What Is Guest Posting? Why You Should & Why Shouldn’t?

What are guest posts in seo? guest posting is an important as well as a demanding blogging activity. If you have been a blogger for about a month, chances are that you have read one or more materials on guest posting. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the ways to build links, network and create friendships, pull traffic to your blog, expand your reach, etc.

Much has been written out there about this hopping blogging exercise ranging from what it is, when, where and how to do it to what Google thinks about it. I have actually written a couple of guest articles on some quite active blogs. However, I took a break from it for a couple of reasons.

At one moment, I thought there is a way to do this thing unlike everyone else and even reap more exciting results. What is the key of guest posting and how to implement it in 2022 for bigger results? I pondered over this question, came up with what I think is the answer and thought I should share my opinion with you.

Guest Posting What’s It? Why You Should & Why Shouldn’t?

If you're not new to blogging, or even if you're a newbie with a few weeks under your belt, you've almost certainly come across something called guest posting, or you should have been thinking What is Guest Posting? It helps you get targeted traffic and gives you the opportunity to expand your readership to even greater heights, and we'll discuss various aspects of it.

What Is Guest Posting? 

Well for the totally new guys who don’t know much about SEO guest posting may seem like the most foolish thing because they’ll think why write for other when they can barely manage their own blog. 

but guest posting is more than that you see everyone knows that backlinks are the second most important thing to focus on after high quality content though some consider backlinks even more important than content but that’s not true, there are lots of ways for link building like article directory submission, web 2.0, comment posting and guess what guest posting is one of them, what we do in guest posting is simple, we write a high quality unique article and after that we begin our hunt to find a niche related blog and submit it to their blog.

some of the blogs have section for guest poster where they post guidelines to submit a guest post for approval and for some blogs we have to email them to ask them about if they’re interested in a guest post but you should know that some blogger may ask you for money as well for posting article, once you posted an article successfully on their blog in exchange you can get a backlink (dofollow mostly) from that article which is published on their blog, it’s that simple.

A few facts about Guest Posting

  • No blog will accept an article that’s not well researched.
  • No blog will accept an article with poor grammar.
  • No one will accept an article stuffed with links.
  • No one will accept an article with affiliate links.
  • No one will accept an article that overly promotes a promote.
  • No one will accept an article that’s published elsewhere.
  • You lose ownership of any article published elsewhere.
  • Few blogs will accept posts from non bloggers.
  • Etc

These points and more make the exercise so demanding. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide whether to submit an article to a guest blog or publish it on yours. After making a final decision to submit it to someone else’s blog, you will want to get the best in return.

What are some of the things you expect?

  • Backlinks
  • Traffic
  • Increase in relationship
  • Sales
  • profit

Now I have 5 questions to ask. I want you to think about them as these will help re-define our guest posting strategy for the coming year ;

  1. Which of these things I just listed above is most important?
  2. How many articles did you submit off your blog this year 2022 ?
  3. How many blogs did you submit your articles to this year 2022 ?
  4. Which of the blogs you submitted to generated the best results in 2022 ?
  5. What is Google’s point on guest posting?

Let’s focus on question 4

You may have wasted a lot of energy and resources scattering contents here and there hoping for some better results. If you look back trying to locate the blog that generated the best results, that will so much point you to the right direction for better results in the up coming year.

Must of us have written sporadic and irrelevant content this year. With no real defined strategy, we remained in the excitement of having our articles accepted and published on some ‘so-called’ popular blogs.

While scrambling and striving to collect everything on the table, you may lose all. That’s a fact! So what do you really want in guest posting? About 5 or more things can be achieved (Backlinks, Traffic, Increase in relationship, Sales, profit, etc ) but is guest posting your only strategy to achieve these? Why not locate 1 or 2 and focus?

My take for the next year

To get exceptional results guest posting in 2022 and the years to come, I’ll be focusing on 1 or 2 popular blogs in my niche, posting at least once per week on any of them. What this will do is create authority and establish me on these few popular blogs as a solid author and blogger.

While this may not diversify link source, I will build a solid traffic source, create relationships in a more constant way, make sales and profit.

