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How to Land More Freelance Writer Jobs Online

How to Land More Freelance Writer Jobs Online. Freelance writer jobs are abundant. There are several businesses and people online who are willing and able to pay freelance writers to complete some type of writing task on their behalf. Whether it be creating web content, ghost writing a book, writing blog posts and articles, or any other writing task, opportunities are plentiful. 

Although there are many opportunities to find freelance writer jobs, unless you know how to properly market yourself online, you will be lost among the huge pool of freelance writers trying to make some income and to make a name for themselves as well. Today I want to share with you my personal strategies that I use to stand out online and land more freelance writer jobs.

How to Land More Freelance Writer Jobs Online
Freelance writing jobs online

The strategies that I am about to share have worked well for me and should work for you as well. Let’s get started.

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Create a Winning Profile

Your profile is really like your online resume and it is what is going to set you apart from other freelance writers. Make every effort to make your profile professional and optimize it to showcase your greatest strengths as a freelance writer. Some of the things that you need to bear in mind when creating an online profile are as follows:

  • Upload a professional head shot of yourself. Smile! A smile is warmer than no smile and makes you seem more approachable.
  • Do not use unprofessional usernames such as “SexyCarly”. Keep it strictly professional. Your username should ideally reflect that you are a freelance writer.
  • Showcase past accomplishments instead of just listing past job requirements eg. say “I have ghost written 4 ebooks on the topic of weight loss; 2 of which have been bestseller’s on Amazon” instead of simply saying “I have ghost written ebooks for several clients”
  • Write a compelling description that should include the keywords that people are likely to type into search engines when searching for the services that you have to offer.
  • In your description, be certain to outline the benefits that prospective clients will receive when they engage your services. For example, if you can offer faster turnaround times, say so.
  • Offer more than the average freelance writer in your description. However, be certain that you can consistently and effectively fulfill those offers. Remember that there are several others looking for freelance writer jobs and you need to do everything possible to draw attention to yourself.
  • Use power words in your profile description. These will make your profile more attractive to prospective clients.
  • Include a portfolio of past work that you have done. Since prospective clients don’t know anything about you or your work, a portfolio is necessary for you to demonstrate your skill as a freelance writer. Include only your best work and ensure that it is free from grammatical errors. There is nothing worse than a freelance writer who makes grammatical errors on their profiles. Proofread everything before you publish it online. I remember seeing someone looking for a freelance writer job on a certain platform and his profile was filled with grammatical errors including using a common ‘i’ when referring to himself!
  • Forget about text language. Use standard English. So avoid internet jargon and texting jargon. Reserve that for when you are conversing with your friends on social media.

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Promote Your Services both Online and Offline

When seeking freelance writer jobs online, you need to promote your services consistently and effectively. The best ways of doing this online is through social media and through blogging. You may opt to create separate social media profiles – one for your personal contacts and another for your professional contacts.

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for freelance writers. Use it to your advantage. The same things apply about your profile when setting up your social media accounts. Be professional. If your profile is established properly on LinkedIn, you could attract offers that you weren’t active in seeking. I have personally received quite a few offers for freelance writing on LinkedIn without my having to actually seek freelance writing jobs.

If you blog on LinkedIn Pulse, that is also an excellent way to attract new clients. This is a great way to showcase your writing skills and to set yourself apart as a freelance writer.

Be sure to also spread the word about what you do offline. This includes talking about what you do and having professionally created business cards to hand out to prospects. If you are trying to land more freelance writer jobs, people need to know about the services that you offer and how they can get in touch with you if necessary.

Operating your own personal blog is also an effective advertising tool when seeking freelance writer jobs. This is true regardless of what you blog about. Your blog is a portfolio all by itself and demonstrates your writing abilities to prospective clients.

Effective Bidding

Nowadays I avoid marketplaces where I need to bid for freelance writer jobs. However, when I just started out as a freelance writer, bidding was essential to getting a job offer. Effective bidding includes:

  • Using a basic template that describes what you have to offer but that is tweaked to fit the specific requirements of the client. Include keywords in your template.
  • Bidding at a competitive rate. You have 2 options for standing out here. Either bid lower than everyone else or higher than everyone else. If you follow the average bid, you are likely to get lost among the competition. I would advise new freelance writers to bid on the low end at first. Then once you have done a few jobs and received some reviews, you can modify your rates upwards. For seasoned freelance writers who have several positive reviews, I would suggest bidding on the higher end; being carefully to drive home to prospects why they should pay more for your services.
  • Consistent bidding – Keep bidding until you land those freelance writing jobs. Bid on relevant jobs early to improve your chances for consideration. Try to set a schedule for bidding to avoid bidding throughout the day. Establish specific times to bid early in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.
  • If you follow the steps outlined in today’s post, you should be well on your way to landing more freelance writing jobs. So let’s do it!


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