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How to Cancel Bluehost (Easy Steps With Pictures)

Bluehost is one of the top popular web hosting providers and they are giving their services all around the world. And they are giving your full access at any time and we can guide you on How to Cancel Bluehost your plan.

How to Cancel Bluehost

Also, Bluehost offers a 30 days money back warranty and it will be a great edge to all its users. You can easily make your investment and after that, if your mind is changed then you can apply for a money-back facility.

The Overall Bluehost Plans including the 12-months, 36-months the discounted offers.

If you are, not a Bluehost user yet you can simply go to Bluehost Reviews and choose your desired plan. It is one of the best hosting providers among others.

Method of Bluehost Cancellation

There are overall very easy steps on how you can cancel your current Bluehost Plan or Subscription.

There are four available methods for canceling your BlueHost account, including:

  • You can cancel it by Submitting a ticket
  • The Online Chat Option
  • They are provided the Account Cancellation Form.
  •  (888) 401-4678 via the #4 extension You can call the Customer Support Team.

So these are some methods for canceling the Bluehost account. In my case what was my experience. let me discuss that.

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The Experienced Method that I have Used to Cancel my Account

Every hosting provider has there own features and Rules. The Bluehost does not provide in their plans the Automatic Cancellation feature. You can Apply the method to cancel your account by applying anyone listed above.

What my experience is I was going to the Live Chat Support and it’s the fastest Method to Cancel the Bluehost Account Straightly.

The Live Chat Feature is top upper left of the Bluehost Main Screen As you can see in the picture Yellow Highlighted Area below.

After Click on that, there is a pop-up of Live Chat that is open exactly like that below.

Click the Existing Customer and After that Give your Name and Domain details.

Select the Topic of Close your account and Fill in all the descriptions that you have. At last, Explain your problem that you need a refund and close your current account.

After that, In a quick time, there is a support member named Prateesha who is with me and asking about the reason for account cancellation. It’s the honesty of Bluehost that There Support members never ask you about the reasons that all other hosting members do.

I simply answered my query and tell It was not the right taste for us so we want to cancel and move on. She takes some minutes to verify my ownership of the account and some security factors like the last characters of your account password.

After all, She was very calm and make sure that I had a backup of my website, etc.

Everything is done and all is that to check the cancellation and Free to go.

After Less than 3 Business days my refund is back to my bank account automatically and there is no hassle at all.

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Which things that Make me Feels Not Good After Cancellation

I know and it’s the best part of the Bluehost that all the cancellation procedures went well. In almost all other hosting providers there’s customer support is top of the notch in any case.

The things that I didn’t like that I never received an email about the cancellation of my hosting. The procedure is quite well and only shows my ID and the reason of cancel my account.

The other thing that I pointed out is the security questions like they only asked my account password which is only the last 4 characters. It does not seem well because today everyone can easily crack your password and all stuff.

So these are my reviews and easy methods to cancel your Bluehost account.


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