Get back to the list of blogs that did well for you in the past year(s) and select the first 2 blogs. Constantly submit content to them in the years to come.

When Should You Start Accepting Guest Post On Your Blog?

That’s up to you when you feel you’re blog is worth of getting guest post or when you start receiving email from other bloggers asking to do a guest post on your blog Bingo! That’s the finest time to start it, though there are some minimum criteria which I think should be looked up before you start accepting or doing a guest post, a decent blog must have at least PR2+ And DA(Domain Authority) of 30+.

Why Even Accept Guest Post?

If you’re not new to blogging you know how tiring it gets after a while and how hard is to get some free time, that’s where guest post can help you, it can give you.

  • free time to enjoy or plan strategy for your blog and get things organized.
  • you’ll get to know more fellow bloggers In your niche.
  • you’ll get totally new kind of content which you’re not an expert on but reader will appreciate it.
  • Get some new readers perhaps

What Sort Of Guest Post Should I Accept?

Just Google about guest post and you’ll see a lot of split opinions about guest posting as some will encourage you for doing it and some will just tell you to stay away from it, as Google being really touchy in the past few years link building has become more dangerous than it is effective because they keep introducing new animals (Algorithm Change) like Panda, Penguin and now most newest edition of it “Hummingbird”, so you have to set your standards high and be really careful and picky when accepting guest post .

5 things to remember while Publishing Guest Post

Guest posting may be a good way to become a star within the Blogosphere. it’s the economical way of making quality links and driving a good traffic to your web site.

Many blog owners provide to Guest posts on their blog with some conditions that ought to be absolutely stuffed to induce approved and published the guest article.

Here are some guides that ought to be followed whereas going for a guest article approach to induce visitor and backlinks for your blog.

Make the primary paragraph Descriptive

If you’re writing a post for another blog then it should be more descriptive within the initial paragraph. As this can be the entry purpose to the entire post and you ought to attempt get read it within the audience of that blog.

If the first few lines of your guest post don’t seem to be relevant to the interest of the reader then he can ne’er read it. the primary paragraph is that the way to grab the eye of readers whether or not you’re writing for your own blog or another famous blog.

Try to place rich content

It is obvious if you’re writing an editorial to be published on another blog. you wish to form the standard and skilled content.

It should be informative to the reader. always use made image content consistent with the article. you’ll use royalty free pictures from several photo stock websites.

  • Uniqueness And Quality: These are the most common thing you should focus because if the article isn’t unique or it lacks quality it will hurt your blog credibility and you’ll most likely to lose some of your loyal readers which you just cannot afford to lose.
  • Length: Length of article is really important in term of SEO, Google and other search engine at least like to see 600+ word article so whatever you’re trying to explained is thoroughly understood by your readers.

Place relevant links within the post

It is extremely suggested should ought to place the matching links in your guest post. The link should be associated with the Niche during which you’re presenting your guest article.

For example if you’re having a post regarding the android phone, then you need to provide links of android related links like best android phone, android apps etc.

The good thing about such links is that Google considers the links natural and also there are possibilities that you just can get the visit from those links.

Don’t repeat links of your own blog articles

If you’re inserting your links within the post, ensure that it shouldn’t be continual again and again. If you do, the reader of that blog (for that you’re writing) can contemplate the post as spam. And your post might not get approved by the owner of the blog.

  • Checking Outbound Links: That’s one of the thing that can get you penalized because excessive amount of outbound links to spam, irrelevant or low quality blog and always be on hunt for broken links on these post because your readers and search engines just hate them.

Grammar and Spellings

The most necessary factor in guest posts is to create the content with no grammar and spelling mistakes. Your guest post leaves a sway to the blog owner and its audience. once a Blogger offers for Guest article then you’re ahead of the audience of the his/her high quality well established blog.

Your little mistakes will cause you to down in front of them and you’ll not be able to get the advantages of the guest blogging from that blog.

No one can read a post that contains good-for-nothing content with mistakes.

Don’t Overuse It

Don’t just start accepting every guest post you receive set a high standard and decide a number of guest post you’ll be accepting per day/week/year that’s up to you

11 Simple Tips to Get Guest Posting Opportunities

Find the blog that you want to put a guest post on

You have to find it first because you need to do a little bit of research before you send off your request to guest post. Find a few and compile a list because you are probably going to be ignored by a lot of them, and some of them will just come right out and say no.

