Unknown Trick to write a Spellbound Blog Comment

Hi SBW readers, I am Rahul with yet another interesting post. Being social media addicts, we all value comments. Facebook is like Oxygen for many a one. I have a friend who often checks FB, no matter where he is (I wonder whether he brings FB into his sleep also!!). He is crazy about posting pics. We, all of his classmates will have a bad day if he gets more than 200 likes and comments up to 40-50. He will kill us by praising himself (Recently I learned a new word- Egotist which represents this type of people). I know you are also the same except the previous sentence. Don’t you feel proud when someone appreciates your image through comments? Surely you do.

Unknown Trick to write a Spellbound Blog Comment

Same happens on blogosphere also. We are posting articles day after day. Some of us (not me for sure) are making money out of it. Is that all you want? Only $$$$ give you pleasure? I don’t think so. Just ask your conscience. The pleasure of getting 1 appreciating comment is more than that we get from a $100 check, isn’t it?

Why Do We Comment?

All of us think about getting not about giving. If you want to get, then someone have to give. Our world is becoming more and more selfish. No one cares a second person. He/she cares and loves him/herself the most. So how do you get comments without giving it? Reciprocation is the first key to being succeeded in blogging. Here comes the primary reason to start commenting right this moment. “Give and take”.

The most popular reason to drop a comment is backlinks. Most of the blogs allow us to put our URL with comments. This certainly is the cause of spam comments also. Even a no-follow, high PR link determines our blog’s ranking.

Next and least popular reason is all about the relationship. The chance of dropping a comment is higher if my close friend posts an article. I expect nothing in return. I comment only because of friendship. We also do comment to build the relationship with pro-bloggers. Constant commenting and sharing their articles will definitely end up in getting their attention. So that we can ask for an interview or guest post opportunity. This will surely lead us into the limelight of blogging.

Another reason for commenting is to show gratitude or ask doubts. There are many technical posts around the web to help us (eg: – WordPress or coding related). So we convey our thanks through comments if a trick explained in a blog post works or ask doubts if it doesn’t.

Points to Ponder Before Dropping a Comment

  1. Try to grab the gist of the article before commenting
  2. Don’t drop one-liner
  3. Never point out their mistakes in comments. You can ping him/her with the same.
  4. Don’t comment for the sake of backlinks
  5. Ideal length of a perfect blog comment is 7 sentences. So make sure to drop one with at least 7.

Are you waiting for the real meat of this post? Or you forgot the title? Oops!! This post is about writing a spellbound comment in a simple way.

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Secret Trick is here

The first step before writing a comment is to find a post. We all don’t read the whole of every article we see daily. We read only those with a compelling title (that is the foremost requirement) as well as something valuable to bag.

After finding a blog post, try to read with utmost concentration. If you feel that post is not meant for you, just skip and find another one. It is recommended not to read in a hurry. It will end in poor and short comments. Always keep in mind that, we write blog comments to say thanks to the author as well as to add some info in order to increase the value of the post. This will make our comments a short article for sure.

Did I bore you? I think I didn’t. Anyway after finding the article, follow this trick.

  • Read the post deeply. Don’t skip a line which may be the core of it.
  • Try to skim and find the important portions if you have not much time. Then read that parts well to come up with an awesome feedback.
  • Give more care to subheadings (I always do this)
  • While reading, open Notepad and keep it in the background of your browser window.
  • When you find a core idea or something significant, type that on Notepad in a few words.
  • Read the whole of the article by following Notepad trick.
  • Now you have a short note of the main ideas, described in the post.
  • Head now to comment form, elaborate every idea and drop your SPELLBOUND Comment. You will be wondered to see the length of your comment.
  • Don’t forget to mention any of your experiences which can be related to the post (for example, I have a post about my blog’s malware affection, there you can see comments of bloggers with very same experience and how they overcame it.)
  • Appreciate the author sincerely and say if the post is helpful to you.
  • That’s all. Don’t forget to press “Submit Comment” button, okay? 😉

How is this trick? Is this helpful? Don’t judge now and just try at least once. I am sure you will not shrug your shoulders.

Harleena Singh Mam who is crowned as Commenting Queen is very keen in dropping long and meaningful comment. I can’t go further without mentioning her. Because she is specialized in blog commenting.

See one of her comments on my blog below.

OMG! Did you see it? I don’t know what method she is following.

Why did I come with this Trick?

The real reason is my memory. I forget most of the info just after reading a blog post. But after 2-3 hours, I can remember the core ideas of a blog post. But we comment soon after reading. It is very difficult to go back to every idea in the blog post often. So I find it helpful to scribble the main ideas on a sheet of paper, at first. This one took much time and I have to run for paper and pen every time. Then I thought about the built-in Notepad in my PC. It is equally good to scribble our ideas. There is no need to save it and we can discard after submitting the comment. See how I saved trees (paper). 😉

Here is one of the comments I wrote by following the above trick.

Your Turn

That’s all I have to say. It’s your turn to try this trick and let me know your experience. If you also have a bad memory like me, it will be very much helpful for you.

If you liked this article, just apply my trick here to drop a spellbound comment and let me know how you feel. A post with more subtitles is highly suitable for my method.

If you bagged something new, have a second to share.

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