be easy by using the right methods and resources.

Building backlinks can lead to a better SEO and get you more targeted traffic. So, build valuable backlinks and improve your search engine optimization.

Now, tell me your strategies of building backlinks in the comment section.

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