Do not harass or nag the blogger

Some people think that a good technique is to keep contacting and nagging the blogger until the blogger gives in. This is not a technique that works and any savvy blogger will just block your email address so that you cannot keep making contact with him or her.

Have a look on the website or blog to see if it has a guest post section

If there are guest posts on the blog, then it may just be a case of waiting for the right opportunity. Make contact with the blog master and find out about guest posting and see if they would be willing to accept a guest post that you write.

Do not send them spun content

It boggles the mind how writers think that sending spun content is acceptable. It is also frightening that some people pay them for this content, even though it is horribly written and barely readable.

Does the blog have a submission page?

There may be a section on the blog where the blogger has very cleverly made up a submissions guidelines page. If this is the case, then it is highly advisable that you look through the guidelines thoroughly before you send any sort of submission. It is very annoying for a blogger when you write out a bunch of instructions only to have them ignored.

Do not submit an article without first making the request

If you are lucky then your article and email will be ignored. If you are unlucky then your article will be stolen and placed on another person’s blog and linked back to the person’s blog who stole your article. The person receiving the email and the attached article has no business with you and has no reason why he or she should not steal your work.

Make a polite request with an original message

If the blogger has guest posters, then the blogger gets a lot of messages from people using template messages and such. That blogger is very used to having people send him or her messages that have been sent to a hundred other people. If you want to be taken seriously then you need to write your own message that is original.

Do not write your message with big paragraphs

When you send the request message you have to pretend like it is an audition. A message with big paragraphs suggests that you will write in a similar fashion, which is not going to be easy to read. Also, if your message is littered with mistakes and slang, then the blogger is not going to want to post anything you write on his or her beloved blog.

Tell the blogger in your message why your post would be great

Pitch your blog post to the blogger and explain why it would be ideal for the blog. Explain a bit about it and try to sell the idea to the blogger. You will discover in life that it is hard to sell things for free. Explain the post you are pitching whilst also promoting it at the same time.

Do not write a pitch without researching the blog

You are going to set yourself up for rejection if you pitch a blog post that has nothing to do with the blog. You need to research the blog to see what it is all about. You then need to pitch a post that is suitable for the blog theme.

Tell the blogger how you plan to promote your guest blog

There are very few guest posters that offer to promote the guest post once it is up, so if you offer to promote your guest post over social media and places like that, then the blogger is probably going to be impressed enough to want you writing on the blog. You will probably get the yes you have been looking for if you offer to promote to post once it is live.

Linking in Guest articles

Most blog owners don’t frown at links back to your content except you go beyond acceptable limit. In any case, there are generally 2 ways to link back to your articles from any guest post;

  • Keyword link: If this is poorly done, you may fall out with search engines. Diversify your anchor text and avoid using exact targeted keyword. The keyword link has a weaker CTR but may pull quite targeted clicks to your links.
  • Call to action link: In the keyword link, you simple link a keyword to an article. The call to action link approach is stronger and has a higher CTR. This is the winning method to pull traffic from guest content to your posts.

There are many of such phrases you can curl to (kind of) force readers to click and visit your blog. The fun is, most blog owners will accept it. In the call to action link, you really don’t have any issue with keywords. Over 50% of readers will surely click this kind of links to your recommended article.

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The Advantages Of professional Guest Blogging

Each blog author has been there: you have got been writing on your blog for a few of weeks, however not several people aside from your friends and family ever stop by. you will question your guests, and also the reaction could be a positively quiet. you would like to work out strategies to get visibility for your young blog, and guest blogging is one in every of the foremost extremely effective strategies of doing that.

