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 You can write for us on our blog viki-tech. Guest posts can help to get back-links to your site and blogs. I know everyone wants to have connected with a perfect popular link. This blog is developing nicely day by day. Our readers trust on the articles shared on this blog and most likely to visit yet again to get blogs updates. What type of article is discussed on this blogging site viki-tech, Firstly I want to mention here, Every article that is discussed in this blog is unique and also actual.

viki-tech has the following categories of material.

  • WordPress 
  • Blogging Tips
  • WordPress Tips
  • Make Money Tips
  • SEO Tips
  • Social Media Tricks
  • blogger tutorials

And a lot related to technical blogging.

So if you would like to become connected to my blog MultipleTricks . Then you only need a original and creative article/posts.

What you can get back by us if you write for us :

  1. You will get back-links to your website.
  2. You will get pure and market traffic.
  3. And most significant people may know about you and your blog out of your blog. So your identification will increase also with viki-tech.

How you can publish your guest post :

  1. For write for us First of all sign up for the viki-tech from here ( Sign up )
  2. After entering your E-mail address, look at your e-mail for password.
  3. Log-in to our blog by browsing this URL. ( Log-in )
  4. After Log-in to fill up some fundamental info as your full name, Blog Address, About you, Your Social Profiles and you may change your password also.
  5. Then sign-up to Gravatar and upload your image which made become identity of you.
  6. After that write a nice and good looking blog posts/articles and submit it for Review to viki-tech.
  7. We will review your articles and publish this in next 24 hours.

Rules for Publishing a Guest Post on viki-tech :

  • Your guest post should be a minimum of 400 words.
  •  Your articles should be original and should never copied from some other blog.
  •  Your article should never publish before on any website.
  •  You are permitted to give 2 links to your blog or website. (One in body other one in author box)
  •  Your post should have one image.
  •  Your post should have Good SEO.

When we will remove your articles from viki-tech ?

We will not remove your back-links and also articles until you did not crack the guidelines written in this post. We have the right to remove your content from our website in some conditions. Please look at very carefully.

  • If your posts/articles found on any other blogs/websites before it is published on our blog.
  •  If you did not answer your comments within 5 days.So please visit our blog regularly.
  •  If you modify your links to any website which is not fall under above mentioned categories.

Thanks by viki-tech and Happy Blogging.

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