There square measure several factors you’ll be able to attempt, however several will tell you that almost all of them can fail if you are doing not have several guests and it’s unlikely to travel anyplace. Publish an editorial to a major blog, and you’ll get lucky, however they get a mess of submissions on a daily basis, and might solely post such a big amount of. Though, if you’re an honest author then you’ll get the chance to form a traveler post for a a lot of well-known blog. Here square measure some factors you ought to build guest writing one in every of the first areas of your overall visibility technique starting on:

Improve your Reach

By requesting another blogauthor to jot down a post for your website (particularly a blog page author that’s celebrated during a given field), you’re currently increasing the reach of your website to all or any the traveler blogger’s supporters and lovers. The traveler author can bring guests with their totally different and newer charm, and intrinsically, bring a good vary of latest guests and prospective customers to your business.

Build higher Relationships

Guest composing a blog page could be a superb thanks to produce sturdy and growing connections with alternative specialists. This helps your company in numerous ways in which as these connections might cause businesses, connections, new customers, and suggestions.

Increasing Search Traffic

When you encourage a traveler blog page author to your website, you ought to embrace their bio and backlinks to their blog page or net page; for links is what controls the complete net. The a lot of linkage you have got to your website, the higher your SEO results are going to be. whereas it desires a chance to form up the wide selection of arriving links you have got, traveler composing a blog page could be a superb thanks to jump-start that initiatives. And not solely must you encourage traveler blog page authors to your website, raise the like better to come once more therefore you’ll be able to traveler blog on another website.

Align Your Blogs with Market specialists

By requesting business specialist to go to your blog page on, {you square measure|you’re} logically linking your company with those that are extremely in style and acknowledge inside a delineate community. Your organization therewith personal brings a way of stability to your complete likewise.

If your company features a blog page, begin finding out folks and alternative blog page authors WHO are going to be wonderful traveler authors for your website. Look to blog page authors that square measure specialists and have a deep reach. Not solely can you be obtaining valuable content and new guests for your website, you’ll produce company connections that otherwise might not be simple to create.

Do You Think Guest Blogging Waste Of Time?

This article is for all bloggers and business companies who think that guest blogging is not good. Today, you’ll get all your answer in this article. Now I am sure you are so much interested to know why they become crazy to post their best content to other blog, Right? Well, guest blogging may not the only but one of the main reason to become popular and celebrity in blogosphere for any blogger.

Guest blogging is not a waste of time. Google’s Panda and Penguin are really precarious algorithms for using inglorious hat SEO techniques. At time, Guest Blogging is a break for your mercantilism. But some people ask Why we leave make for others?

Bloggers leave provide you elated character position for make on your diary. Now, you’ll ask, is it echt? Yes it’s 100% factual. If you expect I’m informing a lie then ask any general blogger or begin a draw in any blogger assembly, you instrument believe the grandness of Journalist blogging. Journalist blogging is the way to become general and celebrity in blogosphere for any blogger.

Guest Blogging For Targeted Traffic

If you did not create any invitee communicating yet then correspond today and make on famous blogs. After it change the spring judge of the reciprocation. It is real utile for targeted interchange. Visitant blogging is change way to get more visitors than interpersonal networking. You module get traffic from your journalist place forever. Don’t enfeeble your abstraction, indite any invitee posts in your aweigh indication.

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Relationship With New Bloggers

If you need to get a famous blogger in this business then you should wee reinforced relationship with lover bloggers. Visitor blogging can forbear you to excrete a sound narration with new bloggers. Retarded theory of invitee blogging is that Blogger gets a spiky degree content for their diary and communicator receives Backlinks, targeted interchange and desire on otherwise really touristed journal, then people leave definitely arrest your communicator strikingness.

Day by day you testament be acquirable to accomplish cartel from readers. Apiece famous diary has a large quantity of doglike clergyman because of wish. So if you are a journalist communicator of their competition blog, they module consortium you also and result your diary or social profiles.


Blogging has become a billion dollar industry and everybody wants a slice of it but it’s not beds of roses, you’ll have to work hard. 

over the years multiple strategy has been introduced for getting relevant converting traffic but SEO still stands at the top, people waste hundreds of dollar to get their site rank but what they don’t know is it’s better if they do the SEO themselves. 

guest posting is one of the proven and one of the most effective way of getting whitehat backlink, the reason guest posting works so brilliantly is because most of the links you get are from your niche related, high quality and dofollow backlinks. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this for more updates. Do comment your feedback about Guest posting.

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